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Kazakhstan: A coup, a counter-coup and a Russian victory

Sunday  19:14,   16 january 2022

The unrest in Kazakhstan led to consolidation of power in the country and may affect the transition of power in Russia.President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev declared the unrest “an unprecedented act of aggression and assault on our statehood” and... >>>

"of the devil long breath": Now Axel chases as a "crime scene" commissioner Thiel already! Switch on or switch off?

Sunday  19:10,   16 january 2022

20 years Münster- "Tatort"! Commissioner Thiel has to hunt itself in the anniversary sequence of the Münster "crime scene" itself. The 40th case tells of nasty guilty feelings, real friendship and an enigmatic plush koala. © Provided by Berliner... >>>

US: Donald Trump back

Sunday  19:03,   16 january 2022

The former President of the United States began his first gathering of the year by arguing that he had won the 2020 elections. View on Euronews © AMR Nabil / Copyright 2021 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved Donald Trump , again in the... >>>

Walter demands more intensity and hopes for learning effect

Sunday  18:27,   16 january 2022

The workup of the 1: 1 in Dresden has completed HSV-Coach Tim Walter. The 46-year-old hopes for a learning effect in the trophy - then waiting for the Brisante CityBerry. © picture Alliance / dpa / dpa central picture in front of HSV coach Tim... >>>

Presidential 2022: The great rabbi of France opposed to the far right as at the far left

Sunday  17:20,   16 january 2022

haim Corsia estimates that Eric Zemmour is "Antisemitis certainly, racist obviously" © Kamil Zihnioglu / AP / Sipa the Great Rabbi Haim... >>>

Victim of a Cyberrattaker: Ukraine accuses Russia

Sunday  17:05,   16 january 2022

© Archives Marc Ollivier, West-France The Cyberatta hit several Ukrainian government sites this week. Ukraine claims to have "evidence" of Russia's involvement in a numbered cyber attacks that targeted several government sites this week. Ukraine... >>>

to the death of Nino Cerruti: He tailored suits for all of Hollywood

Sunday  16:51,   16 january 2022

Italian Grandezza and Sinning for the business: The designer Nino Cerruti made fashion since it was 20 years old. Giorgio Armani also designed for his brand. © Photo: C. Niehaus / Imago Nino Cerruti 2013 at the Berlinale. he liked to take pictures... >>>

Ousted president of Mali dies aged 76

Sunday  16:37,   16 january 2022

He was forced from power in a coup last year after mass protests over security, economy and elections.Last year he suffered a minor stroke but the cause of his death was not immediately... >>>

Taliban fighters pepper spray women protesters calling for rights

Sunday  16:03,   16 january 2022

Taliban forces on Sunday fired pepper spray at a group of women protesters in Afghanistan's capital demanding rights to work and education, three demonstrators told AFP. Since seizing control of the country by force in August, the Taliban... >>>

Polono-Belarus border: several passers accused of trafficking of migrants arrested

Sunday  14:57,   16 january 2022

they asked 3000 euros at each migrant to cross the border. View on Euronews © Polish border guards stopped several smugglers. Polish border guards stopped several smugglers. It is at the border Polono-Belarus that several passers accused of... >>>

Ecuador enlarges its Marine Galapagos reserve by nearly 60%

Sunday  14:57,   16 january 2022

Ecuador officially enlarged Friday, January 14th of nearly 60% its Marine Galapagos reserve, paradise of biodiversity in the Pacific Ocean, has noted the AFP. On board a scientific boat from the Galapagos National Park (PNG), wetting off Santa Cruz >>>

tensions in Ukraine conflict: Kremlin throws the US "false allegations" before

Sunday  13:45,   16 january 2022

Putin's speakers expects evidence for allegations, Russia tarnish a raid on Ukraine. Also with the recent hacker attack Moscow has nothing to do. © Photo: Mikhail Metzel / Pool Sputnik Kremlin / AP / DPA The Russian Government of President Vladimir >>>

PM faces further calls to quit over partygate as reports suggest 'mass clearout' of Downing Street team

Sunday  13:00,   16 january 2022

A sixth Conservative MP is calling for the prime minister to quit over the ever-growing list of alleged lockdown-breaking parties in Downing Street, as Boris Johnson is reportedly preparing to strike back by ousting members of his inner circle. ©... >>>

Aafia Siddiqui: Pakistani prisoner at centre of Texas siege

Sunday  12:13,   16 january 2022

Aafia Siddiqui, a Pakistani prisoner in the United States whose release was reportedly demanded by a Texas hostage-taker this weekend, is serving an 86-year sentence for the attempted murder of American soldiers. Her release has previously been at... >>>

Yemen’s Houthis reject UN call to free UAE-flagged ship

Sunday  10:58,   16 january 2022

Houthi rebels say the Rwabee was carrying military equipment, accusing the UN of siding with ‘murderers’.The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has described the Rwabee as a “civilian cargo vessel” that was leased by a Saudi company and had been in... >>>