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Volunteer kitchen gutted by strike on east Ukraine city

Saturday  22:31,   16 april 2022

In the aftermath of Saturday's strike on Ukraine's second city of Kharkiv the scent of yeast hangs in the air. The roof has been stripped off by the force of the strike. The floor is covered in fallen wall panels.Out on the street one... >>>

Clashes erupt in India’s New Delhi during Hindu procession

Saturday  22:26,   16 april 2022

The violence broke out during a procession to mark the Hindu festival of Hanuman Jayanti.The violence erupted between Muslims and Hindus during the procession in Jahangirpuri, a suburb of New Delhi, eye witnesses... >>>

Marine Le Pen wants a "mother of family", among his own in Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre

Saturday  22:10,   16 april 2022

© Copyright 2022, the Obs in terrain conquered in the Little Bourgade of Saint-Rémy-sur-Avre ( Eure-et-Loir), Marine Le Pen promised this Saturday, April 15 between the tobacco bar and the flea market to lead France as a "mother of a family" and... >>>

One killed in oil tanker explosion off Hong Kong

Saturday  21:40,   16 april 2022

At least six others injured and authorities unable to confirm if there was an oil spill because of poor visibility.According to the Hong Kong Government Flying Services, it was notified of an explosion at 4:05pm (08:05 GMT) on an oil tanker in... >>>

Real estate in Danbury, Connecticut: What you can get for $1M

Saturday  21:32,   16 april 2022

With plenty of parks, historical sites and public transportation, this city is a popular destination for New Yorkers hoping to escape the big city.Many may not be aware, but Danbury, Connecticut, was once known as "Hat City" due to it being the... >>>

Migrant aboard fourth bus to DC says poverty in Venezuela drove him to cross southern border

Saturday  21:26,   16 april 2022

A fourth bus carrying migrants from Texas arrived in Washington, D.C., Saturday carrying fewer than 10 migrants fleeing Venezuela’s capital city, Caracas. In an interview with Fox News Digital, a 23-year-old asylum seeker who asked to remain... >>>

Washington approves the sale of $ 1 billion of military equipment to Nigeria

Saturday  21:25,   16 april 2022

© AP - Cpl. Harley Robinson Photo Posted on April 17, 2017 by the United States Marine Corps, an Ah-1z Viper prepares to land at the Chocolate Mountain Air Field, California.The American State Department approved Thursday 15 April An important sale >>>

card. War in Ukraine: bombing in kyiv, Russians expelled ... The point at 52nd day

Saturday  21:25,   16 april 2022

© Genya Savilov / AFP A woman inspects rubble in the village of Rusaniv, in the kyiv region, Saturday 16 April 2022. at 52nd day From the war in Ukraine, the capital kyiv has again been targeted by a Russian bombardment, making at least one death.... >>>

presidential 2022: manifestations against the extreme right in thirty cities, on the back of call at the

Saturday  20:45,   16 april 2022

dam "Better a vote that stinks that a vote that kills", schemes not delighted to have to arrange behind Emmanuel Macron © Thomas Coex / AFP The protesters call the dam against the possibility of seeing the extreme right to reach power. Front... >>>

US to host ASEAN leaders in mid-May

Saturday  20:36,   16 april 2022

US President Joe Biden will meet in mid-May with the leaders of Southeast Asian nations, with a likely focus on the rising power of China, the host country announced Saturday. The summit, originally scheduled for March, "will demonstrate the United... >>>

Braithwaite, made missing at Barça

Saturday  20:30,   16 april 2022

Martin Braithwaite disappeared gradually then completely traffic to FC Barcelona. © Panoramic Martin Braithwaite Barcelona Martin Braithwaite has experienced a sensational startup of a lined and providing a decisive pass during the first FC... >>>

Paris - Roubaix. What time and on which TV channel follow northern hell Sunday?

Saturday  20:15,   16 april 2022

© Photo: Eric Feferberg / AFP at what time and on which TV channel follow the 119th edition of Paris-Roubaix live? is the day J for cycling enthusiasts! The 119th edition of Paris-Roubaix takes place this Sunday, April 17th. The North Hell is still >>>

Gray Hair: Harvard Expert: Inside explain the reason for discoloration

Saturday  19:50,   16 april 2022

Why do we get gray hair? Can Stress be one of the causes? © 'La Verde Sobre El Caso Harry Quebert' (Epix, 2018) According to Robert H. Shmerling by Harvard Health Publishing, it is completely normal that it is increasingly grayed out of 35 years -... >>>

Haaland page demands 70 million euros: makes Manchester City burst the deal?

Saturday  19:45,   16 april 2022

© Provided by 90min Erling Haaland is facing a change to Man City: But the deal is not fixed | Markus Gilliar / GettyImages Erling Haaland determines the headlines again these days. The BVB -Stürmer should be a more accurate examination after an... >>>

Bochum burning in Freiburg The fuses by

Saturday  19:45,   16 april 2022

After a clear home win against Bochum, the SC Freiburg may continue to dream of its first Champions League participation. For the guests, the fuses burned through. © Provided by sport1.de Bochum Burning in Freiburg The fuses by The SC Freiburg... >>>