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17:30  26 september  2020
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Mobile Payments: Intakter Wachstumstrend – auch für Anleger © Euro Kartensysteme Mobile Payments: Intact growth trend - also for investors

Especially the shares of smaller payment companies have recently suffered a setback. Although the trend is intact, one or the other investor is likely to have become nervous. But there is no reason to panic.

For years the Germans were seen as grumpy cards. The common opinion is that only cash is true. But at least since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, mobile payment has been a serious option. The Mobile Payment Monitor 2020 from Visa in collaboration with Forsa makes it unmistakably clear: Mobile payment is all the rage, as 56 percent of those surveyed now pay with the card. Cash, on the other hand, is becoming less popular. Only 32 percent of Germans prefer coins and bills. While such surveys in the past sometimes ignored perceived reality, the examination of Visa passes the reality check - even in many bakery branches today there are readers for cards. What happens after the crash?

The fact that the boom in mobile payments is not only taking place in the heads of the marketing departments of the respective companies is also proven in practice. Above all, mobile payment is easy and is therefore convincing more and more customers. In the meantime, the savings banks are also involved - proof enough that mobile payment has become a mass phenomenon. Such trends always offer good opportunities for us investors too. The list of potential investment goals is long: companies such as Mastercard or Visa may be long established and anything but hip, but they are convincing in many areas. In addition to established business and high profitability, the major credit card companies are also mining an important raw material for the 21st century: data. For this reason, too, investors currently pay around thirty times the expected earnings per share for one Visa share.

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In addition to the established players, there are a number of smaller companies such as PayPal or Square. While most t3n readers should have a PayPal account long ago, Square is perhaps less well known. The company offers hardware and software solutions for everything to do with mobile payment and mainly has smaller businesses as customers. Since the corona-induced strong stock market correction, Square shares have risen by more than 300 percent in value. In the case of PayPal, it was still more than 150 percent. But then came the first week of September: all of the technology titles recently had to give up a lot across the board; some titles lost more than ten percent of their value within a very short period of time.

Spread opportunities and risks

Far-sighted investors are not deterred by such price movements. On the contrary: A correction like the one we saw last can be seen as an opportunity to get started for everyone who wants to rely on the mobile payment trend as a whole. Investing in the first mobile payment stock that comes along is certainly not a good idea. After all, the latest correction around technology stocks is no coincidence: Many different companies are vying for the favor of customers or investors. Smaller companies in particular usually have a lot of competition. For this reason, interested investors should take a very careful look at payment stocks in which assets they want to invest their savings.

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Especially investors who neither have the time nor the knowledge to identify the most promising candidates should avoid individual equity investments. Instead, the opportunities and risks should rather be spread across many shoulders. This is possible, for example, with passively managed funds, so-called ETFs. An example of this could be the Invesco KWB Nasdaq Fintech UCITS ETF, which bundles 47 smaller fintech stocks as well as well-known companies such as Visa or Mastercard. With such a broad base, investors reduce individual security risks, which can be particularly significant in the case of smaller stocks.

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Dr. Marcus C. Zschaber is the founder of V.M.Z. Asset management company. For t3n, the multi-award-winning portfolio manager analyzes the stock market prospects for the technology and digitization industry as well as other megatrends of the 21st century.

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