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20:41  22 july  2021
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birch sticks: These five parts fit perfectly to trend

  Birkenstocks kombinieren: Diese 5 Pieces sehen super stylisch zu den beliebten Trend-Pantoletten aus © Getty Images &

A few years ago, Birkstock sandals were still considered a fashionable outlier. That has changed completely. From Germany to Hollywood you can see the iconic Birkenstocks on the feet of every stylish woman and stars of Heidi Klum to Katie Holmes. Recently, they have even become the most popular fashion pieces in the world: The Global Fashion Shopping Platform Lyst has awarded Birkenstocks in 2020 as a couple searched for articles. So if you are looking for long-lasting and versatile sandals , Birkenstocks finds its perfect match. But how can you combine birkenstocks? Hereinafter, the five coolest birch outfit ideas with which the shoes do not look a bit "eco" but absolutely stylish.

When you combine them so, Crocs become the properly stylish shoe trend

 When you combine them so, Crocs become the properly stylish shoe trend Why love the fashion world so? Because even the craziest and unusual pieces can become trend. Pieces, which were an absolute no-go before a few months ago, may be seen tomorrow the trend par excellence and on the fashion crowd. Of course, this does not only apply to clothing, but also for Accessories .

& Shoppe Here are the most beautiful Birkenstock sandals: Birkenstocks combine: 5 fashion pieces that fit perfectly to the sandals

How to combine the versatile birch sticks? These are the five most beautiful parts to the trend :

& 1. Combine birch sticks: Flowing stuff pants

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When it's really hot outdoors, the feet long for a cooling - and a comfortable shoe! For an airy styling, sandals of Birkenstock can be combined to flowing, wide fabric pants made of satin, silk or linen . The elegant casualness of the pants is broken with the iconic mules - this ensures a cool outfit effect.

& 2. Combine Birkenstocks: MaxiRocets

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Birkenstocks can be combined well with boho looks. Is: Walle-Walle- MaxiRocets are the ideal match. The natural look of the mules underlines the hippie vibes of the rock, creating a summer vacation look.

Shoe Trend: So nicely combine French sandals This summer

 Shoe Trend: So nicely combine French sandals This summer French women know not only the most elegant and at the same time cool trends, they also know them in scene. Finally, a part can look so great - only in a clever station wagon it is correct. © Getty Images Sandals: So the French women now combine the shoe trend now Getty Images Since we currently need all a bit of air at the toes, sandals are our go-to- shoe trend . But how do the Fashion -Influencers from France style We have found the four more fullsteats ...

& 3. Combine Birkenstocks: Shirt blush dresses

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Shirt blush dresses are the perfect match to Birkenstock sandals! Here, too, the contrast from Cleanem dress to Chunky mules for a cool style fracture. The best? If the dress MIDI is cut, the outfit works even in the office.

& 4. Combine Birkenstocks: Bermuda Shorts

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The currently trendy Bermuda Shorts can also be combined well with Birkenstocks, as both Pieces hold an Androgyne note. In addition, wear a ribbed top and some jewelry - and already the sandals have cool and at the same time feminine.

& 5. Combine Birkenstocks: Midicidee

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You can say that Birkenstocks are not known to conjure a beautiful leg. On the other hand, it is with MidiLieider , they stand every body type and conjure a feminine silhouette. That's why they are the right styling partners for Birkenstock sandals, because both pieces complement each other ideal.


Comfortable fashion trend: So the birch sticks for the winter from .
also see if the cold season seams: You still do not have to do without birch sticks. The sandals receive a wintry upgrade © Getty Images A special birch stick model is currently in demand Getty Images Birkenstocks have developed in recent years to the ultimate fashion must-have. The sandals of the German shoe manufacturer are scary comfortably, practical and stylish - and in this autumn / winter season you get a stylish upgrade.

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