Auto Shows Opel Manta: Was that the last appearance in the VLN / NLS?

22:25  11 october  2021
22:25  11 october  2021 Source:   motorsport-total.com

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Ob der Opel Manta noch einmal in der NLS antritt, entscheidet sich im Winter © VLN / Jan Brucke Whether the Opel Manta will start again in the NLS, the joy decided in the winter

was great in the fans of the Opel Manta, as the foxtail bolide at the 45th DMV Münsterland Cup again in the Nürburgring Langstraße Series (NLS, Ex-VLN) started. But whether he will be 2022 in the NLS at the start, is completely open.

Already in February, Vehicleowners Olaf Beckmann had taken care of a listening letter for atress , when he announced, 2022 in another series to go to the start or if necessary even oscillate the car. And that has still not changed.

"It's not decided yet. The situation in the NLS is still something unsatisfactory for us," says Beckmann in conversation with 'Motorsport-Total.com'. "I feel about the VLN leadership not treated like a good customer, but simply as a paying people."

Automess: IAA wants to convince with a new concept

 Automess: IAA wants to convince with a new concept The Autausesse IAA should become the folk festival for mobility. The industry association VDA wants to achieve such a broader target group and counteract the loss of meaning. © dpa The Automesse IAA takes place 2021 with a new concept and for the first time in Munich. Anyone who visits the International Automobile Exhibition (IAA) this year can test E-bikes in Munich's city of e-bikes, go to concerts, let themselves make up and discuss with climate activists.

The desire for driving is "natural" still available, so the more recently 75-year-old. But alternatives to the NLS are currently being detected. So Beckmann wants to continue on the Nordschleife on the 3-hour race of the circular Challenge-Nürburgring (RCN) on October 30th. The RCN actually organizes performance tests, but once a year drives a race.

Double problem with the final race

of the NLS finally ran a little satisfactory. The Manta of Beckmann, Peter Hass and Volker Strykk remained in the introductory round. Later he went back to the track, but left after nine rounds finally.

"Our first problem was my own mistake. I did not properly tighten the positive pole of the battery. As a result, she unloaded", beckmann, the driver, team boss and mechanic is in one. Regularly, after work in his company for alarm and safety technology, he drives into the workshop to his car and then screws until 22 o'clock. He was involved in this volatility error.

Automesse IAA Mobility: New location, new concept

 Automesse IAA Mobility: New location, new concept Visitors can test E cars, scooters and bicycles in the middle of the city: In Munich, the largest trade fair of the German car industry wants to reinvent itself. But Corona and climate activists make it difficult for her. © VDA IAA 2019. The International Automotive Exhibition IAA starts next week at the new location Munich with new concept as a transport trade fair IAA Mobility.

"Our second problem was a broken flex tube at the exhaust. This is the connecting pipe between the manifold and the firmly mounted on the body mounted exhaust, which catches the vibrations of the engine. I have a new truck and in it was missing a few things. That was a few things Of course very annoying. "

annoying the failure was because of the Manta finally drove again after months of break. At first, there was a motor damage at NLS6 because the piston in the second cylinder gave up the mind. The replacement motor had a problem at the cylinder head gasket. This consists of three layers, which are held together via hollow rivets. Of that was no longer okay.

Does the MANTA still fit into the NLS?

His old pendant with a Mercedes Sprinter as a towing vehicle will soon sell backmann. Originally he just wanted to get an Atego as a tractor, but the trailer did not settle reasonably with this. So he ordered a complete trailer suitable for the new tractor. But some parts are still in the old sprinter, as well as the flexible tube.

400.000 Visitors - Car industry evaluates new IAA as a success

 400.000 Visitors - Car industry evaluates new IAA as a success an automatic exit on which you can try hydrogen cars and load-e-bikes as a visitor in the middle of the city itself: the IAA entered new ground in Munich. Daimler, BMW and the organizers draw a positive conclusion - even if there is improvement potential. © BMW BMW i Vision Circular at the IAA Mobility 2021. The premiere of the new Automesse IAA Mobility in Munich has been considered great success by the organizers.

It would be all ready for a few years, but the future is currently unclear. Beckmann has a big construction site because he may lose his tire partner Yokohama. Conversations are still running. With the Japanese Pneus in size 230/610-R17, there was no tire damage in 14 years of collaboration with Beckmann.

And then the question remains where the bolide should start. Beckmann does not just feel very treated as a customer at the Nürburgring. The organic development of the Nürburgring long-distance series also goes in one direction that his commitment is in question. Without that he would like this development bad or even devoted.

One could call the "Gerd-Ruch fate" whose legendary Ford Mustang in the DTM fell to the victim at the latest from 1994 the rapid professionalization (Ruch drove his last year 1995 with a Mercedes C class). Specifically, Beckmann sees a trend in the NLS towards a professional, international series, but considered his project as national motorsport.

and something else is added: "I would like to go back on other routes, for example in Spa." Whether this is in addition to a customized northern grinding commitment will depend entirely from his personal time.

A jubilee would still curl: a start at the 50th edition of the 24-hour race at the Nürburgring Beckmann and his regular teammates Peter Hass, Volker Strycek and the multiple RCN master Jürgen Schulten could hardly be taken.

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