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Thousands tenants go to the street

Friday  02:40,   16 april 2021

Corona Crise, Intensive Stations, Chancellor Candidates and Crisis Management? Suddenly Germany has a new topic: How to ensure affordable living space? In Berlin, demonstrators gather. © Christoph Seder / DPA / Picture Alliance The demonstration in >>>

With Coinbase Stock Exchange, Wall Street spends Bitcoin, and that's a symbol

Thursday  22:45,   15 april 2021

© Shannon Stapleton, Reuters The CoinBase platform has joined NASDAQ. The Cryptomonnaires Carthptonaires Purchase and Resale Platform made a thunderous stock market. Wrought by the outbreak of Bitcoin, the group can now compete with conventional... >>>

Rúrik Gíslason: Hot Cover for Playboy Special Edition

Thursday  12:50,   15 april 2021

What does Rúrik Gíslason do on the cover of the Playboy? Normally, only women are on the title of the Men's Magazine. Quite simply: The "Let's Dance" star was painted for a special of the staple. © Getty Images Rúrik Gíslason Rúrik Gíslason , 33,... >>>

model regions in Schleswig-Holstein already asked

Wednesday  18:45,   14 april 2021

from Monday, April 19, tourism should start again in a few places in Germany. The meant is the so-called model regions in Schleswig-Holstein. Here a Corona-compliant vacation is to be tested - a concept that seems to be well received. Travelbook... >>>

This is the last Plymouth ever made, and it could be yours

Wednesday  16:30,   14 april 2021

Mr. Davis Plymouth, the value-priced brand in the Chrysler family tree since 1928, died an unceremonious death back in 2001. That’s because Chrysler (well, DaimlerChrysler in those days) offered no final farewell worthy of the brand’s domineering... >>>

The Regulation of the Pro-Am "Madame Figaro"

Tuesday  22:40,   13 april 2021

© Getty Images The settlement of the 2021 edition of the trophy "Madame Figaro", as well as the conditions of participation. Game Form A professional and three ladies amateurs. Eighteen holes stableford. Addition of the two best bullets in raw and... >>>

Mobile Internet: Bund invests 700 million euros in 6G network

Tuesday  15:55,   13 april 2021

For most consumers, the fifth mobile communication generation has not yet arrived because they have not yet had a 5G-appropriate terminal. Nevertheless, the development of 6G already begins. © Nawal Karimi / Shutterstock Mobile Internet:... >>>

Iconic Mercedes-Benz 300SL Holds World Renowned Notoriety

Monday  18:20,   12 april 2021

As a European sports car importer in the 1950s, Max Hoffmann used his influence to refine European sports cars into the legends they are known as today. One of his most notable accomplishments came in the form of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing,”... >>>

Piston Slap: Melting paint and draggin’ drums on a Daytona?

Monday  18:11,   12 april 2021

Mecum Joe writes: Hi, I have a 1969 Dodge Charger Daytona and the rear brakes don’t release and actually get too hot—they melt paint on wheels. The car is drivable after sitting till the next day. To be honest, I already found the problem, but let’s >>>

CureVac boss expects EU approval at the beginning of June - and will produce 300 million doses this year

Monday  17:15,   12 april 2021

The Tübingen vaccine manufacturer Cureevac is a few weeks prior to the authorization of the vaccine by the European Drug Authority EMA. "We expect that the approval of the EMA comes in June, rather early than the end of June," says CEO Franz-Werner >>>

Superhero Classic: These are the 10 best superhero teams of all time!

Sunday  14:10,   11 april 2021

On Friday, April 9, Prinz Philip († 99) was in the presence of his wife Queen Elizabeth II. (94) as well as his son Prince Charles (72) on Schloss Windsor peacefully fell asleep. It was also his will to say goodbye to his home in his home and . ©... >>>

Mercedes-Benz 300SL Is One Of The World’s Most Renowned Favorites

Saturday  17:40,   10 april 2021

As a European sports car importer in the 1950s, Max Hoffmann used his influence to refine European sports cars into the legends they are known as today . One of his most notable accomplishments came in the form of the Mercedes-Benz 300SL “Gullwing,” >>>

«Top Gun» continuation with Tom Cruise Even later

Saturday  14:05,   10 april 2021

already 2020, the action movie «Top Gun: Maverick» with Hollywood Star Tom Cruise should be a highlight of the cinemasummer. But because of the Corona pandemic, it came to replowable - from July 2020 to December, then on July 2021. © Francois Mori... >>>

New York will grant up to $ 15,000 to private salary undersclaims because of the

Friday  16:05,   09 april 2021

pandemic © Copyright 2021, Obs the New York Parliament has just adopted a text granting between 3,000 and 15 Dollars with private employment undocumented by the pandemic. The measure is controversial to the point that the Governor of the State,... >>>

Good news for the LOSC in the Title Racing

Thursday  21:45,   08 april 2021

© Provided by Sports.co.uk Unfortunately released too early on injury, Jonathan David split with the goal of the goal of victory. affected to ankle against Paris Saint-Germain (0-1), which had not prevented him from scoring the sole purpose of the... >>>