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ClassicsThis Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car

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Heart Surgeon Saves Crashed Biker's Life With Roadside Surgery This wasn't rocket surgery, it was far more important. Probably one of the worst days of your life as a motorcyclist is the day you have a bad crash. That’s what happened to motorcyclist John O’Brien while he was out riding one day. Then, to make terrible matters even worse, he went into cardiac arrest and his heart completely stopped before he could be loaded into the waiting medical evacuation helicopter. Moto Medicine is Serious Business:Watch this Motorcycle Paramedic Fly Through Rush Hour Traffic When Is It Safe To Move A Crashed Rider? Luckily, Dr. Mark Forrest was on the scene.

The local Chevrolet dealer had a supercharged ZL1 Camaro crate motor that was priced right. More important, the 565 hp right out of the box Although the old GMC might be instantly recognizable as an iconic pickup from the ’50s, this rejuvenated ride has the heart (and muscle!) of a modern sports car .

GMC vehicles have power to get the job done. View and learn more about the professional grade lineup of trucks, SUVs, crossovers, and vans. Must be a current owner/lessee of a 2005 model year or newer non- gm vehicle for at least 30 days prior to the new

This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car
When it comes time to create your dream ride, choosing your builder is usually the first critical step. Few of us have the talent or the facilities to complete an award-winning vehicle on our own and must rely on professional help. Internet reviews and word of mouth opinions can take some of the anxiety from the process but careful research is still critical to ensure success. Chassis Crafters in Daytona Beach, Florida, is one of those go-to shops where you can get your dream ride built and recommend them to friends with confidence. Ed Nash and the staff have been doing business at that location for only a half dozen years but they have already seen multiple feature articles showcasing their work.

Brad Grant is a repeat customer at Chassis Crafters. A retired corporate engineer, he is an active automotive enthusiast and has worked together with Nash in the past, having Chassis Crafters restomod his 1969 custom Camaro, a special car that was owned by his father and has been in the family for decades. Since the Camaro was a tangible example of the shop's talents, when it came time to choose the builder for his latest vehicle, Brad had no hesitation. However this build had an almost accidental beginning.

1969 GMC C10 Packs The Heart Of A Muscle Car

1969 GMC C10 Packs The Heart Of A Muscle Car And it will haul way more than lumber! As cool as GM's muscle car fleet was back in the 1960s, its trucks were just as sweet. Take a look at this short-bed 1969 GMC C10 currently being sold by American Muscle Car Recovery for $25,900. As you can tell, this truck has received a plenty of custom touches, but the best part of this truck lurks under the hood. In place of the inline-six engine that this truck originally came with, there is now a 396 CID V-8 perched under the hood.

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Nash has a source in North Georgia—a friend who is also a collector—where he buys many of his project vehicles. On a recent trip, Brad tagged along just for the ride. When Nash picked up his, Brad spotted this 1955 GMC Second Series Big Window pickup. The Second Series differs from the earlier 1955s thanks to its scalloped hood, wraparound windshield, hooded headlights, 12V system, and distinctly more-stylish lines. The connection was immediate and Brad bought it on the spot. Nash smiles when he says, "It was a good thing we had a two-place car hauler!" They drove home with both vehicles and began the design process that resulted in the unique creation you see here.

This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car© Hot Rod Network Staff 009-1955-gmc-nash.jpg

The GMC was in good shape and the body was fairly rust-free. The original plan was to make it a patina-style, rat rod truck, leaving the weathered exterior but ensuring everything underneath sported the latest upgrades from the aftermarket. Typical for '50s-vintage vehicles, the fitment standards were a far cry from today's approach, since farm vehicles were more functional than pretty. On the plus side, retaining the patina and vintage gaps meant the build would go together much faster. Work began by separating the frame from the body. The sheetmetal was alkaline-dipped to reveal the bare metal since Nash does not believe in sandblasting. Too many pieces have returned warped and unusable. Once everything was apart, the decision was made concerning what to keep and what was destined for the scrap pile.

Supercharged ’65 Mustang Is A Faster Horse

Supercharged ’65 Mustang Is A Faster Horse This Ford has been pushed well beyond its factory setup. What’s truly compelling about any muscle car is the performance first, then looks. That’s the order of what makes this 1965 Ford Mustang an amazing find. It prioritizes going fast, but doesn’t neglect the importance of looking good when parked. That kind of a balance between show and go is unique. That cowl induction hood hints this is not your average ’65 Mustang. It’s hiding a rebuilt 347ci stroker engine with a twin-screw supercharger strapped on, cramming more air into the cylinders for a greater burn.

After his car getting stuck in US Customs last year, he came out guns blazing; running a 6.34 at 230.30mph. Tom Bailey soon followed, answering Frost with a 6.21 at 228.50mph; a top five all-time run of Drag Week while previous Drag Week This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car .

In this video, we give you a detailed look at the GMC version of the SCA ST, including a new supercharger reveal! Since 1979, SCA Performance has been

The chassis is original, although the framerails have been boxed and notched front and rear to ensure the new suspension additions would create the proper stance. Upgrades began with a TCI independent front suspension and Mustang II steering rack. The TCI four-link in the rear holds a Ford 9-inch fitted with a Strange centersection, 3.55 gears, and Moser axles. RideTech shocks and springs on all four corners guarantee modern handling while GM G-body brakes up front and Kore 3 versions in the rear haul the truck down. The five-spoke Coys wheels provide just the right classic touch, with 18-inch versions up front for crisp stops and turns, while the 20s in the rear provide the contact patch for the new motor.

It's at about this point, however, that everything changed. While the original plan was to create a patina-style, rat rod truck, sometimes vehicles have a way of orchestrating their own destiny! As the rig came together, each phase added more levels of subliminal charm until Brad was overwhelmed! The truck won and he abandoned the rat rod approach, opting for a custom paintjob. That's when Nash broke the news, saying, "Sorry, I can't paint it until I gap all the cut lines."

Building this 1979 Pontiac Firebird was a Form of Therapy for a Veteran

Building this 1979 Pontiac Firebird was a Form of Therapy for a Veteran To help treat his PTSD, Tony Scalicci builds cars. Not just any cars, he builds show-quality, race-ready autocrossers like this 1979 Pontiac Firebird.

In this entry of Gears and Gasoline, we compare a stock example of the dearly departed Scion FRS with a supercharged version of its sister car , the Subaru BRZ. One is a devoted show car with power and looks aplenty, the other a humble little sports car with a heart of gold

We ran into Magnus Frost and his merry group of Swedes on the side of the highway in front of a long trail of transmission fluid. Hot Rod Featured. This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car .

This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car© Hot Rod Network Staff 006-1955-gmc-nash.jpg

It took some time to upgrade the tolerances into new millennium standards but it was the right move. Reworking the rest of the body prior to paint, the team added one-piece glass in the doors, H4 headlights, LED taillights, and lots of changes to the bed. New bedsides purchased from Mar-K made more sense than trying to rehab the old ones, but the tailgate is original. All four bed corners were rounded and flush-mounted to the tailgate. The original chains were removed and replaced with hidden latches and straps. Mini-tubs were fabricated inside and the wooden bed floor was replaced with steel, sprayed with Raptor bedliner. Finally, a flush-mounted gas filler cap was cut into the driver side rear fender. While the exterior sheetmetal changes were underway, all the chrome from the truck was sent off to Advanced Plating and work began inside.

As pretty as the exterior is, the upholstery is another delight once you peer inside. The interior was done by Ricky Howard, owner of Built By Ricky in Alexander City, Alabama. The frame of the bench seat was retained and, since all of Brad's vehicles have five-point Simpson shoulder harnesses, the bench was reinforced to accommodate the connection. Once the frame was complete, it was powdercoated then re-contoured with foam, configured with supportive bolsters, and stitched with carbon-colored, Relicate leather. The door panels were upholstered to match and a unique fiberglass shell covered in wool and leather was used to create the custom headliner. The new center console now houses the tall Lokar shifter and a pair of aluminum cup holders. Moving to the dash, the radio and ashtray holes were welded shut and Gen IV Vintage Air added, a task that required modifying the firewall slightly to accommodate the A/C components. Keeping the driver informed is the Dakota Digital VHX instrument package with a shop-made custom bezel. Keeping him connected is the Forever Sharp steering wheel on a Flaming River column. Since cool rides need cool sounds, the stereo was just one more element designed to make the GMC a road-trip favorite. Steven Ward from Chassis Crafters installed the double-DIN 7-inch Sony receiver that controls the two pairs of coaxial sets in the kicks and rear of the cab along with the 10-inch sub and 1,000-watt amp behind the bench seat. Sound deadening throughout quiets the cockpit and enhances the sounds of Golden Oldies. Black Daytona weave carpeting wrapped up the interior.

1912 Indian Board Tracker Goes 100+MPH Into Your Heart At Auction

1912 Indian Board Tracker Goes 100+MPH Into Your Heart At Auction A perfectly restored piece of motorcycling history. Mecum Monterey 2019 is packed to the rafters with gems. Rarity is the name of the game, from a Lotus C-01 to a Matchless G45 Racer all the way to a 1937 Crocker Big Tank. For a certain type of bike enthusiast, it’s the dealership of your dreams, because you’d never find all these things under one roof anywhere else.

Supercharged Toyota Tundra vs Ford Raptor Drag Race, 0-60 MPH & MPG Mashup Review - Продолжительность: 9:25 2017 Chevy Colorado vs GMC Canyon Duramax Ike Gauntlet Review: World's Toughest Towing Test - Продолжительность: 17:13 The Fast Lane Truck 275 892 просмотра.

This video has the most comprehensive list of cars ! domestic muscle tuner rice jdm euro sports cars muscle cars sports sedans exotics super cars dragstrip dragrace quartermile ET 1320ft 1/4mile acceleration topspeed slicks burnout turbo supercharged SC PSI BAR Boost Nitrous NOS NA

This Supercharged GMC has the Heart of a Sports Car© Hot Rod Network Staff 005-1955-gmc-nash.jpg

Once all the basics were in place, the truck was sprayed a beautiful shade of Axalta Velvet Red followed by six coats of their premier clear. The truck was water-sanded in several stages, finishing up with 5,000-grit for that 10-foot-deep shine. Pinstriping by Mikey was the finishing touch.

Brad's original goal was simply a driveable truck for local cruise-ins but he now has a show truck and something that will be great fun next year on the Power Tour. It had just 98 break-in miles on the odometer when we photographed it and although it probably won't be a daily driver for a while, it will certainly be exciting to spend time behind the wheel. Although the old GMC might be instantly recognizable as an iconic pickup from the '50s, this rejuvenated ride has the heart (and muscle!) of a modern sports car. Brad's toughest decision will be which vehicle to take to the next show, the Camaro or the GMC. Either way, he can't lose!

1955 GMC

Brad Grant


Frame: Original

Modifications: Boxed front and rear

Rearend / Ratio: Ford 9-inch by Chassis Crafters LLC with 3.55 Strange centersection, Moser axles

Brakes: GM G-body front, Kore 3 in the rear, based on the Corvette

Rear Suspension: TCI parallel four-link with a diagonal link, RideTech shocks and springs

This Hot Rod Hudson Hides A Lot Of Cool Details

This Hot Rod Hudson Hides A Lot Of Cool Details This Hot Rod Hudson Hides A Lot Of Cool Details

We're proud to debut the RIPP Supercharger system for the 2015-2016 Colorado & Canyon. Check out the video for real word uncut power numbers. Click below

The heart of a sports car . Four ferocious powertrain options help Camaro dominate the road without sacrificing efficiency. Camaro ZL1 with 6.2L supercharged V8 engine and 6-speed manual transmission EPA-estimated 14/20; Camaro ZL1 with 6.2L supercharged V8 engine and 10-speed

Front Suspension: TCI independent, RideTech shocks and springs

Grayscale: This Custom '69 Chevelle Is Absolutely Stunning

Grayscale: This Custom '69 Chevelle Is Absolutely Stunning Hot Rods & Custom Stuff blends classic lines of a ’69 Chevelle with a modern supercharged powertrain for a killer combination that simply can’t be beat.

It also has the same 6.2L Supercharged engine that goes into the Corvette Stingray Z06. I didn’t get a chance to test this vehicle on the track, but automatic in sport mode was my preferred serting The Supercharged 6.2L V8 gives it the heart of a Corvette, but the interior gives it the style of a Cadillac.

Mercedes, sports cars , SUV's and of course our beloved Infiniti product line, we also like to carry For my career I have sold over 10,000 cars so I hope to bring you far more insight than you might ever know 2009 Range Rover Supercharged review,2008 range rover sport supercharged ,2008 range

Steering Box: Mustang rack-and-pinion

Front Wheels: Coys C5 Gunmetal 8x18

Rear Wheels: Coys C5 Gunmetal 10x20

Front Tires: Nitto Gen 2, 245/45-18

Rear Tires: Nitto Gen 2, 315/35-20

Gas Tank: Rick's Tanks, 16-gallon


Engine: 2019 GM crate motor, LSA ZL1 supercharged, SPAL fan, Griffin radiator with custom aluminum shroud, Concept One engine pulleys, 565 hp

Heads: Rectangle port LS3 aluminum

Valve Covers: Coil packs

Ignition: Factory electronic

Headers: Factory

Exhaust / Mufflers: Stainless steel 2.5-inch system with MagnaFlow mufflers

Transmission: GM crate 4L85E, four-speed automatic

Shifter: Lokar, tall shifter


Style: 1955 GMC big back window Second Series

Modifications: One-piece door glass, tinted glass, flush-mounted gas filler door in driver side rear fender

Fenders Front / Rear: Original

Hood: Original steel, flat

Grille: Stock GMC, chrome plated by Advanced Plating

Bed: All four corners rounded and flush-mounted to tailgate, wooden floor replaced with steel, mini-tubs, bed interior sprayed with Raptor bedliner, tailgate equipped with hidden latches and straps (chains removed)

Bodywork and Paint by: Chassis Crafters LLC, Holly Hill, FL; Pinstriping by Mikey, Palm Coast, FL

Paint Type / Color: Axalta / Red Velvet, six coats of clear

Headlights / Taillights: H4 headlights, stock-style LED taillights

Outside Mirrors: Vintage

Bumpers: Stock GMC, chrome plated by Advanced Plating


Dashboard: Ashtray and radio openings welded shut

Gauges: Dakota Digital VHX gauges, custom CNC-designed gauge bezels

Air Conditioning: Vintage Air Gen IV

Stereo: Sony XAV-AX5000 7-inch touch-screen digital multimedia receiver with Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, 10-band graphic equalizer, MMATS 1,000-watt amp, Focal Auditor 6.5-inch coaxial sets in the kick panels and rear of cab, MMATS 10-inch subwoofer. Steven Ward from Chassis Crafters did the install.

Steering Wheel: Billet Specialties

Steering Column: Flaming River

Seats: Factory bench seat, stripped and reworked, headliner uses a custom fiberglass shell covered in wool and leather, custom door panels, Simpson five-point harnesses for driver and passenger

Upholstery by: Ricky Howard

Built by: Ricky, Alexander City, AL

Material / Color: Relicate Leather / Carbon-colored

Carpet: Black Daytona weave

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