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18:26  19 november  2019
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Elevated 1979 Mustang Cobra

Elevated 1979 Mustang Cobra John Maguire’s been working on this 1979 Mustang Cobra since high school.

Who would have thought that one could compare the automobile veteran Ford and electric pioneer Tesla? Now the time has come: Mustang Mach E vs Model Y.

  Die neue Liga der E-SUV - Tesla Model Y vs Ford Mustang Mach E © manufacturer / ams

Ford enters the electronics market - and of all with the petrol-laden cult name "Mustang". The aha was, of course, big - and those who take action so full-bodied must also face the comparison with established representatives. The Tesla Model Y is admittedly not the most established representative. However, we would have discovered a first thing in common: You can currently neither own nor drive either.

Up to EUR 21,100 price difference

Ideally, however, you are already informed before you sign a sales contract - and that's where we come in. So let's put the hard facts about Mach E and Model Y on the table. The price difference is at least around 10,000 euros, but the maximum is 21,100 euros. At least without equipment options. Ford offers the cheaper entry-level model. The Mustang Mach E starts at 46,900 euros for the rear-wheel-drive 258 hp variant. The starting bid for the Tesla is 56,000 euros for the "maximum range" version. A cheaper standard version (from around 34,500 euros) is planned for 2022.

2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Turbo High Performance Package First Drive

  2020 Ford Mustang EcoBoost Turbo High Performance Package First Drive Half the cylinders. Cheaper to buy. No less fun.Research the Ford Mustang on MSN Autos

To come back to the availability briefly. The current entry-level Model Y should be produced from the beginning of 2021, whereas the Ford E-SUV should be on the market by the end of 2020. Only for your time planning. To compare the vehicle data, we use the Mustang Mach E First Edition and the Model Y Performance, because the prices are almost the same. Tesla calls 68,000 euros, Ford 68,900.

battery with almost 100 kWh

The First Edition of the Mustang Mach E starts with the large 98.8 kWh battery, sends 337 HP and 565 Newton meters to all four wheels and marches to 100 km / h in less than seven seconds 540 km range (according to WLTP) pump yourself back into the battery with a maximum charging power of 150 kW. A top model with the suffix "GT" is also on the list. Thanks to 465 HP, it powers up to 100 km / h in under five seconds.

2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Joins Our Long-Term Stable

  2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Joins Our Long-Term Stable Eyeing the sweet spot between performance and practicality, we wrangle possibly the best all-around Mustang for 40,000 miles of servitude. Our test vehicle wears the customary Dark Highland Green Metallic paint, though less traditional buyers also can have their Bullitts coated in Shadow Black. Still, even those who decry the movie references can appreciate how the rich hue sparkles in the sun and looks sinister at night. Subtle yet classy, the Bullitt edition sheds the Mustang's familiar galloping-pony emblem in the chrome-ringed grille and adds brightwork encircling the side windows.

When it comes to comparing the two opponents, things get a bit tricky from here, because Tesla is stingy with specific data about the vehicle. We learn what we know from the configurator. Apart from the price, that would be the estimated WLTP range of 480 kilometers, a Vmax of 241 km / h, all-wheel drive thanks to two electric motors and a sprint time of 3.7 seconds. So the Tesla - at least on paper - is much faster, but not for so long. According to Elon Musk, the Model Y should be practical like an SUV, but drive like a sports car. In 15 minutes, the sporty SUV refills the Supercharger with a range of 270 kilometers. The Ford packs around 100 kilometers in ten minutes.

space and cockpit

Let us briefly consider the practicality. Tesla specifies a loading volume of 1.9 m³ for the compact SUV. That would be 1,900 liters and thus 380 more than in the Ford Mach E (400 to 1,420 liters at the rear, 100 liters at the front). However, the load space at Tesla can also be used to transport people, because the Model Y is optionally available as a seven-seater. Such an option is not known from the Mustang SUV.

Both electric cars have a large central display in the interior - you already know that from Tesla. In Model Y, however, the 15-inch screen is now embossed in landscape format. Mach E pulls the display 0.5 inches larger, turns it upside down and integrates a control dial. As for the rest of the cockpit landscape, Tesla has the tidier ambience with fewer buttons on the steering wheel and no other elements that could distract. Ford, on the other hand, installs another display behind the steering wheel for the instruments and a rotary control in the center console for the selection of the drive level. What is better or worse here is ultimately a matter of taste. However, the Mustang Mach E looks closer to conventional layouts, which could make it easier for long-time drivers to switch.

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