Enthusiasts First Conclusion for Better Racing: What's going on well and what you need to work

17:30  04 april  2022
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BMW M4 GT3: Turner in Daytona, Paul Miller has to expose 24h race

 BMW M4 GT3: Turner in Daytona, Paul Miller has to expose 24h race © Turner Motorsport Will Turner has introduced the two coatings of his BMWS Two BMW teams are in the IMSA season 2022 on completely different ways into the new one Year Start: Turner Motorsport, a longtime BMW partner, has introduced its new BMW M4 GT3 for the 24h of Daytona and announced the driver's quartet. Paul Miller has opted for a change from Lamborghini to the new M4, but must suspend the long-distance classic in Daytona.

Das Duell zwischen Leclerc und Verstappen hat bislang elektrisiert © Motorsport Images The duel between Leclerc and stages has so far electrified

"The great winners of the first two races were the Formula 1 fans and Formula 1 Even "says McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl after the start-up race in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. Because these were basically the fire baptism for the new regulations developed with the goal of seeing better racing.

"There were two main intentions: once to reduce the distance between the top teams and the cars behind them and second to have narrower racing - and both goals were fulfilled," Ferrari team boss Mattia Bombotto draws a positive conclusion. Because because the cars can follow each other better, the opportunities are higher on overtaking maneuvers.

Future in the Superbike World Cup? Marcel Schrötter toying with BMW M1000RR

 Future in the Superbike World Cup? Marcel Schrötter toying with BMW M1000RR © Intactgp Marcel Schrötter does not see each other forever in the Moto2 World Cup Marcel Schrötter stands before his tenth full season in the Moto2 World Cup. The year 2022 will be groundbreaking for Schrötter, because the German does not seem to be in the Moto2. The climb in the MotoGP would be Schrötter dream ( more information ), but a change into the paddock of the Superbike World Cup would also be attractive.

also showed the two duels between Charles Leclerc and Max for the guidance in Sachir and Jidda - each with different output. Both tried several times to overtake each other. Three times Leclerc had to defend himself in Bahrain and could always go down immediately, in Jedda he had no chance in the third time.

and that there is several attack options for a driver, the pilots are pleased: "Before you had to try as soon as you had the chance, because it was probably just one," says Alpines Esteban Ocon, who in Jedda a lap-long duel Teammollege Fernando Alonso had delivered.

"But now you have two or three chances per round," says the Frenchman and see "a new philosophy". Because now you have to time his attack properly and open the gap at the right time. "You know: If you do not tear the gap to the cars behind you, then get Drs and overtake you right back."

Haas - The new fourth force in Formula 1?

 Haas - The new fourth force in Formula 1? compliment - in the end it was a whopping ten points for the Formula 1 team Haas after the season opener at the Grand Prix of Bahrain. So many counters had not brought the racing team over the past two years. Does a new era in Haas suggest? © Imago Haas P5 P11 Fact is Kevin Magnussen drove out a sensational fifth place on its return to Formula 1. Meanwhile, his teammate Mick Schumacher reached his best formula 1 placement, a very decent eleventh place with which he can be satisfied.

Better predictability

What the drivers praise the new cars, especially is the predictability. Previously, behind another vehicle went so much output lost that the driver did not know in the next curve, which expects him in the curve. "At that time it was difficult to understand if you will lose grip in front or back," says Ferraris Charles Leclerc.

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  Erstes Fazit zum besseren Racing: Was gut läuft und woran man arbeiten muss

But because the output is now increasingly won over the ground-effect rather than the aerodynamics, the output loss is no longer so high and The car becomes more calculable. "This is a great help for our confidence," praises Leclerc. "It's definitely a step in the right direction, and I love it!"

itself when stages had overtaken in Bahrain for a short time, the Monegasse knew that it was not over yet. However, he admits that he himself was surprised about how well he could follow. "I thought it would be extremely difficult, but I could follow. That was nice."

Gran Turismo 7's Wildly Unpopular Update Reflects the World That Created It

  Gran Turismo 7's Wildly Unpopular Update Reflects the World That Created It Gran Turismo 7's Wildly Unpopular Update Reflects the World That Created ItPlayers have responded with ire, bombing the reviews of GT7 on Metacritic into the high ones on a scale of ten, an unthinkably negative score for one of the most beloved Playstation series of all time (the previous lowest-rated installment was Gran Turismo Sport, with a 6.1 user score). As a long-time enthusiast of the series myself, the anger is understandable.

do you need the right tires?

However, one has to remain careful with the evaluation. On the one hand, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia have long straight lines that invite for overtaking, on the other, the teams will develop their cars over time, so that a conclusion after two races would be premature. And: some construction sites have shown.

max stages says that overtaking was easier as long as he was on the hard tire. "The other mixtures were simply broken," says Red Bull Pilot. "As soon as one follows another for a few rounds, break up."

This has for him but also with the significantly higher weight of the new Formula 1 cars, which is not exactly conducive to the new tire. "We have to look at that for the future," he asks. "We've done that and improve the racing, but if you do not leave the tires for some reason, then the pity is."

Australia and Imola as a test stone

The next test must consist of Formula 1 at the upcoming two race weekends, because Melbourne and Imola have long been considered to be overhauled, even if in particular in Australia has been done a lot on the track to change.

"We have many DRS zones again, so we could get an interesting race there," says Fernando Alonso. "But we then have to wait for normal races like Barcelona or Imola and look how easy or difficult the overtaking then is," said the Spaniard.

also Andreas Seidl knows that it is still too early for a real conclusion, but the two first races had shown him that the measures of Formula 1 and the FIA ​​are "very promising". "I think we're standing back a very exciting season."

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