Ownership Brake Problem Ade: Catchinghouse with Unusual Solution

23:20  17 august  2021
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Der Glickenhaus 007 LMH hatte in Monza noch mit hohem Bremsverschleiß zu kämpfen © Motorsport Images The Catch House 007 LMH had to fight in Monza with high brake wear

"We could have gained the race without the braking change." - This insight makes the furing house team before the 24 hours of Le Mans courage. James "Jim" gallenhaus explains opposite 'motorsport-total.com' that a solution was found for the 24 hours by Le Mans. However, at one point that has nothing to do with the brake.

"We have better isolated the exhaust to shield it from the back brakes. This allows us to drive less brake balance on the front axle, so you should hold longer," he explains.

of the box house # 709 (Dumas / MaLlux / Westbrook) had to visit the box for the 6 hours from Monza to a brake change shortly after taking the leadership of Toyota # 7 (Conway / Kobayashi / Lopez). This had previously had to perform a reset.

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But why did the splay house 007 LMH had to go in to the brake change at the front axle? Finally, the bolide had been checked for heart and kidneys before the season during test drives in Monza.

palat house says that the situation has surprisingly occurred: "We did not expect us to wear the brakes so quickly. That was not a problem [in the test drives]. But temperatures were also significantly lower, which makes a big difference. "

The air temperature was 30 to 32 degrees in the race, which is normal for Italian conditions in July. The test drives of the 007 LMH took place in early March. At this time, the temperatures barely reach 20 degrees in northern Italy.

Pier House makes supplier printing

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First, the Scuderia Cameron thought curded to increase the fresh air supply for the front brakes. That the vehicle is finished homologated is not the problem.

"We can not change the exterior aerodynamics, but the tube unit within the vehicle but already. It could already be done with a better seal that less airflow is lost," said the 71-year-old. Now you have decided for another solution.

However, he also makes pressure on the previous brake supplier AP Racing: "We have the feeling that other brake suppliers, especially those from Formula 1, can build a better brake for us. Until next year we have definitely solved the problem. Even Toyota Seems to have brake problems. The problem is simply that these cars are fast and heavy at the same time. "

The good news for black house is that there are much longer straight lines between the hard brake points on the Circuit de la Sarthe than in the Autromo Nazionale di Monza. So the brake can cool longer. There are no hard brake points in the curvy passages. In Bahrain, the brake would be stronger again, but it does not want to compete there anyway.

van der Linde to Brake test reproach: "Albons Job, do not drive in me"

 van der Linde to Brake test reproach: © Motorsport Images Brake-Test Imagus by Albon: Kelvin Van der Linde wants to know nothing about it It was one of the exciters of the High-voltage title fight embossed Sunday race of the DTM in Assen ( Here's the Race Report ), when AF-Corse Pilot Alex Albon thundered the in the championship in second place ABT Audi pilots Kelvin van der Linde five laps in front of the back. "That was a damn Brake test," the teammate of DTM Leader Liam Lawson screamed, which fought fourth place in the radio.

The improved shape of black box was clearly seen in both Monza and Le-Mans-Testday. Shortly before the braking change, Romain Dumas took over the lead even the lead, when the Toyota # 7 had to perform his reset. Incidentally, the Frenchman knew nothing of his luck at this time. In fact, he was not even sure to lie in front of the alpine.

"We would have won if we did not have to change the brakes," says James fur house. "It's unbelievable that we could put Toyota so under pressure. I think that's all surprised - the WEC, Toyota and other teams included."

Toyota is pleased about new competition

Toyota technikhef Pascal Vasselon looks forward to the close fight: "These are good news for you and the racing series. It would not be exciting when two or three seconds are between us. It should be a race give in which several cars can go a similar pace. Three different vehicles within a second are perfect. "

Olivier Pla, who has marked the best time, says, "We were fully attacked and nothing to lose. We were surprised by the balance of the vehicle at the beginning. I had a good feeling from the first round. Good, the Le-Mans Week to start so. We have continued to improve the car throughout the day without looking at the others. Because we have always found time. "

However, the Toyota # 7 renounced a qualifying simulation with fresh tires at the end of the day. So it remains exciting.

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We all know that the 2023 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is going to be an amazing piece. It’s only the second ever Corvette to come with a DOHC 5.5-liter V-8 (the first being the fourth-gen Corvette ZR-1). Engine aside, the stuff that makes the C8 Z06 so incredible, and a true high-performance machine, is amplified by the Z07 Performance package. Lightweighting, sticky tires, and big brakes? Yes, it's all there.

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