Reviews DRC: fictitious doctors benefiting from a risk premium

11:25  17 october  2020
11:25  17 october  2020 Source:   rfi.fr

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Kinshasa, l'hôpital du Cinquantenaire (image d'illustration). © (Congolese Ministry of Foreign Affairs) Kinshasa, Cinquantenaire hospital (illustrative image).

For several weeks, the General Health Inspectorate (IGS) has detected nearly 500 names of people who unduly receive the risk premium of doctors. The revelations come as the state struggles to meet union wage demands amid the Covid-19 health crisis.

With our correspondent in Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The suspected fraudsters were discovered thanks to a physical check of the registered beneficiaries. A total of 486 people were difficult to identify. They have been receiving the doctors' premium for several years, in addition to the basic salary.

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Informed, the Ministry of Health instructed the general inspectorate of the same sector to deepen the investigations. “We have already identified them. They are either family members of doctors, or friends or relatives, Minister Eteni Longondo told RFI. The Congolese state loses three million dollars every month to pay for these fictitious people. It is a mafia network that we seek to dismantle, we continue to investigate. Change is difficult but we will impose it in this country. We are in the process of making arrangements to have these cases removed from the list and brought to justice. "

The Synamed in the viewfinder

The minister points the finger at the national union of doctors (Synamed) whose members would promote these diversions. But Doctor Nsenga Lwamba, Deputy Secretary General of Synamed, qualifies. On this list, he explains, “there are doctors who are notoriously known like Doctor Jean-Jacques Muyembe Tamfum. Is it also fictional? He wonders.

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For him, "it was simply because they had failed a check by the General Health Inspectorate. However I can point out that there are also some fictitious doctors, we cannot generalize everything. The Syndicate has no responsibility for this phenomenon, doctors are aligned by the General Secretariat of Health, not by us. Concerning precisely the fictitious ones, we must go further. We do not know if the 80,000 or 90,000 registered nurses really are.

One case particularly hit the union. One of its members was arrested, accused of including his wife on the list of beneficiaries. This has been receiving the premium for three years. The culprit confessed to the inspectors, but assured that he was not at the origin of this fraud.

Meanwhile, trade unionists remain mobilized to demand the registration in the payrolls of 6,000 doctors who have worked for many years without receiving the premium.

DRC: SNEL explains the reasons for the increase in power cuts .
© Wikimedia Commons CC BY 2.0 Radio Okapi Power cuts are mainly due to machines out of service at the Inga dam. Electricity cuts exceed in Kinshasa. They have become more untimely and prolonged. The national electricity company (SNEL) faces giant blackouts from Inga's hydroelectric dams. Work is therefore in progress, but should not be completed quickly.

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