Reviews Discovery of an Egyptian ancient city immersed in the Mediterranean

20:40  21 july  2021
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COVID-19. 150 million cases identified in the world

 COVID-19. 150 million cases identified in the world © Danish Siddiqui / Reuters India has been experiencing an explosion of contaminations for several days. Here in a New Delhi hospital, April 29, 2021. The number of new daily contaminations reaches unpublished levels in the world since the beginning of the pandemic.

During Underwater Excavations in Heracleion, archaeologists have uncovered the remains of a military ship and a funerary complex In Heracleion, Egyptian ancient city immersed in the Mediterranean.

  Découverte d'une cité antique égyptienne immergée dans la Méditerranée © Dr.

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of a military ship and a funerary complex in Heracleion, an Egyptian ancient city immersed in the Mediterranean, announced Monday the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities. The discovery was carried out during underwater excavation in Heracleion (Thônis in ancient Egyptian), which was one of the main ports of the country located at the mouth of the Nile until the Grand Founds the city of Alexandria in 331 before our era. The city, discovered in 2001, was submerged after a series of earthquakes and large tides.

A Matisse Drawing found at Manosque 70 years later, soon sold at

 A Matisse Drawing found at Manosque 70 years later, soon sold at 70 years after being lost, a Matisse Drawing has resurfaced by chance. The work estimated at more than 300 000 euros will be auctioned next June. © Provided by FranceInfo It was rolled over a wardrobe for several years. The discovery of this sketch made of charcoal is a real miracle. His owner, who lies with manos, in the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, has fallen off the nakes when she learned of her value.

"A Franco-Egyptian (...) mission found debris from a military vessel from the Ptolemaic era and the remains of a Greek funerary complex dating from the fourth century BC," said the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities in a statement.

This flat bottom vessel with wide overalls, a mast and sails, measured 25 meters long and was used for navigation in the Nile Delta, according to the first deductions of archaeologists.

Un complexe funéraire montrant la présence de marchands grecs dans la région durant la Basse époque de l'Egypte ancienne © DR © Provided by Paris Match A funeral complex showing the presence of Greek merchants in the region during the low epoch of ancient Egypt © Dr.

according to them, the ship had to moor at the wharf of the old temple of Amon and had to flow after the collapse of the building during an earthquake in the second century JC

video: the blue blood limule of the Natural History Museum of Tournai (Dailymotion)

"Want to vomit", "pervert", "shock" ... This sequence of the show "Tourists" (TF1) who has kept viewers

 this Friday, July 9, 2021, TF1 broadcast the show "The Tourists, mission farmers ". For this new edition, Virginie Hocq, Iris Mittenaere and Booder have tried at the job of a farmer and a sequence has particularly disgusted viewers. © TF1 "Want to vomit", "pervert", "shock" ...

Findings "Extremely rare"

"The Findings of ships at this time are extremely rare, "says Franck Goddio, the European Institute of Underwater Archeology, which led the mission. The researchers also discovered a funerary complex showing the presence of Greek merchants in the region during the late period of ancient Egypt.

According to the ministry, the Greeks then dominated this region and built funerary temples. Remains of these temples were discovered underwater "in excellent condition," he adds.

These last discoveries "show the wealth of temples in this city that is now based in the Mediterranean Sea, notes the department.

The Egyptian authorities regularly announce archaeological discoveries, sometimes without waiting for the conclusions of the experts responsible for the necessary scientific and perspective analyzes, according to specialists.

Cairo announced several important archaeological discoveries in recent months with the hope of reviving tourism, a sector that has encountered a lot of difficulties since the 2011 revolution, which chased former President Hosni Mubarak power to the pandemic. of coronavirus today.

A body corresponding to the small Xavior discovered in the United States .
Human remains were discovered last week in Iowa. If an autopsy still has to confirm it, they could belong to the small Xavior, disappeared in the United States since last May. © DR A macabre discovery in a farm of Iowa. Last week, a corpse was found north of Montezuma. It would belong to a teenager whose description corresponded to the small Xavior , disappeared for several months. CBS 14 specifies that an autopsy must still confirm the identity of the body and that it could take several weeks.

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