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2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Review: Jeep's All-New Three-Row Is a Well-Rounded Surprise

  2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Review: Jeep's All-New Three-Row Is a Well-Rounded Surprise 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee L Review: Jeep's All-New Three-Row Is a Well-Rounded SurpriseTo really capitalize on how important that third row is, Jeep debuted the three-row Grand Cherokee L ahead of its smaller two-row sibling, which we'll see at a later date. My experience with most midsize, three-row SUVs is the third row gets stuffed into a modestly appointed trunk and then treats those passengers as an afterthought. I was wrong here. Not only did the new Grand Cherokee L's interior impress, but so did its roominess. And hell, just about about everything else in the truck, too.

provides a network of right-directed "alternative media" especially in the Corona Pandemic Spider Counts and False Proofs on Corona Politics in Germany and the World. Some of these media have been racial atmosphere in Germany and Austria for years.

AfD-Mitglieder beim Parteitag in Niedersachsen im Juli 2021 © DPA AFD members at the Congress in Lower Saxony in July 2021

A recent examination of the British non-governmental organization "Hope Not Hate" shows that, above all, the AfD content of such media is widespread and their range increases. The report is available to the editorial network of Germany (RND) exclusively in advance.

The organization examined 68,000 articles of 37 "alternative media" sides from the first seven months of this year. 14 The 20 most effective spreader of this content on Facebook were therefore profiles of the AFD. The greatest range for content right alternative media on Facebook has therefore produced the AFD politician Jörg Meuthen and Georg Pazderski. "The AFD is the most important actor in the dissemination of alternative media on Facebook", analyzed "Hope Not Hate".

Corona Resolutions: Paccapment Due to the back door

 Corona Resolutions: Paccapment Due to the back door Neither federal nor countries want to force citizens to vaccinate prior to election - but financial pressure grows. Rightly, because the minority of the vaccine opponent endangers the common good. © DPA Confederation and countries have agreed that "3G" will be required in August. For leisure activities should be based no later than 23 August: only vaccinated, genetic or negatively tested have access.

A symbiotic relationship

at a distance most commonly widespread AFD profiles content of the right, but not right-wing extreme media "young freedom" (859 times) and "tichys insight" (608 times). At fourth place, however, is the racist and Islam-fine blog "Pi News" classified by the Federal Office of Constitution as "proven extremist", which was divided 104 times by AFD profiles in the investigation period.

also the side of the cross-thinker-close journalist and media activist Boris riding patterns and the German offshoot of the Russian State Sender RT are among the most frequently divided by AFD profiles "Alternative Media".

The AfD and Right Alternative Media - this has been a profitable relationship for both sides for years. Thus, the AFD parliamentary group in 2019 and 2020 invited rights and right-wing extremists to the "conference of the free media" in the Bundestag.

Beware of the platform edge

 Beware of the platform edge Berlin. From the Chancellery, the proposal is in the room, also in the long-distance traffic of the train and air traffic to the 3G rule. Driving should then only vaccinated, ganzen and tested. Why that is not a good idea. © Kay Nietfeld The train could soon drive for vaccinated, tested and greeting. Beware of the platform edge! Who is not vaccinated, recovered or tested, will stay outside in the future. The idea from the Chancellery to introduce the 3G rule at the train is not convincing.

for the creators of "Alternative Media" means an exclusive access to federal policy. The AFD benefits in return from largely uncritical "reporting" about the party. Both sides connect a deep enmity to the majority of professional media, especially the public broadcasters.

Good Networked Scene

Even with each other, the media examined by "Hope Not Hate" are well networked. "The German Alternative Media Sphere consists of a narrow network of pages that often link each other and refer to the contents of the other," keeps the organization in your report.

, according to the investigation, show less radical pages sometimes regularly on open extremist or strongly conspiration idolporary portals. The media examined by "Hope Not Hate" cover a wide range of content, from legal conservative pages to corona and climate change and explicitly racist media.

connections between such pages represented a problem if their audience would be confronted with content, which would otherwise not be encountered. "For example, you can track conspiracy theories without having racist views, and vice versa." References between differently oriented "alternative media" pages could therefore lead to extreme views for radicalization of the readership, explain the authors of the investigation.

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