Reviews Spahn wants 2g plus test at public events

15:55  12 november  2021
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 Corona test for holidaymakers: What must be expected? Anyone who wants to travel abroad despite Corona must, of the means of transport, must show a negative test, a recent disease or vaccination. Those who have to test should expect not only with increased waiting time, but also with high costs. © Provided by finanzen.net black salmon / shutterstock.com Who needs to be tested? When entering abroad and the travel return, all people from 12 years must have a negative corona test. It is not relevant if this is an antigen or PRC test.

Berlin. According to Spahn, the 3G rule will no longer range, and so far too lax. RKI Chef Wieler advises to cancel large events. He appeals to all citizens to restrict contacts.

 RKI-Präsident Lothar H. Wieler (l) und Jens Spahn (CDU), geschäftsführender Bundesgesundheitsminister. © Wolfgang Kumm RKI President Lothar H. Wieler (L) and Jens Spahn (CDU), Managing Federal Health Minister.

In the light of new highest highs of corona infections, the demands for stricter rules of conduct, controls and obligations for certain occupational groups are increasing. The managing Federal Health Minister Jens Spahn (CDU) spoke on Friday in Berlin that only vaccinated and greetings, which would be additionally tested to date, get access to public events. He described this as "2G plus". The Robert Koch Institut (RKI) recommends the cancellation of major events in its current weekly report. Meanwhile, the introduction of a vocational corona vaccination obligation in the industries concerned is increasingly supporting.

"Neat Plus" after zero round 2021: boss of pension insurance expects significant higher pensions for 2022

 pensioners, according to Gundula Rossbach, can expect a noticeable increase in their references next year. How much it will be depends on the fourth corona wave. © Photo: Picture Alliance / DPA After a zero round 2021, pensioners can look forward to increasing their covers. pensioners and pensioners in Germany can return after a zero round 2021 next year to increase their age covers.

Spahn said the so-called 3G control - vaccinated, recovered or tested - alone will not be enough. In addition, you could no longer afford the tabs controls. "3G was too often zero G," he criticized. If Spahn's proposal should be enforced, even vaccinated and geneses would be confronted with more restrictions. In the coming week, the Prime Ministers and Presidents of the Länder would like to advise the Pandemielage with the still official Chancellor.

RKI President Lothar Wieler said to the current Corona situation: "It's five after twelve." As in the fall of 2020, he appealed to the citizens to restrain their contacts to prevent infectations . Major events are critical not only in regions with high incidences, but generally, Wieler said: "It would be best if you would cancel them." To the question, whether vaccinated after a contact with an infected needed to be in quarantine, said Wieler, who belongs to the questions that would be discussed.

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meanwhile, a broad alliance of physicians, clinics and associations of the nurses for a vocational corona vaccination obligation spoke. In a Joint Declaration, Federal Medical Association, German Hospital Society, the German Nursing Council and the Association of Medical Specialists welcome a current recommendation of the ethic council. This advises to examine a vaccination requirement for personnel who has contact with particularly endangered groups. The associations assured they would support the implementation. Other organizations, including Diakonie and Caritas, had previously rejected a professional vaccination obligation strictly.

The Corona infection numbers reach the highest values ​​in these days since the beginning of the pandemic. The RKI reported on Friday 48,640 new places with the coronavirus. The number of infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week (seven-day incidence) was 263.7. A total of 67.4 percent of the population in Germany, according to RKI data, are completely vaccinated against Covid-19, 70 percent at least once.

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For contact restrictions, the Berlin virologist Christian was also talking about. In the message magazine "The Mirror" (Friday), he recommended as actions Shutdowns, more pace in the refresh vaccinations and closure of millions of fold impressions in adults.

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