Reviews Montoya in the Ferrari F2008: "It was an incredible experience"

15:30  29 november  2021
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in front of Zandvoort: Ferrari examines trapping of SPA

 in front of Zandvoort: Ferrari examines trapping of SPA © Motorsport Images Ferrari came in the rain of spa in the meager Ferrari has missed a great opportunity in spa. The Scuderia could eight eight on Sunday with the places and take ten only small points. Because Q3 had been missed in rainy qualifying with both cars and was able to benefit from Sergio Perez on Sunday and come forward. But the pace was not there in the rain, and you want to examine that with the red from Maranello.

Juan Pablo Montoya saß zum ersten Mal am Steuer eines Formel-1-Ferraris © Marco Congiu Juan Pablo Montoya sat for the first time at the wheel of a Formula 1 ferraris

after he started in the formula 1 for years against Ferrari, the allowed himself Former Williams and McLaren Pilot Juan Pablo Montoya finally set to the wheel of a Boliding of Scuderia. His ride with the Ferrari F2008 in Mugello refers to the 46-year-old as "incredible experience".

The opportunity was found at Ferrari Finali Mondiali a good week ago, an annual celebration of the brand in Mugello, where Montoya piloted the Ferrari from 2008, which belongs to his DragonSpeed-Wec teammate Henrik Hedman.

The Italian edition of 'Motorsport.com' revealed the Colombian with wide grin: "My teammate this year, Henrik Hedman, has invited us to drive the car, and that was really cool. It was an incredible experience."

Ferrari team boss: Giovinazzi "deserves formula-1 cockpit" for 2022

 Ferrari team boss: Giovinazzi © Motorsport Images Antonio Giovinazzi: He is still under contract at Alfa Romeo, but what happens 2022? Only one cockpit is still available for the Formula 1 season 2022 : at Alfa Romeo. And his engine partners Ferrari has an interest in that his squadriver Antonio Giovinazzi continues to reach the steering wheel there. But Ferrari team boss Mattia binotto emphasizes: his brand has no talking right (more) at the cockpit allocation of Alfa Romeo.

"It's a car against which we have always started in Formula 1. And it's strange to come here and drive in Mugello this car." It's not much better. "

Montoya vs. Schumacher until today Legendary

Montoya, Cart Champion of 1999 and Indy-500 winners of 2000, changed in 2001 from the US into Formula 1, where he drove as a teammate of Ralf Schumacher near Williams. With a competitive FW23 and a powerful BMW engine, Montoya was one of the few drivers who could challenge Michael Schumacher in his dominant ferrari years.

You remember only his boldly overtaking maneuver against the Germans at the Grand Prix of Brazil 2001. In that year, Williams, plagued by reliability problems, no factor in the championship, but Montoya managed to get three poles and his first victory at Ferraris Heim race in Monza to achieve.

Carlos Sainz: Is P8 a success for Ferrari - or annoying?

 Carlos Sainz: Is P8 a success for Ferrari - or annoying? © Motorsport Images Carlos Sainz in Ferrari SF21 on intermediate tires in the race Carlos Sainz knew before the weekend in Turkey, which would expect him at the Formula 1 race in Istanbul: a catch-up. Because Ferrari sent him with a new powertrain to the start, connected to a starting place penalty. And in the end P8 stands for Sainz in the Grand Prix - but is that a success or disappointment? Sainz itself indicates, he "regret nothing". On the contrary: "It was a very positive day.

Total seven times, Montoya won with Williams and McLaren in Formula 1 before returning to the US after the 2006 season to drive in Nascar and Indycar, where he could record another Indy 500 victory.

In the premier class he quickly became the darling of the fans around the world - and to the Nemesis for the Tifosi. But Montoya believes that his Latin American temperament and its aggressiveness were also estimated by the Italian fans, even if they did not cheer him.

Montoya looks at Monza victory back

to the question of how it felt for him to be in Italy's state enemy number one when he won the Formula 1 race in Monza in 2001, says Montoya: "You have to have everyone Beat week, understand what I mean? Especially when you came to Italy, there you always wanted to defeat them. "

"And we were always very good in Monza, so it was something very special. It was interesting, because by that I'm Colombians and Latino, so many Italians really liked me. So I think there was a lot of mixed feelings. "

25 hp less! Ferrari rages over BoP change in WEC title fight

 25 hp less! Ferrari rages over BoP change in WEC title fight © Motorsport Images The AF Corse Ferraris suffered a drastic power reduction at the 6h Bahrain Large discussion in the paddock of Bahrain: The Ferrari 488 GTE Evo is before the doubles final of the long-range been World Championship (WEC) braked so that stimulates at AF Corse large displeasure. ( All information on the 6h Bahrain 2021 ) The Ferrari 488 GTE Evo travels since start of the season with a boost pressure of up to 1.81 bar for the 3.9-liter V8 turbo engine.

"But Ferrari is always associated with so much tradition," says Montoya, "and to rise in a Ferrari after all these years and turning a few laps, was really nice."

The urge to drive such a legendary and valuable chassis as the F2008 to the limit, but he had to resist, gives Montoya. "Every car is very different," he draws the comparison to his formula 1 cars at Williams and McLaren.

"When I left Williams, I would never have thought that the McLaren would drive so differently. In the beginning it was a big shock. It is just as difficult to drive this car because the tires are much harder than those we Hazards are. But feeling in the car is really good, you notice how well everything is constructed. "

"It's difficult, because you want to drive it really hard, but you do not want to make a mistake and damage the car of another!", Emphasizes the Colombian. "If you think about it, Ferrari has recently won a constructor championship with this car." In addition, Felipe Massa would have won the title in an unforgettable showdown in Brazil.

Armstrong leaves: 2022 No Ferrari juniors in the formula 2 .
© Motorsport Images Marcus Armstrong at the Formula 2 race in Monza 2021 At the beginning of the training year 2022 there are some in the Ferrari Driver Academy (FDA) personnel changes. As the Italian Formula 1 team announced on Tuesday (January 11), Marcus Armstrong is now no longer a member of the Journal Program of Ferrari. of the New Zealand was Ferrari-Junior since 2017 and went to the start in the past two years in Formula 2.

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