Reviews Why are casinos at the edge of the water?

21:25  28 march  2022
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Jean-Louis Aubert cancels the last dates of his tour because of COVID

 Jean-Louis Aubert cancels the last dates of his tour because of COVID © Gaizka Iroz / AFP Jean-Louis Aubert is said to have to cancel the last dates of his tour while providing for his fans "surprises to offer them ". of cancellation postponements. After a hundred concerts and more than 400,000 spectators, Jean-Louis Aubert will not assume the last thirteen dates that had to close his Olo Tour.

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Monte-Carlo, Deauville, Hossegor ... many spots taken for the holidays. Places that bring together two elements appreciated by vacationers: water and casinos. You are never asked why these two things were linked? Well, we now have the answer.

casinos, bad reputation

often seen as places of excessive and reserved for rich, casinos are less and less highlighted, either on television on television on networks social or advertisements. Even though in the Hollywood movies , these places are worshiped by the directors because they represent a lot of themes of cinema (silver, nasty, power), it is quite rare, without research, to have a lot of information on the subject .

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  Tested: 2022 Bugatti Chiron Super Sport Makes the Insane Seem Sane This version of the Chiron will be the last, a 1578-hp parting shot before electric motors join in on the fun. What comes next will probably outperform our $4,301,450-as-tested Chiron, but there's something captivating about an unapologetic nonhybrid 16-cylinder engine with 64 valves and four turbos. There's no denying the next version will better answer the question of how to go really, really fast. But doing things the hard way—the old way, the slightly stupid way—is something we'll remember about both the Chiron Super Sport and testing on Avenue A.

The fault of a reputation that glues for casinos for centuries: addiction to silver games . An imaginary that sticks to the green carpet and other card games and that was not facilitated by cinema. The promise to win Colossales Fortunes sometimes leaves bitter tastes with players who have just lost everything.

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It was to curb this race to debt that Napoleon I decided in 1806 to vote a decree to formalize these places, often from the black market and therefore illegality. Formerly, the police prefect then accepted the creation of casinos only in the places where " thermal stations " are located. Subsequently, the seaside and climatic stations have been added. Since then, the law has changed again and the cities of more than half a million inhabitants like Lyon or Bordeaux can have playroom rooms.

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According to Article L321-1 of the Inner Security Code , only may now include casinos:

"municipalities classified Tourism stations under the conditions mentioned in 1 ° and cities or stations classified with tourism within the meaning of Subsection 2 of Section 2 of Chapter III of Title III of the Book I of the same Code which constitute the main city of an agglomeration of more than 500 000 inhabitants and participate for more than 40%, if necessary with Other local authorities, the functioning of a national drama center or a national scene, a national orchestra and an opera theater presenting in the season a regular activity of at least twenty lyrical representations ".

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