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11:30  11 september  2022
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The Nosferatu spider is relatively large, hairy, can even bite people and has been spreading more and more in Bavaria for not too long. Although this type of spider is one of the few that can bite through human skin, it is still harmless, as the biologist and spider expert Theo Blick announced.

The Spider species Zoropsis Spinimana, also known as Nosferatu spider, was first demonstrated in Bavaria in Schweinfurt in 2015, a spokesman for the Bavarian State Office for the Environment said. In 2019 there were two more finds and since 2020 it has been discovered by more and more people.

In the meantime, the Nosferatu spider in Bavaria is considered “moderately common”. The corresponding level 3 in a six -stage system said, which, as the spokesman for the Arachnological Society, is devoted to acknowledging scientific exchange. Throughout Germany, the Nosferatu spider, which belongs to the family of the Krausel hunting spiders, is already "very common" (level 6). An increasing tendency can also be observed in Bavaria.

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The Zoropsis Spinimana has a yellow -brown color, a body length of almost two centimeters and reaches a size of up to six centimeters with the legs. That is stately, but not record -breaking, according to the nature conservation association Germany (NABU). The widespread large angle spider, for example, reaches a leg span of up to ten centimeters.

Anyone who gets too close to the Nosferatu spider runs the risk of being bitten. Like most spiders, the Zoropsis Spinimana is also poisonous. However, the bite is only dangerous for the prey, emphasized spider expert Blick. The bite could be painful, but is usually more harmless than a wasp or bee sting. In addition, no allergic reactions are known, as the Bavarian State Office for Health and Food Safety (LGL) announced.

Since the Nosferatu spider originally comes from the Mediterranean, it prefers it rather warm and dry, according to the biologist. The falling temperatures therefore increasingly attract the eight -legged friend into the surroundings of humans, i.e. in houses, scales and garages. Since the Zoropsis Spinimana is a lauer hunter, it does not build networks to catch their prey. Instead, she usually follows insects and other small animals on the ground.

If you discover such a spider in your own four walls, the Bavarian State Office for the Environment recommends that to catch and carry the animal with a glass. This not only protects the spider, also bites can also be avoided slightly in this way.

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