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12:10  11 september  2022
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Chemical Association: Gas deficiency does not have a

 Chemical Association: Gas deficiency does not have a a possible gas deficiency. Germany would gradually and regionally affect Germany from the perspective of the chemical industry. "We will not see a lack of gas in Germany at the same time and not nationwide," said Jörg Rothermel, energy expert at the Association of Chemical Industry (VCI), on Tuesday in Frankfurt. The east and south would probably be affected in an emergency. «In the south we only have two memory.

. A harmless eight-legged friend with a name for fear is spreading in Germany: the Nosferatu spider. According to conservationists, the spider, which actually comes from the Mediterranean and generally harmless, also reached Lower Saxony. There were reports from Hanover, Göttingen and Osnabrück, but also in Oldenburg and East Frisia, the spider was spotted several times, the Nature Conservation Association (NABU) said. In 2005 the species had been proven for the first time in Germany, since then it has spread greatly.

Die Nosferatu-Spinne wird inzwischen auch aus Niedersachsen gemeldet. © Robert Pfeifle/NABU/dpa The Nosferatu spider is now also reported from Lower Saxony.

owes its name to the spider of the characteristic drawing on its back, which is reminiscent of the film figure Nosferatu from the silent film classic of the same name, the first film adaptation of the "Dracula" novel. The species (Zoropsis Spinimana), which belongs to the family of the ravage, has a body length of one to two centimeters and a leg span of about five centimeters.

EU: No exception for VAT for gas surcharge

 EU: No exception for VAT for gas surcharge for consumers in Germany, there will be no exception in VAT on the gas surcharge. The EU Commission confirmed in Brussels that the tax is not canceled, unlike the Federal Government, is not possible. © Hauke-Christian Dittrich/dpa With VAT on the gas surcharge, there will be no exception in Germany. The Commission claims to work with Berlin on a solution regarding VAT. Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) had asked for an exception at the EU level.

came as a holiday souvenir

"The first Nosferatu spiders found in Germany are probably a vacation souvenir, which then increased under the protection of the houses," said Frederik Eggers, team leader nature and environmental protection at NABU Niedersachsen. "Climate change and the associated mild winter now favor the spread of the animals." In this country, the Nosferatu spider, which hunts their prey without a net, is to be found on balconies and terraces, especially on house walls or at garden houses.

Together with the Network Naturgucker , the NABU collects data from sightings on a platform. This should enable documentation about the occurrence of this kind and the factors influencing their distribution, said Eggers.

bite to compare with bee or wasp sting

an excessive fear of the spider, according to NABU, you don't have to have, even if you use poison like all spiders to numb your prey. Unlike most types of spider living in Germany, it can penetrate human skin with their biting tools. But the bite can usually be compared to a bee or wasp sting in humans - provided that there is no allergy. As a rule, it only occurs when the spider feels pressed, said the NABU expert. You should therefore not capture them with the mere hand, but put them over a glass over them, push a thin cardboard under the glass and put the animal outdoors.

France and Germany announce a "mutual support" agreement on energy .
© John MacDougall / AFP Élisabeth Borne and Olaf Scholz in Berlin on November 25. Visit Berlin, Élisabeth Borne has made a "mutual support" agreement with Olaf Scholz to "guarantee" the energy supply of France and Germany. On Ukraine, they claim to be "fully aligned". After the cold , Élisabeth Borne went to Berlin , where she was greeted by Olaf Scholz to relaunch relations with Germany.

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