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21:40  27 september  2022
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giant surf park is to be wave rider to Stade Lure

 giant surf park is to be wave rider to Stade Lure Where there is still fields today, surfers will soon ride up to two meters high waves. The “surf garden” is planned for around 35 kilometers as the crow flies from Hamburger City. Construction should begin in 2023. Approximately investment costs: around 20 million euros. © Friso Gentsch/dpa in Stade, construction work for a huge surf park is to begin in 2023. Stade wants to establish itself as a permanent address for the wave rider scene.

Knoten im Schlauch: Bei Continental sorgen verunreinigte Schläuche wohlmöglich für den nächsten Skandal nach dem Dieselgate. Foto: PRhttp://img-s-msn-com.akamaized.net/tenant/amp/entityid/AA12j8vY.img?h=152&w=270&m=6&q=60&o=f&l=f © provided by Wirtschaftswoche nodes in the hose: At Continental, contaminated hoses probably take care of the next scandal after the diesel gate. Photo: Prdata portal copyright =

The scandal for dirty hoses is just picking up speed. Now a former Daimler man has to show what he really can.

The former Daimler man Frank Vießmann is not even in office for the supplier Continental for a year. There was a start-up time for the manager, who was head of the compliance department in the truck and bus division in Stuttgart, but did not exist in Hanover from the start. Finally, Vießmann joined the company in a turbulent phase in November last year: The supervisory board had put the then CFO Wolfgang Schäfer, who was also responsible for compliance, with immediate effect. He was accused of deficits in the internal investigation of possible exhaust gas manipulations.

Formula 1: Red Bull and Honda extend partnership by 2025

 Formula 1: Red Bull and Honda extend partnership by 2025 The Formula 1 team Red Bull Um World Champion Max Verstappen has extended the partnership with engine supplier Honda early by two years to 2025. © provided by Sport1.de Formula 1: Red Bull and Honda extend partnership by 2025 The Formula 1 team Red Bull around world champion Max Verstappen has prematurely extended the partnership with engine supplier Honda by two years to 2025. Red Bull announced this on Tuesday.

What the public had no idea at the time: Vießmann soon did not just have to familiarize himself with the topic of diesel - but also follow a second scandal about dirty hoses. At first it was "only" about hoses for air conditioning in cars. An employee had reported possible irregularities internally at the end of 2021.

The carmakers had specified Continental how pure the hoses should be from the inside. After all, the air conditioning systems should not clog. With production, fibers of rubber or textile, which arise, for example, get stuck when cutting the hoses. The purity is often not said to have met the individual requirements of the customers.

Vießmann's compliance department started with the internal revision. The results were not very satisfactory: the hoses are dirty than expected.

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 GZSZ: Laura and John reconcile, but new trouble is threatened by Berlin - it felt that it felt half an eternity until " good times, bad times " from Laura and John has finally become a real couple. © provided by Tag24 Laura and John celebrate their reconciliation with a hot love night. and again and again the two bumped each other's heads or stupid misunderstandings got in their way. recently replied to his flame for a message, which unfortunately did not arrive at her, but ended up with his beverage supplier.

Investigation of industrial hoses expanded

That is why the company has expanded the investigation. Vießmann's department is now also checking the business with industrial cocks. Insiders attest the compliance boss a quiet but hard hand. The result, on the other hand, was less reassuring: it was shown, according to Conti, that "the proposed norms for test processes of industrial chaden at the Contitech location Korbach had not always been observed". It is no longer about customer specifications, but not about not observed DIN and ISO standards. As a result,

recently informed its customers about the mistakes: customers are mainly intermediate dealers who continue to sell industrial hoses. In the end customers, these are used as refueling, water and steam lines. Customers come from mechanical engineering, the chemical industry and the beverage industry.

The sale and delivery of the affected hoses from Korbach was suspended. The immediate economic damage, it is said, is limited to the time: In 2021, the hose production in Korbach contributed a medium two -digit million amount to the group sales, which in turn was 33.8 billion euros.

Tesla share: PG & E and SCE customers can earn money with Tesla Powerwalls

 Tesla share: PG & E and SCE customers can earn money with Tesla Powerwalls California's electricity supplier PG & E and SCE cooperate with Tesla to secure the power supply: If you have a Tesla, you can get the electricity from the wallbox for two US dollars per Sell ​​kWh. This is how the "largest virtual battery in the world" is to be created. © provided by Finanzen.net Andrew Burton/Getty Images • Households with Tesla Powerwall can feed the electricity from the Wallbox at peak times into the power grid • At the end of the season, the participants receive two US dol

much more crucial, according to Insider, is the "PR disaster". The share also crashed first. The time must now show whether the stock exchange is right: Because it is still open, according to an insider, "what dimension" the matter in Korbach. In any case,

Continental boss Nikolai Setzer verbally laid out as a precaution: "the requirements were not met", which "does not correspond to our company-wide self-image". Trust is an "indispensable basis" of action. Now you have to regain it.

Refurbished area left

so that this works, Vießmann also has to accumulate further overtime: Insiders trust him to provide a complete education and attest him "great experience". He tackles the topic "very methodical" - and build up the area worth renovating by Schäfer with new people.

It has to work now: Because the diesel scandal and the anger for the hoses should not be added any further. CEO Setzer has to do enough with the Turnaround of the Automotive area and the semiconductor crisis.

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Gas: Poland signs an important supply contract with Norway

 Gas: Poland signs an important supply contract with Norway © provided by Tribune secure Poland 15 % of its gas needs with Norway. Norway confirms its new status as the first gas supplier in Europe. The Norwegian energetician Equinor has just signed an important long -term agreement with the Polish Gassier PGNIG for the supply of gas to Poland via a gas pipeline which is about to be inaugurated, and with a capacity of 10 billion M3 per year. The contract relates to 2.4 billion m3 of gas per year for ten years, the equivalent of 15 % of the annual Polish

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