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02:10  26 november  2022
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Pro Asyl: Some refugees from Ukraine from September

 Pro Asyl: Some refugees from Ukraine from September The Organization Pro Asyl and the state refugee councils have warned of the deportation of war refugees without a Ukrainian passport. Half a year after the start of the war, these people ran the risk of falling into toleration and being deported due to new regulations from September 1st, an explanation said on Tuesday. "All people who fled in Ukraine before the war must be treated equally," said Wiebke Judith from Pro Asyl.

If the decor is important, the scent of your interior is just as much. To avoid entering incense and choosing your fragrances correctly, follow the guide. Interior scent ...

Parfum d'intérieur : comment bien le choisir © ISTOCK Interior perfume: how to choose it

The interior fragrance has developed a lot, offering its users many diffusion supports, in which to sort. By searching a little, we quickly discover that each perfume does not correspond to all uses: those with combustion such as burn lamps or incense actually pollute the air of our interior! For a Zen and without Risk atmosphere, favor perfumes based on plants or flowers, 100%vegetable.

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Violent criticism of demo expressions by Saxony Interior Minister

 Violent criticism of demo expressions by Saxony Interior Minister © provided by SZ-Sächsische Zeitung Violent criticism of demo expressions by Saxony Interior Minister Dresden. Saxony's interior minister Armin Schuster (CDU) via The "Monday demonstrations" initiated by the Left Party in Leipzig have triggered violent outrage. On Tuesday morning, the minister, who is also responsible for police operations in demonstrations, had tweeted with a slightly patronized undertone that the "first Monday attempt" of the Left Party in Leipzig was "possible".

The different types of interior fragrances

The burner-spare with candle- small and often in porcelain, the burn-parfum with candle Allows you to diffuse aromatic concentrates with ease. Thanks to the burner, you can broadcast essential oils, but also perfume extracts and even scented waxes. The heat comes from the Candle-Plate Candle placed below the tank where you will place what you want to consume. For a slower and less concentrated diffusion, just add a little water to the tank.

The scented candles - inexpensive, the scented candles are available in all forms and scents and are an alternative to diffusers. There are several models to neutralize bad odors, such as those in cigarettes or toilets, to fully enjoy your interior. What is more, a large choice of colors is there, but be careful to choose natural candles, which will avoid migraine caused by synthetic perfumes.

Interior Minister sees the federal government as a duty: Lindner shows demands for more money for refugee recording

 Interior Minister sees the federal government as a duty: Lindner shows demands for more money for refugee recording countries and municipalities want more federal funds for the inclusion of refugees. Finance Minister Lindner rejects the claims. © Photo: Photos: DPA/Patrick Pleul Refugees go over the site of the central initial reception facility for asylum seekers of the State of Brandenburg (symbol image). Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) has rejected claims by the federal states and municipalities to provide more money for the admission of refugees.

Ambient sprays - for rapid and efficient diffusion, the ambient spray is to be favored. Easy to use, one or two sprays will be enough to embalm your interior with delicate fragrances. In addition, you can dose the intensity according to your desire.

The diffuser of essential oils - a little more imposing, although it exists in small format, the diffuser of essential oils transforms natural extracts of plants into molecules before rejecting them in the air. Depending on the selected oil, you can choose to get different benefits: clean up the air of your interior, flavor it, relax and help your sleep, or even strengthen your immune system.

The Rattan Rooter diffuser - Classic timeless, the rattan rod diffuser diffuses a continuous scent, until the stems are completely soaked. Do not hesitate to change them when you no longer feel a perfume. In addition to being practical, this diffuser has a beautiful decorative aesthetic thanks to its bouquet shape. It is also ideal for a small space, because its diffusion zone remains low.

A perfume for each piece

now that you have chosen how to flavor your interior, you have to know where to place your new finds. Indeed, not all scents are adapted to each room!

For your entry, favor fresh and fruity notes. As for the living room, a flowery perfume will create a more relaxing atmosphere in your living room, without being heady.

For the office, some room fragrances promote concentration: leather, amber, sandalwood or musk will help you stimulate your brain.

For the room, it is fashionable to go on soothing fragrances that will promote sleep, such as orange blossom or lavender - in small doses.

membership growth from 2000 to 23,000 in one year-Interior Minister Faeser warns of Reich citizens: "No harmless spinners" .
Interior Minister Faeser warns of growing imperial citizens. One could observe an increase in 23,000 extremists. The SPD politician also announces the tightening of the gun law. © Michael Kappeler/dpa/archive picture Federal Minister of the Interior Nancy Faeser comes to the meeting of the Federal Cabinet in the Chancellery.

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