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Was the Pontiac Aztek Really That Bad? A Look Back at GM's Weirdest Experiment

Thursday  23:40,   09 april 2020

Time has not been merciful to the Pontiac Aztek. Twenty years after its introduction, you’ll still hear people call it one of the least attractive cars in history. Most people today know it as chemistry-teacher-turned-meth-cook Walter White’s ride... >>>

This outrageous custom classic has serious wow factor

Thursday  23:15,   09 april 2020

This outrageous custom classic has serious wow... >>>

In 1970, These Horrifying Child Car Seats Were Laughably Unsafe

Thursday  22:26,   09 april 2020

In 1970, These Horrifying Child Car Seats Were Laughably UnsafeWe're used to the idea that rear-facing seats are best for young children, but in 1970 it was sort of a fringe idea being pushed by an unnamed Swedish car manufacturer. It turns out that >>>

Modified Land Rover Gets 525-HP LS3 V-8 to Honor a Special Defender

Thursday  21:57,   09 april 2020

It’s long been the go-to answer for dodgy British iron: drop an LS in it. That’s exactly what Himalaya does with its upgraded Land Rover Defenders, including this tribute to the 70th Anniversary special that debuted a few years back. The Rover V-8... >>>

How To Get Started in Motorcycles

Thursday  18:38,   09 april 2020

Less intimidating, and even more thrilling, than you might think. Here are the essentials, from your license to your boots. My motorcycle is loud, dangerous, occasionally expensive, a source of anguish for my mom. But I can’t go back. In an era of... >>>

Three Generations of the Ford GT

Thursday  18:21,   09 april 2020

The true story behind 'Ford v. Ferrari' and the 1966 Le... >>>

5 Best Lawn Mowers

Thursday  18:20,   09 april 2020

We came up with the... >>>

Upgrade Your Backyard and Build This Classic Lounger

Thursday  17:42,   09 april 2020

About $30 in materials and a couple of power tools are all you need to build this stylish—and comfy—American... >>>

What if GM built a Chevrolet Blazer SS with a Corvette engine?

Thursday  11:42,   09 april 2020

The Chevrolet Blazer is a talented, well-rounded crossover. The Camaro of SUVs, as we’ve dubbed it, has sporty looks and an aggressive demeanor—especially in sleek RS guise. We recently spent some time in the 2020 Blazer RS and came away impressed... >>>

Pontiac Aztek Trans Am Is the Feelgood Mashup We All Need Right Now

Thursday  09:55,   09 april 2020

We’re all looking for an escape these days, and this Pontiac Aztek with a Firebird Trans Am–style makeover is exactly the sort of automotive fantasy we’re craving. It hits on a few different levels. Most importantly, with a few subtle tweaks, the... >>>

Hobo on Horseback: The Hobo Top Turned 1960s Ford Mustang Into a Wagon

Thursday  07:05,   09 april 2020

It’s 1967. You just bought a Ford Mustang convertible on a whim, and now you’re wondering how you’re going to take your wife and five kids to the ski slopes. Have you made a highly improbable mistake? Joel Patrick, Inc. has the solution for you: The >>>

What Is A Muscle Car? 50 Answers from Detroit

Thursday  04:40,   09 april 2020

Muscle cars have many definitions. The 2020 Detroit Autorama provided many great examples.What is a muscle... >>>

Live Your Best Van Life in These Strange, Cool Vans

Thursday  02:15,   09 april 2020

The van gets a bad rap as a dorky conveyance that’s unattractive and bad to drive. They’re practical, goes the conventional wisdom, but also less relevant than ever since they’ve largely been supplanted by the crossover. But the van genre has an... >>>

Race Car Paint — Wild California Custom Paint on 1960s Style Dragsters

Thursday  01:50,   09 april 2020

A totally titillating look into the visually wild world of 1960s style dragster custom paint schemes and custom hand lettering as seen through the eyes of a 60’s custom painter.In future articles on HotRod.com, we'll branch out to discover and... >>>

Ralph Gilles Reveals the Dodge Rampage Successor He Sketched in the 1990s

Thursday  00:27,   09 april 2020

A successor to the short-lived Dodge Rampage pickup truck may have returned to the American brand’s model line 20-some-odd years ago if Ralph Gilles had his way. Of course, as a young designer at Chrysler, Gilles had minimal sway to make such a... >>>