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demonstrations in China: Thousands of erotic content published on Twitter to drown the challenge

Thursday  00:50,   08 december 2022

© Reuters/Christian Mang by going in search of information on Chinese demonstrations, Twitter users are surprised to find themselves confronted with A wave of explicit images. A distraction campaign of which the Xi Jinping government would... >>>

With his collapse book, Thomas Bronnec imagines a green dictatorship

Wednesday  23:20,   07 december 2022

© Ouest-France Thomas Bronnec, the author of "Collapsus" (Gallimard Black series editions). Thomas Bronnec met readers on Wednesday 7 December 2022 at Espace Ouest-France, in Rennes. The opportunity to talk about his book, Collapsus, a political... >>>

Top-Thema Schlag against Reichsbürger-concrete references to overthrow plans

Wednesday  22:50,   07 december 2022

(new: Scholz, further investigation results, arrest in Italy) * 25 arrests-noble and ex-AFD MPs in the sights of * Interior Minister Faeser says movement Fight to * "Abyss of terrorist threats" - by Alexander Ratz and Andreas Rinke Berlin, Dec7... >>>

The fifth attempted election of the President of the Northern Ireland Assembly failed in the face of blocking the DUP.

Wednesday  22:00,   07 december 2022

© supplied by News 360 Archive - Archive image of the Northern Ireland Assembly. - Liam McBurney/PA Wire/DPA The fifth attempted election of the President and the Vice-President of the National Assembly of Northern Ireland failed Wednesday against... >>>

coal -fired power plants increase a share of electricity generation

Wednesday  20:50,   07 december 2022

Germany continues to focus on coal in electricity production. In the third quarter of 2022, more than a third (36.3 percent) of the total amount of 118.1 billion kilowatt hours generated from the fossil fuel came from the Federal Statistical... >>>

After five nights before the Council of State, 300 young exiles sheltered but not drawn

Wednesday  17:50,   07 december 2022

© Rémy Artiges of young exiles camped on the Parisian square of Palais-Royal, Friday, December 2. A first "relief", but for how long? This Wednesday at the first gleams of the day, the more than 300 young exiles installed since Friday on Friday on... >>>

A photo of the cast of "Emily in Paris" is atomized (wrongly)

Wednesday  17:30,   07 december 2022

while season 3 of "Emily in Paris" will soon be broadcast, a promo photo of the casting has been criticized on social networks. And Netflix found the parade to attacks on bad tongues. © Abaca Our favorite guilty pleasure is soon back. And... >>>

DSDS: Aus and past Dieter Bohlen!

Wednesday  17:20,   07 december 2022

It will be the Comeback of the year 2023 : Poptitan Dieter Bohlen (68) one last time on his executive chair on "Deutschland sucht den Superstar" . However, it is already known that the anniversary relay in the coming year will be the last ever, and >>>

Francky Vincent named Knight of Arts and Letters

Wednesday  17:20,   07 december 2022

© Lecoeuvre Phototheque / Collection Christophel via AFP The Guadeloupe artist with a light and catchy musical style, Francky Vincent, was appointed knight of arts and letters this year. With hundreds of thousands of records sold to explicit songs... >>>

electricity cuts: an Ecowatt Orange alert next Monday?

Wednesday  17:10,   07 december 2022

© Franck Dubray / Archives Ouest France The Ecowatt website set up by RTE, a real -time alert system to avoid power cuts this winter. It could well go from green to orange, Monday, December 12, 2022. The freshness of the weather could well cause a... >>>

Russia concerned by the traffic jam of oil tankers in the Bosphorus, according to the RIA

Wednesday  16:50,   07 december 2022

Moscow (Reuters) - Russia is concerned with the traffic jam in the Bosphorus Strait and is by discussing the question with the companies Insurance and transport, said Russian Foreign Affairs Minister on Wednesday, Alexandre Grouchko, quoted by... >>>

Emily in Paris Season 3: Lily Collins, Louane and Léna situations are causing preview (photos)

Wednesday  16:30,   07 december 2022

Tuesday December 6, 2022, the cast of Emily in Paris invited many celebrities to attend at the forefront First of season 3 in... >>>

traffic lights emphasize good cooperation in crisis-based first year

Wednesday  16:00,   07 december 2022

The traffic light parliamentary group leader emphasized the good cooperation in the first year of government despite the challenges of the diverse crises. SPD parliamentary group leader Rolf Mützenich spoke on Wednesday of a "progress coalition"... >>>

suspicion of terrorism: giant raids among imperial citizens

Wednesday  16:00,   07 december 2022

since the early morning of searching civil servants in one of the largest raids in history nationwide nationwide apartments of rights and conspiracy counters. The alleged terrorist network is suspected of having planned a coup d'état. © Katja... >>>

Fischer finds gigantic head of a huge shark - bitten off!

Wednesday  15:00,   07 december 2022

An Australian fisherman has found the gigantically large head of a makoha. This was bitten off. © Facebook/TrapManbermagu Huge, bitten haikopf in front of Australia (Collage). Fischer finds gigantic head of a Makohais The Australian Fischer Trapman >>>