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This is the Mustang nobody wants to talk about

Friday  17:27,   21 september 2018

Although those blinded by history and ingenuity may view the third-generation Ford Mustang as nothing more than a fraudulent gimmick boasting heritage badging – a plastic mess boiled for maximum profit – it’s easy to forget that the 'Mustang...[...]

Long Live The Handbrake

Friday  16:27,   21 september 2018

New research shows the traditional handbrake lever is a dying breed. The handbrake turn once formed an integral part of the mating ritual for petrolheads. That's what Top Gear had us believe anyway. Now though it appears the handbrake turn could...[...]

These Two Barn-Find Plymouth Superbirds Are Going to Sell for All the Money

Friday  16:27,   21 september 2018

Just under 2,000 Plymouth Superbirds were ever produced in all of their too-high rear spoiler glory. Just under 2,000 Plymouth Superbirds were ever produced in all of their too-high rear spoiler glory. Finding one of these for sale is rare...[...]

Find of the Week: 10,000 km 1981 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Thursday  00:51,   20 september 2018

It's a showroom-fresh looking version of the last year of a strange model . The second-generation of a car that is just now starting to get the love it deserves. It's the perfect car for throwing in REO Speedwagon on cassette and rumbling down...[...]

Driving the All-New Formula E Racer

Thursday  00:51,   20 september 2018

Can EV tech and driving thrills go hand-in-hand?Can it convert gearheads into EV evangelists? In a world-exclusive track test, guest presenter Marino Franchitti gets behind the wheel of a championship-winning Formula E machine and the all-new...[...]

3 New Harley Models To Seriously Consider Now

Tuesday  16:06,   18 september 2018

Although bigger changes are coming, it seems like Harley-Davidson now makes a cruiser for everybody Ironic, isn’t it?Ironic, isn’t it? Even though motorcycles are cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and more efficient modes of transportation...[...]

How To Diagnose an Overheating Car

Monday  18:15,   17 september 2018

It's dangerous to drive a car that's prone to overheating. Let's figure out the problem.So what happened and what should you do about...[...]

The German people's car which preceded VW's Beetle

Monday  18:14,   17 september 2018

Volkswagen has announced the end of the Beetle. Before the end, there was the beginning. And before the beginning, there was the Standard Superior. Produced from 1933 to 1935, it was designed by Josef Ganz, a Jew born in Budapest and one of...[...]

This V-12 1940 Lincoln Continental is Looking For a Home With a Big Garage

Monday  18:13,   17 september 2018

This classic American convertible is on offer for a cool $100,000.This rare and largely hand-built car is from the Continental's first generation, which ran from 1939 to 1948, with an interruption from 1942 to 1945 when American car production took...[...]

The Porsche That Started it all is on Display at Toronto Harbourfront

Monday  15:52,   17 september 2018

Even if you’re not into cars, this one is worth a look. For the next few days at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, a significant piece of automotive history will be on display, and anyone can go and see it.The car is the Porsche 356. But not just any...[...]

IoCamper Is A Full Apartment That Folds Up To Fit Inside Your Van

Monday  15:52,   17 september 2018

But it has one tiny bit of a problem.Get expert car buying advice on MSN...[...]

See This 11,000 Hp Dragster V8 Engine Get Rebuilt In 7 Minutes

Friday  16:51,   14 september 2018

It's rather relaxing to watch, which is ironic considering how violently powerful this engine can be. Time-lapse videos are always interesting to watch, but when the subject is something as complex as an internal combustion engine it’s even...[...]

Why GM's Front-Drive Luxury Cars Were Great, And Why They Failed Anyway

Friday  16:51,   14 september 2018

The C-body luxury cars from Buick, Oldsmobile and Cadillac represent everything great, and everything terrible, about 1980s General Motors. I don't know what you did today, but I spent my time driving two genuinely great cars from General Motors....[...]

Predator 6.6 Is A Military Vehicle Disguised As An Off-Road RV

Friday  16:51,   14 september 2018

It’s ready for your next off-road adventure.RVs ready for the world to...[...]

Stand Out With This Stunning Sbarro Espace GT1 Supercar

Thursday  16:29,   13 september 2018

It’s for sale in Spain, and it could be worth as much as seven figures.Constructed in 1999 as a tribute to the Mercedes-Benz victory at Le Mans the same year, the sleek supercar is one of one – not counting the V12-powered GT2 the company produced...[...]