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Lamborghini Built This V12, Carbon-Fiber Trackday Beast For One Very Important Customer

Friday  23:00,   16 november 2018

It's called the SC18, they're only building one, and it's completely nuts. Lamborghini is no stranger to making wild-looking limited-production exotics, and this latest one might be the coolest yet. It's a one-off, road-legal, track-ready mid-engine >>>

Rare Lightweight 1964 Plymouth Belvedere Still Hits the Track with Mucho Gusto

Friday  18:18,   16 november 2018

Like many of the local kids his age, George Edwards was a car crazy juvenile who was just itchin' to get behind the wheel of his own potent ride . His dad was in the trucking business, and good ol' pop saw fit to feed George's passion for horsepower >>>

Refreshing or Revolting: 2019 Acura ILX

Wednesday  23:56,   14 november 2018

Better after its second... >>>

Could This Barn-Find 1971 Dodge Dart Swinger be one of the Ultrarare 340 Models?

Wednesday  17:07,   14 november 2018

We went along on this barn find in search of a muscle car. Here's what we found. "I never looked to see what it really was," Bill Butler said as we moved closer to an old tin shed. Inside was a 1970 or 1971 Dodge Dart that he had dragged from a... >>>

How Lamborghini made their ultimate supercar even better

Wednesday  17:07,   14 november 2018

Lamborghini's Countach changed the automotive landscape when unveiled in 1971 - but they didn't stop there in creating the ultimate supercar of a... >>>

This is the reason why old Jeep Cherokees are so expensive today

Thursday  22:07,   08 november 2018

And I'm... >>>

How a Lamborghini mistake nearly killed the BMW M1

Thursday  19:21,   08 november 2018

Lamborghini was originally tasked with designing the M1 supercar, but due to other projects and financial difficulties BMW was forced to rescue the project first... >>>

How Porsche Came Up With Its Monstrous New 935

Thursday  19:21,   08 november 2018

Plus more on the Rennsport Reunion VI., Walter Röhrl's unreliable 911 rally car, and a four-engined "Porsche Killer" motorcycle. The latest edition of Porsche's 9:11 Magazine features the sixth Rennsport Reunion, young Walter Röhrl's failed 911 SC... >>>

Why Toyota's Reported Cuts to Its Car Lineup Aren't as Dramatic as Ford's

Thursday  19:20,   08 november 2018

The ones most likely to disappear seem to be good... >>>

Find of the Week: 2011 Chevrolet (or is that Pontiac?) Firebreather

Wednesday  22:47,   07 november 2018

The autoTRADER.ca Find of the Week this week is a custom creation made for the 2014 movie Jinn. It's a Camaro underneath but a Firebird, or should we say Firebreather in the skin. And even if you've never heard of the movie, it's one heck of a... >>>

Analysis: The cheers and jeers of EICMA

Wednesday  22:46,   07 november 2018

Some of the manufacturers announced very interesting new models at EICMA this week. And, some didn't. Here's the skinny on this year's show.... >>>

Opinion: Harley’s electric future

Wednesday  16:06,   07 november 2018

The Livewire is a bold, but essential, move by The Motor Company.... >>>

The Genius Way They're About to Reinvent the Camshaft

Wednesday  00:10,   07 november 2018

Camcon Auto's Intelligent Valve Technology just changed the rules for what an internal combustion engine can do. At its most basic level, an engine is an air pump. Internal combustion engines breathe fresh air and expel wasted exhaust gases to make... >>>

Dodge Created an Insane Challenger Hellcat Sleigh for Santa

Monday  23:31,   05 november 2018

This takes "Bad Santa" to a new... >>>

1980 Chevy Corvette Four Door Can’t Be Unseen, Seeks $217k

Monday  23:30,   05 november 2018

A California shop apparently built six all total, and this is the reddest of them all. Do not attempt to adjust screen settings on your mobile device or PC monitor. What you are seeing is real, and depending on how you feel about custom creations... >>>