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Spice Girls want to convince Victoria Beckham for upcoming tour

Saturday  13:50,   23 october 2021

2019 came together the Spice Girls to a Reunion tour together - but without "Posh Spice" Victoria Beckham (47). That's what your tape colleges now want to change as Melanie "Mel C" Chisholm (47) "Entertainment Tonight" revealed . "We would like to... >>>

Saudi Arabia targets carbon neutrality by 2060

Saturday  13:05,   23 october 2021

© Ahmed Yosri / Reuters The heir prince of the Kingdom, Mohamed Ben Salmane, at a climate conference in Ryad, Saturday, October 23, 2021. Eight days of COP26 in Glasgow, Saudi Arabia Announcement aimed at a target of zero net greenhouse gas... >>>

3 Beautiful deco ideas against winterblues

Saturday  12:25,   23 october 2021

Some winter days can be pretty cloudy. To escape the winterblues at home, these three beautiful deco ideas can help you worries in the Nu for good mood © iStockphoto 3 Beautiful decoration against winterblues iStockphoto in the cold season beating... >>>

suddenly in focus: Nagelsmann characterized Dino Toppmöller

Saturday  11:50,   23 october 2021

Since summer, Dino Toppmöller works as a wizard of Julian Nagelsmann at Bayern and suddenly stands in the spotlight after its Covid disease. © Imago Images / Kolbert-Press on a wavelength with Nagelsmann: Dino Toppmöller. A big heart, a lot of... >>>

stages and Hamilton in Texas already at temperature

Saturday  09:25,   23 october 2021

already before the highest values ​​expected for the race day in Texas, the World Cup competitors Lewis Hamilton and Max stages have come to operating temperature - especially emotional. © Eric Gay / AP / DPA Lewis Hamilton outdoor training in... >>>

Germany: With Olaf Scholz in power, Angela Merkel believes that she will be able to "quietly sleep"

Saturday  08:50,   23 october 2021

© John MacDougall AFP / Archivos German Chancellor Angela Merkel and his Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz in Berlin, December 16, 2019. In a long interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" to appear on Saturday, October 23rd in the morning, the... >>>

Beautiful evening for Arsenal

Saturday  01:55,   23 october 2021

© provided by Sports.co.uk Arsenal As Arsenal does not play cut in Europe This season, the London club can be programmed without problem on Monday night or Friday in European weeks. After concluding the previous day, Monday night, by a draw ripped... >>>

Bought as a Rolling Shell on eBay, This Volvo P1800 Is Now a 10-Second Gasser

Friday  23:55,   22 october 2021

From across the pond, we present you a very cool Volvo P1800 Gasser. Think we’re overselling it? Well, we would argue that the fine folks over at Hot Wheels have our back on this since they chose it as a UK finalist for being made into a Hot Wheels... >>>

Home Aids: The Assembly unanimously votes the National Floor Tariff at 22 €

Friday  22:55,   22 october 2021

© Thomas Samson / AFP The National Assembly in 2019. Stock Photo Illustration. This vote in favor of a "floor tariff" home aid compensates the disparities between the departments. It may not be sufficient to increase employee salaries in this... >>>

Let's Appreciate this Belgian Man's Parking Skill Again

Friday  22:24,   22 october 2021

Just to be clear, yes, I know this video of a Belgian man parking in a tiny garage is old. A lot of you have seen it before. I’ve seen it before. It’s not new. I get it. But sometimes, it’s OK to rewatch something just because it’s good, and you... >>>

LDC-CDC: Program of the 2nd Preliminary Tour Back

Friday  22:00,   22 october 2021

Find the program of meetings of the second preliminary round Return of Cups from Africa Interclubs, who play this... >>>

Chevy II Redo: This '63 Nova Was a Detroit Autorama Winner—Now It's Even Better

Friday  20:56,   22 october 2021

If anything differentiates hot rodders from every other type of car enthusiast, it’s their need to change things. The very definition of the term “hot rod” is a car modified for performance and appearance. In some cases, the modifications are... >>>

"smoking cannabis driving multiplies by two the risk of fatal accident": a new road safety campaign

Friday  19:50,   22 october 2021

Road safety launches a new cannabis prevention campaign driving. In 2020, one in five deaths on the road involved a driver who consumed drugs. © Provided by FranceInfo In a few words, the Road Safety summarizes the risks of the Cannabis at the... >>>

in Brussels Le Pen supports Prime Minister Polish

Friday  19:30,   22 october 2021

© AFP M Arine Le Pen met Friday in Brussels The head of the Polish Government Mateusz Morawiecki to whom she brought her "support" in the crisis opposing his country to The EU denouncing "unacceptable blackmail" of the European Commission. "Honored >>>

A lot of noise on Donald Trump's new "TRUTH Social" network

Friday  18:05,   22 october 2021

The former US President Donald Trump (75) has announced to start his own social network "Truth Social" in the coming year. Internet users, however, have already gained access to a pre-release version of the platform, they already register there and >>>