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today without advertising on TV: one of the best gangster films of all time-with one of the cruelest scenes of the 90s

Saturday  16:10,   01 october 2022

When you talk about the best gangster films ever, then one speaks either about "the godfather", "It was once in America "," Carlito's Way "and" Scarface "or" The films by Martin Scorsese ". The Italian -American cult director not only shaped the... >>>

Julie Ricci (mothers and famous) ready to get back with her ex Pierre-Jean? She confides

Saturday  13:32,   01 october 2022

© Instagram screen capture Julie Ricci (Mamans and famous) ready to recover with her ex Pierre-Jean? She confides this Tuesday, September 27, 2022, Julie Ricci confided for a long time on Instagram. The candidate of mothers and famous made... >>>

Price increase clouds rides: guests hesitate for vacations

Saturday  12:20,   01 october 2022

rising prices and dwindling purchasing power, according to tourisms, partially cloud the travel mood before the upcoming autumn holidays in Lower Saxony. “The concern for increasing living costs, in particular higher energy costs, influences the... >>>

Incidence in Schleswig-Holstein rose sharply

Friday  22:00,   30 september 2022

The Corona incidence in Schleswig-Holstein has increased drastically in the weekly comparison. On Friday it was 408.1 new infections per 100,000 inhabitants in one week - after 276.8 seven days earlier. The hospitalization incidence also increased... >>>

Religion. A striking comic strip of the history of the church

Friday  21:10,   30 september 2022

© Jérôme Fouquet / Archives Ouest France Olivier Bobineau, born in 1972 in La Roche-sur-Yon, is a sociologist, political scientist, philosopher, writer and specialist in the history of the papacy. Reviews and corrected by Olivier Bobineau and... >>>

Laurent Kérusoré in tears: he shares a strong message after having turned his last scene in Plus belle la vie

Friday  20:30,   30 september 2022

Your Browser DES NOT Support This Video Laurent Kérusoré is present in the series Plus belle la vie since the very first episode. This Friday, September 30, the actor shared a video in which he thanks the teams that have accompanied him for all... >>>

Société Générale: Slawomir Krupa New boss, he will succeed Frédéric Oudéa

Friday  19:50,   30 september 2022

© Nicolas Sandanassamy Société Générale: Slawomir Krupa Nouveau boss, he will succeed Frédéric Oudéa The Société Générale board chose the deputy director general In charge of Slawomir Krupa financing and investment activities to replace Frédéric... >>>

"John Wick 4" star Scott Adkins kills continues: Trailer for the crazy action sequel "Accident Man 2: Hitman's Holiday"

Friday  15:30,   30 september 2022

In " Accident Man 2: Hitman's Holiday " there is a reunion with the maybe smartest, Certainly but the most fatal order murderer in the world: Mike Fallon ( Scott Adkins ). In order to recover from the stress of his last missions, he has withdrawn... >>>

A terrorist attack project foiled in Iceland?

Friday  15:10,   30 september 2022

Two men are suspected of having planned a terrorist attack on a rally of police forces and other targets in Iceland. View Ononews © ُ Ebu Video screenshot (ISRUV) Two men are suspected of having planned a terrorist attack on a rally of the police... >>>

A shark swimming in the street in Florida

Friday  14:30,   30 september 2022

supplied by Bang Showbiz Sharks A shark was seen swimming in the city of Fort Myers in Florida. The state located in the southeast of the United States has recently been struck by Hurricane Ian and many cities have been flooded. A resident of the... >>>

Video: Biker shoots over the highway with 300 km/h, then a car

Friday  14:20,   30 september 2022

overtakes it with a state 300 km/h, a biker races over a German highway and leaves everyone behind - well, almost everyone. © YouTube/Derbabo 69 Biker with 300 km/h on the motorway You think you are the king of the street because you have a... >>>

No coffee shop ban for tourists in Amsterdam

Friday  14:20,   30 september 2022

tourists can continue to buy Hash and Marijuana in the Amsterdam coffee shops and smoke joints. A majority of the city parliament spoke out against the planned ban on access for tourists, as Medien reported . © Oliver Berg/dpa/Archive continues to... >>>

A Koupiansk, the Ukrainian counter-offensive as a challenge to the annexing plans of Moscow

Friday  10:10,   30 september 2022

© AFP L A Russia is preparing to annex sides of the East and South of the Ukraine , but In Koupiansk in the northeast, kyiv's troops always repel their opponent, threatening to its supply lines. If Moscow intends to incorporate four regions of... >>>

Höhlerfest in Gera: At least 20,000 visitors await

Friday  09:10,   30 september 2022

The city of Gera expects at least 20,000 visitors to the Höhlerfest this weekend. The festival mile in the city center offers enough space to receive 40,000 to 50,000 guests as in maximum times, a city spokeswoman said before the start of the four... >>>

France: In the street, first stroke of the pension reform

Friday  02:50,   30 september 2022

© AFP - Stephane de Sakutin National Day of strike of workers to put pressure for wage increases and against the announced reform of pensions, in Paris the September 29, 2022. Thousands of demonstrators beat the paving stone, Thursday, September... >>>