Enthusiasts Chad: Many deaths in opposition events at Junta

17:55  27 april  2021
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Coup d'état in Burma: generals block Facebook services

 Coup d'état in Burma: generals block Facebook services © REUTERS - DADO RUVIC The Burmese military junta has asked internet operators to block access to Facebook. The Burmese communications ministry has announced that Facebook will remain closed until Sunday, February 7 to ensure the stability of the country. In Burma, more than half of the population uses Facebook, an essential communication tool in the country.

Des militaires tchadiens patrouilles les rues de N'Djaména après la mort du président Idriss Déby, le 26 avril 2021. © Zohra Bensemra, Reuters of the Chadian soldiers Patrols The streets of N'Djamena after the death of President Idriss Déby, April 26, 2021.

a week after the Death of President Idriss Déby, the opposition in Chad called on events on Tuesday, the day after the appointment by the Junta d'Albert Pahimi Padacé as Prime Minister. At least two people died during sporadic gatherings, prohibited by the military in power.

day under high voltage in Chad. A week after the death of President Idriss Deby , a few dozen people gathered, Tuesday, April 27, in the capital N'Djamena, sometimes burning some tires, before being quickly dispersed since the beginning of the morning.

Chad: the authorities make every effort to find Yaya Dillo, still on the run

 Chad: the authorities make every effort to find Yaya Dillo, still on the run © AFP - THOMAS COEX The assault on the residence of the opponent and Chadian presidential candidate Yaya Dillo by the police made at least two deaths. (2007 archive) Where is Yaya Dillo, the opponent whose candidacy for the presidential election of April 11 in Chad has just been rejected by the Supreme Court? He fled his home Sunday, February 28, as soldiers from the presidential guard armed to the teeth tried to stop him.

They responded to the calls from several opposition parties and civil society organizations against the taking of power by a military transition council (CMT) directed by the son of fire Le Maréchal Deboy, Mahamat Idriss Déby , and composed of 14 other generals loyal to his father. The authorities had banned these gatherings on Monday.

A woman was killed at N'Djamena by protesters, said the public prosecutor, while the police disperse from the opposition gatherings against the junta. "The protesters attacked a bus in the district of Dembé, some passengers fled but a lady has stayed and was killed by the protesters," assured AFP by telephone the prosecutor of N'djamena Youssouf Tom.

In southern Chad, a 21-year-old man found death in a demonstration, announced at AFP the local attorney. "There was a death in Mindou, died this morning in the events, we do not have the exact circumstances of the death, it's a 21-year-old," said AFP Ali Kolla Brahim The prosecutor of the Republic of the second city of Chad, Moundou, some 400 km south of N'Djamena.

Burma: The pro-democracy movement challenges the junta with night events

 Burma: The pro-democracy movement challenges the junta with night events © provided by the ex-democracy protesters, including many white blouse doctors, parade on Saturday at Sunday Burma, new challenge to the murderous repression of the junta who has been nearly 250 victims from the Putsch of February 1st. "Save our leader" Aung blood Suu Kyi secrecy by the army for 49 days, "Save our future", could be read on the streamers of protesters gathered before dawn in Mandalay (center).

Hits to N'Djamena, under high voltage

This Tuesday "is the first test in this iron arm between civil society, opposition movements and the new strong man of the plan, Mahamat Idriss Déby ", explains the special envoy of France 24 to N'Djamena, Cyril Payen. "Some unions, opposition movements and civil society began to gather at 5 o'clock in the morning, with eauating already in progress."

The Chadian police scattered Tuesday with tearful gas strokes some sporadic events of dozens of people. In the 7th and 9th districts of N'Djamena, in the east of the capital, a few dozen protesters burned tires on secondary axes. The police, massively deployed to N'Djamena, dispersed them at the slightest beginning of gathering.

"We're tired, tired of the monarchical dynasty in Chad," said AFP Sarah. Behind her, young people arrived and shouted "police, police". At the approach of a pickup of security forces, the twenty protesters were running.

Burma: Applause in a sign of challenge against the junta

 Burma: Applause in a sign of challenge against the junta © provided by the Parisien The Parisian The popular revolt does not falter in Burma, against the junta which has seized power on February 1st and Despite the violent retaliation of the army. Hardly repressed, the protesters find new parades every day. The latest one: they called the Burmese population to applaud the armed rebellious ethnic factions that support them.

At the beginning of the morning, black traces of burned tires join the tar while others were still burning, the tear gas grenades detonations resonated that and there.

Prohibited gatherings

These gatherings were prohibited Monday by CMT, because "likely to cause disorders to public order". "All walks or events, whatever their denominations, did not have a prior agreement and likely to cause disorders to public order, are strictly prohibited throughout the national territory", according to the Decree signed by Souleyman Abakar Adoum, CMT.

Several political parties and civil society associations called for demonstrations on Tuesday. The Chadian Human Rights Convention asked Monday to its "loving peace and justice" militants "against the CMT," an illegal and illegitimate organ adoubé by France who thinks to impose in Chadians a new military dictatorship " .

Mahamat Idriss Déby promised "free and democratic elections" in 18 months. General Army Corps aged 37, he is also "the supreme leader of the armies" and chairs the CMT, "the Council of Ministers, the Advice and Higher National Defense Committees", according to this transition charter.

Upon taking power by the CMT, the opposition and the civil society had called up to "a transition led by the civilians".

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Chad: The opposition claims national assias to find a consensual solution .
© David Baché Avenue Mobutu, in the center of Ndjamena. May 2021. (Image of illustration) The MPS wants to modify the transition chart for the Prime Minister and Transition Ministers to be allowed to present themselves in the coming election, but this requirement does not concern the military transition council . All opposition parties are standing against the MPS proposal. They require the organization of national dessays for their part to achieve a consensual solution.

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