Enthusiasts video christian quesada disappeared: a former raid policeman delivers capital information

08:40  29 april  2021
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On France 2, this Tuesday March 9, the secrets and the legend of an elite unit called the Raid

 On France 2, this Tuesday March 9, the secrets and the legend of an elite unit called the Raid © France TV Rare testimonies than that of these snipers and negotiators. While the elite unit was created twenty-five years ago, France 2 is offering this Tuesday evening, March 9, 2021, in the first part of the evening, a new and breathtaking documentary on its exceptional history. In 1985, under the orders of Commissioner Robert Broussard, an elite police unit of a new kind was born, the Raid (Research, Assistance, Intervention, Deterrence).

VIDEO Christian Quesada a disparu : un ancien policier du Raid livre une information capitale © Bestimage video Christian quesada has disappeared: a former raid policeman delivers capital information this Wednesday, April 28, touch columnists not at my post Shared their latest information about Christian Quesada, which was not found. A former raid policeman took the opportunity to unveil crucial information for the advancement of the survey.

Where was Christian Quesada ? This is the question on all lips since March 25, the day he was released after serving his sentence of two years prison for Detention and dissemination of child pornographic images and attempted diversion of minor. visibly eager to resume the course of his life while passing incognito, the fallen champion of the 12 noon has changed look . He would have long hair and a thick beard according to descriptions of witnesses with the Parisian. So much so that his codétenus have nicknamed Robinson Crusoe! Christian Quesada also decided to move to the upper step by disabling his Instagram account. But, for a few days, everything suggests that the former favorite candidate of Jean-Luc Reichmann would have fled. That's what Gilles said to do not touch on my post on Wednesday, April 28th.

Large-scale raid against neo-Nazi network

 Large-scale raid against neo-Nazi network The police operation extended over three federal states, at least ten people were arrested. The group is considered to be the interface between right-wing extremism and organized crime. © Michael Reichel / dpa / picture alliance The police in several federal states took action against a neo-Nazi network with a large-scale raid.

"The brother, parents, obviously"

after describing the many conditions of his release, Fatou 's darling assured that Christian Quesada has "disappeared without leaving an address". "Yes he is down. He disappeared Body and Goods. in the manner of Xavier Dupont of Ligonnès, not for the misdeeds committed, but for the disappearance. He volatile! "," Said Gilles Idezy. In such a situation, everything is implemented to obtain as quickly as possible as possible as possible. Bruno Pomart, ex-policeman of the raid, said that " all the " environment of Christian Quesada was put on listen. "The brother, the parents, obviously," said Beflou mayor. Bruno Pomart explained that " the first reaction of this type of character, it is obviously the family, the direct environment ". As a reminder, in case of non-compliance with the conditions of judicial review, Christian Quesada risks a return to immediate prison .

Streich between ambition and stretched holiday .
Christian prank felt great ambition for the season end spurt, but at the same time long for the holiday. He praises the quarantine measures of DFL and brings Vincenzo Grifo against Hoffenheim possibly back in the starting eleven. © Imago Images Holiday Ripe: Christian Streich. "necessary, reasonable, correct," said prank comments on the quarantine training camp arranged by the DFL for all 36 professional clubs from the 12th of May.

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