Enthusiasts "Never again from JT": Elise Lucet returns to his departure from the 13 pm and explains why she no longer wants to show a newspaper (VIDEO)

18:20  15 may  2021
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Elise Huillery, findings and acts

 Elise Huillery, findings and acts © Stéphane de Sakutin at the Linkee association, in Paris on March 9th. Establish income for less than 25 years and allow them to follow their study or to fit more serenely into active life. This is the concept for defended by Elise Huillery, economist and professor in development economics at Paris-Dauphine University.

© Capture RTL "Never from JT": Elise Lucet returns to his departure from 13 hours and explains why she no longer wants to show a newspaper (VIDEO) Elise Lucet does not want to "never" present from JT or at 1 pm or at 8 pm The journalist has passed this very clear message in the TV on RTL this Saturday, May 15th.

"The 13 hours? Ah, no no no!" This is the answer that Elise Lucet would have been given if it had been proposed to resume the controllers of 13 hours from France 2 after the departure of Marie-Sophie Lacarrau to present that of TF1, replacing Jean-Pierre PERNAUT . "I really dropped the jt, stopped presenting JT with great pleasure, in fact. I really wanted to stop" , confided in we did the TV on RTL this Saturday, May 15 The journalist, who had finally tired of the exercise after twenty-six years of presentation of television newspapers. "A huge longevity" to which presenter of Cash Investigation , which remembers an "Hyper Requiring" extension , is pleased to end.

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"I do not really have any desire"

"you have to be 100% present. And I think the last year I was present at 95 % , because I wanted to do magazine, it was it, my desire, and so, in these cases, it is necessary to stop, because if we do not give 100% to the viewers, it does not Do not take this post "," explained Elise Lucet to Jade and Eric Dussart .

"I had the impression of being more useful elsewhere. And I always had this desire to try to be useful to the viewers" , said the one who felt more in his place at sent Special and Cash Investigation . On April 29, 2016, before the end of the season, she had presented his last television newspaper . Elise Lucet had found "great" Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, who had succeeded her. For her, the JT, it's "definitely finished" . "I do not really have any desire" , confirmed the journalist of 57 years at the microphone of RTL .

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She wanted to leave a year before

"I left exactly as I wanted, having asked for it. I still remember Thierry Thuillier, who was the boss of the info and who received me in his office. And I told him: 'listen, Thierry, I come to see you because I would like to stop presenting the ' ", Remount Lucet. His request had totally taken him short. "He looked at me, he told me: 'I sit down, because I think this sentence, I will not hear it so much in my career' " , Remembrance, revealing that his boss then has "asked to continue an additional year" , what she did. "Because he still needed me (...), but in my head it was already over, so no, never again JT " , she added. Even if he was offered at 8 pm.

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