Enthusiasts Mori: This Japanese training method helps you to get more power and mobility throughout the body

10:53  14 october  2021
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Tarko Mori is one of Japan's most famous coaches. His "Mori Method" is a training to improve strength, agility and posture that has gained in importance worldwide.

  Mori: Diese japanische Trainingsmethode verhilft Ihnen zu mehr Kraft und Beweglichkeit im ganzen Körper © Getty Images

Japan has already given us the popular Sakuma method , which can burn much more fat by training, and now the Mori method is on everyone's lips. It does not necessarily serve fat burning, but should help the body in the area of ​​mobility, which is very important for everyday life as well as for the correct execution of all other exercises in the gym.

as a coach Tauri focuses on power exercises with occlusion and Pilates (yes, even men should make Pilates, especially if they want to win strength and want to develop their center of the body); To round off the program, he adds bodybuilding: The Mori method is therefore one of his best inventions. ( Also read: Autumn work-out - 6 tips for training in the rainy season )

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& fitness-sport-mori-training-japanisch-art.jpg © Getty Images Fitness Sport Mori Training Japanese-Art.jpg What exactly is the Mori- Method?

Mori has written a whole book about the training method in which it explains that it consists of a program of fundamental strains that have many advantages for the body. Mori says that his method focuses on forming and strengthening the lower body (legs and buttocks), but also poor postures caused by long seats, to correct, increase flexibility and to ensure that each Person feels more comfortable in your own body. (Also interesting: sixpack work-out: As many minutes you should train experts per week )

So it's about stretching and strengthening at the same time, and the method is divided into 30-day challenges, which is at home and without use Professional devices can be performed. In the first week, it's about correcting the position of the legs, then follow a week of intensive care, the third focuses on the correction of hiping (because if this is wrong, you can get all sorts of problems, including the impairment of the ankle When running), and closes with the fourth week, which includes an full-body workout .

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The hip joints, the knees, the ankles and the toes are activated while at the same time the muscles are trained in each area. In his book Mori says, "Many people stretch the inside of their legs and forget the outside, which often leads to an imbalance in muscle flexibility. With this exercise they correct both the knee and hip rotation by the back and the outside claim the thigh alike. (Read here: This scale not only shows the weight, but provides a comprehensive picture of your health )

& body-care-fitness-uebungen-anti-aging.jpg © Getty Images Body Care Fitness Taking Anti-aging.jpg The Mori routine: Exercise 1:

for the main exercise of the Mori method you sit with stretched legs on the floor and bend the left knee. Lean with the hip forward and stretch the right hand to to touch the little toe of the right foot. Stay in this position sixty seconds and then repeat the process with the other leg. If you can not lean forward, without the hip from the ground Lift, put a pillow under her buttocks to help you.

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& Exercise 2:

This exercise is ideal to stretch the legs and relax. Cross the left leg in front of the right leg and spread it to the width of a normal step. Then easily bend your left knee to get stability. Tilt your body to the left and try to make a straight line from the head to the hip. Keep a minute and then switch to the other side.

There are many more strains for the leg muscles (both for men as well as for women), but these two are among the most important, as they train both the inside and the outside and enable them to take a better attitude to to strengthen and train better.

Article "Mori: El Método Japonés Para FortaLecer y Ganar Flexivad en Todo El Cuerpo" by Paloma González first appeared at gq.mx.

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