Enthusiasts Apple has built up an iPhone feature in the new MacBook Pro - and craves a lot of rid of social media

14:30  19 october  2021
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5 things you need to know this week: Tim Cook is expected today to introduce the new Macbook Pro we report

 5 things you need to know this week: Tim Cook is expected today to introduce the new Macbook Pro we report Every Monday morning about five things that are important to the start of the week. This time it is among others to today's Apple event, the e-Waste Day 2021 and the Nintendo Switch OLED. © John Gress Media Inc / Shutterstock.com Apple CEO Tim Cook is expected new Macbook Pro models introduced today. Today Apple will take place probably the last product launch of the year. The event is entitled "Unleashed", that is unleashed. are likely to be meant by this new and faster Macbook Pro models.

For the first time for five years, Apple has presented a redesign of his MacBook Pro on Monday. With the new model, features such as Magsafe chargers, SD card and HDMI connectors come back. In return, the controversial touch bar was removed above the keyboard. But a special innovation has drawn the attention of the users completely in spelled: the Notch, the camera recess at the top of the screen.

The black recess, as you know from most smartphones and also from Apple's iPhone, has found your way into the MacBook. In a display that offers "more screen area than before" according to Apple. The recess is the advanced 1080p camera of the new notebook, which doubles the resolution and image performance with poor lighting conditions. Users should appear according to Apple's sharper and with natural acting skin tones.

iPhone SE 2022: Third edition will probably get A15 processor

 iPhone SE 2022: Third edition will probably get A15 processor Apple wants to upgrade its low-cost model iPhone SE. However, some features remain reserved for regular models. © Apple The last iPhone SE comes from 2020. It should get a new edition that includes two crucial innovations. After first rumors of Apple Analyst Ming Chi Kuo, Apple Plane a new edition of the entry-level smartphone , there is new information. Accordingly, Apple remains "Old Housing, New Technology" and plans to build an A15 chip in the next version.

The Notch immediately moved a lot of rid of social media. Some users also defended the new design. They pointed out that the recess only occupies an unused part of the menu bar. "Both models are equipped with a larger display than the predecessor generation", writes Apple. "The display has even thinner edges and ranges around the camera to allow users to have even more space for their contents. Regardless of whether users: Look inside a movie or 8k video footage - The new display offers a beautiful cinema experience. "

MacBook in social media: Skepticism, Häme and hairstyles with recess

Some users were disappointed with the Notch, but also found that the other innovations of the MacBook like the processing speed destroy the design peculiarity. "I like to take the Notch for all the connections, 120 Hertz and XDR in a MacBook screen."

Is the iPhone 13 more expensive? Chip manufacturer TSMC increases the prices

 Is the iPhone 13 more expensive? Chip manufacturer TSMC increases the prices TSMC, the largest chip manufacturer in the world, will raise its prices by up to 20 percent. This is likely to affect the prices of smartphones up to cars. Allegedly, the iPhone 13 could be more expensive. © T3n; Apple In all iPhone 12 variants, the new hexagon chip A14 Bionic is set. Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing, short TSMC, is the largest chip manufacturer in the world and the group responsible for chips of Apple, AMD, Nvidia, Qualcomm and even a handful of Intel processors.

https://twitter.com/tldtoday/status/1450154099240960004?ref_src=twsrc%5etfw%7ctetwcamp%5Etweetembed%7ctewterm%5E1450154099240960004 % 7Ctwgr% 5Es% 7ctTwCon% 5ES1_ & REF_URL = HTTPS% 3A% 2F% 2FWWW.BusinessInsider.com% 2Fapple-New-MacBook Pro-iPhone Screen-Notch-2021-10

Others expressed their dislike against the "Ugly Notch" direct and speculated that the new display in Dark Mode looks best. The ceiling namely the square cutout.

https://twitter.com/jonyiveparody/status/1450153813701234689?ref_src=twsrc%5ETFW%7CTWCamp%5EtWetembed%7ctewterm%5E1450153813701234689%7Ctwgr%5E%7CTWCon%5ES1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.businessinsister.com%2fapple -New MacBook Pro iPhone Screen Notch-2021-10

Several users were also confused about the design decision. Because a reason why iPhones still have such a notch are the sensors for face recognition. However, the new MacBook Pro does not offer this feature at all.

iOS 15: Ultimate Data Protection and Safety

 iOS 15: Ultimate Data Protection and Safety © default_credit Apple iPhone 13 Apple iOS 15 brings several new security features for the iPhone. But ultimately, the security of a device is in the hands of the owner, which can decide whether it increases or weakens the security. Here you can find out what you need to know to make your Apple iPhone with iOS 15 to a more difficult destination for hackers and thieves. Note that these settings are largely used for the iPad . The basics First of all, everything starts with the basics.

Of course, the meme and Photoshop Group did not last long. In some funny contributions, for example, hairstyles are provided with MacBook-like notches.

  Apple hat im neuen Macbook Pro eine iPhone-Funktion eingebaut — und erntet dafür viel Spott in den sozialen Medien © Provided by Business Insider Germany

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Apple_MacBook-Pro_14-16-inch_10182021 © Apple Apple_MacBook-Pro_14-16-inch_10182021

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