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12:50  21 october  2021
12:50  21 october  2021 Source:   silicon.de

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Sicherheit (Bild: Shutterstock) © default_credit Security (Image: Shutterstock) You analyze the functions of Packers for JavaScript. Thus, cybercriminal harmful code for phishing websites and malware dropper. Based on the functions created profiles recognize at least 25 percent of the camouflaged harmful code.

researchers of Akamai have developed a new technique to improve the detection of harmful JavaScript code . They try to solve the problem that more than 25 percent of the harmful JavaScript code is hidden today in so-called Packers. They allow attackers to avoid signature-based malware detection.

Packer Compress and encrypt the JavaScript code to make it unreadable and prevent debugging. However, JavaScript packers are not a new threat. As they are generally used as an alternative to JavaScript libraries to reduce the traffic caused by websites, they have been known since 2008 as a potential hiding place for harmful code.

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According to Akamai, camouflaged JavaScript code is used by cybercriminals for phishing websites, malware dropper or fraud meshes such as Magecart attacks on online payment systems. The new technique for detecting harmful JavaScript code will now want to introduce researchers on the Security Conference Sector 2021 in November.

In advance, Akamai informed that detection in the future should be based on special functions of the packer. Instead of using a signature or hash value, techniques used by the packer are intended to expose the harmful code.

To develop the new technology, Akamai has examined four parts of JavaScript code on four non-associated malicious files. Two of the code snippets were intended for phishing, one was a malware drop and the fourth a magecart malware. "These four examples are the result of the same unique packer functionality used to obscure any JavaScript code," explains Akamai.

By creating profiles from packers and their functions, the researchers then evaluated 30,000 benign and malignant JavaScript files. At least 25 percent of malicious files have used one of the five previously defined packer functions.

Akamai also points out that the camouflage of code itself is not a clear signal for harmful code. For a more accurate distinction of harmful or harmless camouflaged JavaScript code, mechanical learning is needed.

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