Enthusiasts man died in car crash, Joshua Woodard caused

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In 2017 was A Day To Remember ex-bassist Joshua Woodard involved in a car accident in which a driver was killed. A Day To Remember ex-bassist Joshua Woodard involved

A Day To Remember live, 02.02.2014, Berlin © Contributed by www.metal-hammer.de A Day To Remember live, 02.02.2014, Berlin

was built in 2017 in a car accident in which a driver was killed ,

Since last week is brewing again in the rumor mill to A Day To Remember -Ex bassist Joshua Woodard. On October 13, 2021 until the musicians left the band because of ongoing legal proceedings in an abuse offense against him. For now, he wanted to "withdraw from the public and his family spend time" to clarify the allegedly trumped-up charges against him in private. But in the wake of controversial news it went Loudwire s investigative team mission is to illuminate more specific Woodards past.

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It is known that Woodard was involved in a car accident in 2017 in which a man was killed. Woodard pleaded guilty at that time in terms of negligent driving causing death and failure to comply with a traffic lane, which led to a loss of license and twelve months in a fine of 1,166 US dollars (€ 1,002 approx). The latest results of the investigation Loudwire are subsequently alarming.

Loudwire investigating the case Joshua Woodard

When examining "numerous legal documents" have been used to reconstruct the chronological sequence of events. However, it was found that they could find no official explanation for "why he was never arrested or serving a prison sentence. Or why his accusations despite the gravity of the situation "were so low.

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The accident occurred in the early evening of May 11, 2017 in Palm Beach County in Florida. Woodard, then 30 years old, drove in a black Tesla Model S from the year 2016 in the east, while Bryant Gonzalez Ortiz, 24 years old, had completely stopped in a Honda Civic from 1993 at the exit of a shopping mall and waited to turn.

"Woodard suddenly and unexpectedly crossed three lanes and crashed head-on into the driver's side of the Honda Civic," says the report of a witness who took the facts of the case evasive action to Woodards escape car. Gonzalez died at the scene. Woodard had minor injuries and refused medical treatment.

situation still unresolved

It later an investigator of the vehicle homicide stated: "When I met with Woodard, I noticed that his eyes were red, he behaved had had urinated and to themselves." The investigator could not interpret whether this happened because of intoxication or in response to the accident, as Woodard refused to cooperate. Woodard insisted on not to talk to the investigators until his lawyer Paul Walsh arrived at the scene. But when Walsh arrived, he told the authorities that Woodard neither a statement nor make a blood sample would undergo voluntary.

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Investigators found no illegal substances in Woodards car. They made no defects are on the vehicle. Both men sat strapped into their seats. The weather was clear, and speed was ruled out as a factor. A month after the accident Woodard went with A Day To Remember on a European tour.

Gonzalez was loud Loudwire father, partner, son and his Facebook profile, according to a car lover. His father Fernando presented in May 2019 a lawsuit for wrongful death and sought damages - including for the funeral expenses, property damage, loss of support and services, mental pain and suffering and all other statutory payments. On April 2020, but Fernando moved the action back voluntarily, which means that he can not resubmit. The reasons for this are unknown. Read

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