Enthusiasts A lot of noise on Donald Trump's new "TRUTH Social" network

18:05  22 october  2021
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The former US President Donald Trump (75) has announced to start his own social network "Truth Social" in the coming year. Internet users, however, have already gained access to a pre-release version of the platform, they already register there and do all sorts of Schabernback.

Über den Schabernack mehrerer Internet-Nutzer auf seiner Plattform © Frederic Legrand - Comeo / Shutterstock.com About the Schabernback multiple Internet users on his platform multiple trumps and a Pence

Mikael Thalen of "The Daily Dot" succeeded in creating the account @donaldtrump, like He shows in a tweet . "Although the site is not yet officially open, a URL was discovered, which allows users to register anyway," he explains.

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What Just Able to Setup at Account Using The Handle @Donaldtrump on 'Truth Social,' Former President Donald Trump's New Social Media website.

Although The Site Is Not Officially Open, A URL What Discovered Allowing Users to Sign Up Anyway. pic.twitter.com/mrmqzjnhma

- Mikael Thalen (@Mikelthalen) October 21, 2021

Drew Harwell from the "Washington Post" meanwhile registered as Trumps Former Vice President Mike Pence (62). Another unknown user secured the Account @Donaldjtrump and published a meme of a koting pig as Harwell reported on behalf of the ex-president. Another user registered the username @Jack, the Twitter inventor Jack Dorsey (44) uses on its own platform and responded to media reports on an insult through the @ Donaldjtrump account. Access to "Truth Social" should no longer be usable.

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Anyone Can Create to Account on Trump's Social Network Truth Social Using a Publikly Available Link. I Literally Just Registered "Mikepence." The Site Hasn't Even Launched Yet And It's Already this Vulnerable pic.twitter.com/v9npn8ibds

- Drew Harwell (@Drewharwell) October 21, 2021 Legal problems?

In November, there should be an official test phase. Until then, the new network should also address possible legal concerns. After screenshots he saw, "TRUTH Social" are based on "Mastodon", explains Eugen Rochko "Vice" . The developer is the head behind the free software, which makes it possible to create your own social networks.

The Terms of Use of "TRUTH Social" is currently that the source code of the network was protected by copyright. The "would be a problem", according to Rochko, because this is a violation of the usage rules of the license, under the "Mastodon" was published. Rochko states that the main part of the license is that the source code and all modifications must be made public.

After the violent storming of the Capitol in Washington, Trump was banished by platforms such as Twitter and Facebook at the beginning of the year. A later designed for Trump blog titled "From the Desk of Donald J. Trump" was taken offline after about a month.

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