Enthusiasts Germany: With Olaf Scholz in power, Angela Merkel believes that she will be able to "quietly sleep"

08:50  23 october  2021
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Paul Ziemiak throws Olaf Scholz »Dialing Exhibition« in front of

 Paul Ziemiak throws Olaf Scholz »Dialing Exhibition« in front of the question of whether his party would respond to a government coalition with the left, SPD Chancellor's candidate Scholz was most recently prevailed. CDU Secretary-General Ziemiak is safe: Scholz has already decided. © Jens Chic / Imago Images / Jens Chic CDU Secretary-General Paul Ziemiak accuses the SPD Chancellor candidate OLAF Scholz that he is not clearly commented on a coalition with the left. "He's a political hawst player," Ziemiak said at "Image TV".

La chancelière allemande Angela Merkel et son ministre des Finances Olaf Scholz à Berlin, le 16 décembre 2019. © John MacDougall AFP / Archivos German Chancellor Angela Merkel and his Minister of Finance Olaf Scholz in Berlin, December 16, 2019.

In a long interview with the "Süddeutsche Zeitung" to appear on Saturday, October 23rd in the morning, the Chancellor is serene to pass the hand to the Social Democrat Olaf Scholz.

with our correspondent in Berlin, Nathalie Versieux

"With Olaf Scholz in power, I'm going to sleep quiet, assures Angela Merkel in this interview at the Süddeutsche Zeitung , even if there will of course be political differences, that Obviously. Became Chancellor in 2005, the Conservative leader fear of radical change in his country's fiscal policy by passing the reins to the current Minister of Finance.

"The voters decide - not the outgoing chancellor": left-boss Hennig-Wellsow bonds Merkel's interference

 Chancellor Merkel (CDU) attacks SPD top candidates Scholz - and warns the voters in front of the left. Party feet Hennig-Wellsow is offensive. © martin rubut / dpa The Thuringian Susanne Hennig-Wellsow is left party feet. The LINKE rejects a "interference" of Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) in future coalition calls.

The Chancellor still does not know when it will spend its success with its successor - a specificity of the German institutions who want the outgoing Chancellor to remain in office until his successor has managed to find a coalition. OLAF SCHOLZ hopes to achieve this by December 6, in which Case Angela Merkel will return a few days the longevity record in the power held by Helmut Kohl.

"Political climate has become more rough"

in terms of regrets, it looks a short list. With leading the chancellor who has deprived school children for long months for the first time since the war because of the health crisis that dominated the last two years of its mandate.

Chancellor refuses, however, resolutely to register the failure of its climate policy to the rank of failure. It welcomes the advances in ex-GDR in the twelve years of its mandate and is concerned about a "political climate become more rough". "When I became Chancellor, smartphones did not exist. Facebook was one year, Twitter was invented only a year later. We live in a completely transformed media world, and it contributes to it, "she explains every day.

The one known for his ability to dialogue and his sense of compromise said, for example, to fear "more and more problems to achieve the development of compromises, indispensable in democracy."

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submerged by a new wave, Germany finally taken .
© Pool / AFP - Michael Kaple Berlin decided on new anti-Covid measurements yesterday submerged by a new wave of Covid, 65,000 cases per day at the beginning Weekly, Germany has finally taken steps on Thursday, November 18. A real arsenal to avoid transforming Christmas into drama. Merkel, Chancellor at the end of the year, also symbolically spent the witness in Scholz, future new Chancellor. Finally! This Friday, November 19, the German press pushes a ouf of relief.

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