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The 15-inch steel rim and the noise of the impact wrench, which triggers five wheel nuts and restarts are in the NASCAR series 2022 story: With the introduction of the 18-inch alloy wheels, a relic disappears in the history books, while the modern central mother Feeding in the championship receives. How this will affect the pit stops, some crew members explain according to the tests in Charlotte.

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J.D. Holcomb works for Richard Childress as a tire carrier in the pit stops. The experienced team member has been on the road for 21 years of NASCAR circus and belongs to the team of Tyler Reddick. He has to massively switch to 2022 in advance of the 2022 season as the 18-inch wheels bear significantly different. "It was strange," he says about the Next-Gen tests on the Charlotte Motor Speedway.

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"But I've already found out some things I can help as a tire carrier," says the Childress employee who wants to leave nothing to chance for the 2022 season. The new tires are lighter - an advantage as Holcomb believes, but the wheels must now be kept very different. While he led him the tire earlier with the pointing and middle finger, he now encloses the tire with the palm to wrap his fingers around the spokes.

new impact wrench A big challenge

"We start at zero," says Justin Fielder, who changes the tires in the Richard-Petty team for Erik Jones. He is already active in the NASCAR series for 15 years, which is why he knows the championship like his west pocket. He believes that the teams must have all previous knowledge "throw from board" as the pit stops will change fundamentally. The sticking point: the new impact wrench.

Rain in Talladega: NASCAR race moved to Monday

 Rain in Talladega: NASCAR race moved to Monday © Lat Rain in Talladega On Sunday, there is no nascar action on Sunday at the Talladega SuperSpeedway on Sundays on Sunday, which at the scheduled start time anyway with the MotoGP action Overlook the Circuit of the Americas in Austin. because the weather did not play alongside on Sunday in Talladega and recessed again and again rain showers, the start was first delayed by two hours. As the situation did not improve and ultimately not enough time to stay until the sunset, it was postponed.

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The pit stops will change in 2022

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"Previously, it has often been made enough and understood what feedback from the impact wrench," says Fielder. "Now the feedback is very different." Actually, the petty tire changer left-handed, but he has learned to make the main work with his right hand, as it has fitted better to the choreography of pit stops. This could change with the new wheels again, but he has not decided what hand he will use mainly.

new impact wrench causes problems

"It feels terrible in both hands," says Fielder, who has to change massively. That's because the new impact wrench are greater and have a completely different shape and weight distribution: "I did it in both ways, but I have not decided what I'll do. He is heavier, and in a bad way and wise, because the front is heavy. "

"Besides, the end of the device tapers away from you, and it's really hard to grab because your hand is slipping, as it is basically like a cone," says Fielder about the new impact wrench for the central nut. "Due to the design of the housing, the old one was a small groove, in which one could almost perfectly put in the hand, and that does not exist with the new one." Therefore, it is harder to optimally grab the new impact wrench.

NASCAR-News October 2021: "Would have come worse" for Larson

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new challenge half so bad?

less worries, however, Chase Masterson, who has been there since 16 seasons in Nascar Sport and works as a tire changer in Reddick's team. "It's the same, but somehow different," he says. "We have to fight the same monster, but have another sword."

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For him and his colleagues, it is not the first control change in the pit stops, which the teams have mastered after some time: used to be seven crew members When stopping at the car work, today it is only five. Also, the teams have managed to optimize. The dress rehearsal will take place on February 6, 2022 with the Clash in La Coliseum. The first season race follows on February 20 at Daytona International Speedway in Florida.

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