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04:45  07 january  2022
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Many Apple users preserve important documents and memories on their Apple devices or in the iCloud. If there is a death, the data can be viewed by a relatives if this is listed as a probation contact.

Andrew Burton/Getty Images © Provil by Finanzen.net Andrew Burton / Getty Images New iPhone function with iOS 15.2

Since iOS 15.2, iPados 15.2 and MacOS 12.1 it is possible to add a discount for your own Apple -ID. In the case of death, the estate contact can get access to almost all data related to the Apple ID, including photos, files, loaded apps and notes, explains Apple on its website. No access to the estate contact on licensed media purchased from the deceased, payment data and information from the keychain. However, to get access to the left data, the estate contact must first apply for it. An access key and a copy of the death certificate are needed for this. Before Apple grants access to the data of the deceased, the information provided must be examined first for legal reasons. After the access permission, it finally has access to the estate account for three years. The access can be requested both on an Apple Support website and in its own Apple ID settings.

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To add a probation contact

A probation contact can be any person, but you can only get access to a discount account from the age of 13 years. An Apple ID or an Apple device does not have to have a probation contact either. Add one or more estate contact (s) via the Apple settings in just a few steps:

on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch:

1. Call up settings and tap on your own name.

2. Go to "Password & Security" and then on "Evidence Contact".

3. Touch "Add Connect Contact". You may be prompted to authenticate with Face ID, Touch ID or the device code.

on the Mac:

1. Select the Apple menu, first click "System Settings" and then click on "Apple ID".

2. Click on "Password & Security" and then to "Evidence Contact".

3. Click Add Connect Contact. You may be prompted to authenticate with the Touch ID or Mac login password.

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Afterwards you will receive a confirmation e-mail when a probation contact has been added or removed.

The access key

Important for the estate contact is the access key. Without it, no access to the estate account can be granted. Therefore one should share the key with the estate contact. If this has a device, which is also at least with iOS 15.2, it can be informed by messaging app that it has been added as a probation contact. If the contact accepts, a copy of the access key is automatically stored in the Apple ID settings. If the person refuses, you can select a new contact. If the selected person does not have an Apple device, a copy of the access key in paper form must be made available. Here you can print a copy of the access key "and give the person to send them a PDF file or a screen photo of the page or keep a copy together with your inheritance documents.", It says on the Apple website.e. Schmal / Editorial Finanzen.net

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