Enthusiasts mega-fake at "Let's Dance": so chest the makers of the show behind the scenes

02:40  07 april  2022
02:40  07 april  2022 Source:   berliner-kurier.de

Inter gatheres first - Juve with Mega-Comeback

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It is a sparkling glitter world in which the stars of the RTL dance show "Let's Dance" hover every Friday night over the floor. Perfect Outfits, Perfect Makeup, Perfect Hair - Everything Only Perfect Illusion? Now it is clear: there is poured what the stuff holds. So the creators cheat from "Let's Dance" behind the scenes.

  Mega-Fake bei „Let’s Dance“: So schummeln die Macher der Show hinter den Kulissen © Provided by Berliner Kurier

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Mask Chef Krisi Van der Viven reveals: The great hair, which carry the promi- and professional ladies on stage, are Great partly not really. "Everyone has their own extensions and their own bag with name on it. That's a lot, "she says.

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"If I had to expect that in meter, I could not do that right because it's so much," explains the make-up artist and hairstylist. She is responsible with her team of 17 professionals for the looks of the "Let's Dance" promis and dancer.

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In the shows, just looks perfectly perfect and real. But how do Krsi van der Viven and her team actually get these perfect looks?

"We always have our bias turn. Since we determined the hair color and then we buy the extensions, so we have exactly on the exact hair color everything there to get to know the show ", reveals the stylist.

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and then the work begins week for week again. After the show is before the show. "The looks will be new week for week. I get told what you dance, which song, which costume. And then I make my head, "says Krisi van der Viven.

that is now an old hare as she reveals. "I do that for 12 years now and have learned in the years. At first I did not know myself with dancing at all. I did not know that you have to see the neckline at certain dances. There may be no open hair, otherwise the Llambi might. For example, for a waltz is so. "

and what else can the woman explain for the perfect look for secrets? For example that: "Everything is made up. We not only make up the face, how make up the neck, the body, the legs. With us everything is sprayed with body makeup. "Each scratch on the leg, every blue spot of training is laminated for a spotless appearance in the big live shows.

But even if everything seems perfectly perfect - even the professional has a fear of blaming: "Every year I sit bibbernd there and think, please, please, please do not fly out the extensions. Bisher sind nur mal Blumen aus dem Haar geflogen. Aber wir haben nie Haare verloren. Das wäre mein persönliches Trauma“, sagt Krissi van der Viven. Hoffen wir, dass es so weit nie kommen wird.

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