Enthusiasts Yemen: The exile president transfers power to a new board

16:50  07 april  2022
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  Yémen: le président en exil transfère le pouvoir à un nouveau conseil © Yemen TV / AFP

The President of Yemen exiled in Ryad awarded Thursday his powers to a new council to lead his country ravaged by the war, this which constitutes a major upheaval within the coalition that fights against the Houthis rebels.

The poorest country of the Arabian peninsula, neighboring the powerful Saudi monarchy, is devastated by the conflict between the loyal forces to President Abd Rabbo Mansour Hadi and the Houthis who took in 2014 the capital Sanaa (North) and are supported. by Iran.

Rival of Tehran, Ryad has been coming since 2015 at the head of the Anti-Houthi Coalition, without succeeding in preventing the progress of these in northern Yemen.

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"I delegate irreversibly my full powers to this presidential council," said President Yemeni, Hadi in a television declaration.

This announcement occurred on the last day of the talks on the Yemen organized by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) in Ryad, headquarters of this regional organization, without the presence of the rebels which refused any dialogue in territory "enemy".

In Yemen, a fragile ceasefire is however applied since Saturday. This truce torn off by the UN entered into force at the beginning of Ramadan, the month of Muslim fasting, a glimmer of hope for Yemeni.

The war caused one of the most serious humanitarian tragedies in the world, making hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of displaced, and pushing a large part of the population at the edge of famine.

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The new presidential advice will be composed of eight members and will be led by Rashad Al-Alimi, a former Minister of the Interior and Advisor of Mr. Hadi. President Yemeni, a refugee in Saudi Arabia since 2015, also announced that I have limited Vice President Ali Mohsen al-Ahmar.

In a statement, the six Gulf members of the GCC members "greeted" Mr. Hadi's announcement, of which he is not clear if he will retain an honorary position of President or if he will withdraw from life Politics.

"Low, incompetent, illegitimate"

In his speech on Thursday, Mr. Hadi announced that the new council was for "negotiating with the houthis for a permanent ceasefire".

"The status quo did not lend anywhere. A significant change was to arrive to put the parties in conflict on the road to a political process," said Elisabeth Kendall, researcher at the University of Oxford. According to her, "this transfer of presidential powers could be this change".

Oil rising on the background of Facilities in Saudi Arabia

 Oil rising on the background of Facilities in Saudi Arabia © Pixabay Oil rising on the back of attacks against Facilities in Saudi Arabia of Yemeni Houthis rebels claimed a series of attacks aimed in particular. A Aramco refinery in the industrial city of Yanbu on the Red Sea. Despite a fallback throughout the day, oil prices have completed after a gigantic fire broke out in Petroleum installations in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia as a result of Yemeni rebel attacks. The Brent Barrel of the North Sea for delivery in May finished up 1.36% at $ 120.65.

"It is wrongly wrong that being anti-houthis means being pro-government. Under Mr. Hadi, it was not the case. The Hadi government was weak, incompetent and devoid of legitimacy," said Kendall to AFP.

arrived in power in 2012 with 99.8% of the votes in an election where he was the only candidate, Mr. Hadi had never been able to impose himself in Yemen, having fled the north after the offensive of the Houthis and Being challenged in the south by its allies, the separatists who accuse him of corruption and connivance with the Muslim brothers.

In 2018, the southern separatists are turning even against the government forces in Aden, which has become "provisional capital". Key players of the Anti-Houthi Coalition, the United Arab Emirates, particularly close to the separatists, help Saudi Arabia to calm the situation. But for many observers, Abu Dhabi does not forgive Mr. Hadi his ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

A Ryad, the de facto leader of the Saudi Kingdom, the Hirier Prince Mohammed Ben Salmane, met with the members of the new Yemenian President, emitting the hope that this change opens a "new page" in Yemen, indicated the agency Saudi official press spa.

The war devastated Yemen. It caused the death of nearly 380,000 people, according to the UN, the majority of deaths are due to the indirect consequences of fighting like hunger, diseases and lack of drinking water. Some 80% of the nearly 30 million inhabitants of Yemen depend on humanitarian aid.

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