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20:06  07 april  2022
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Science Fiction Movies and Your Future Visions: So tell the year 2022 Advance

 Science Fiction Movies and Your Future Visions: So tell the year 2022 Advance Science FIKTE films often supply gloomy but also exciting future visions. But had Hollywood with his predictions for 2022 right? © Amazon Prime Studios is particularly fascinating, it is of course to see how films made 30 or 40 years ago introduce the year 2022 and thus our present. In addition to a few classics of film history, however, some quite current productions such as Amazon Primes "The Tomorrow was" on our list.

For all fans of hydrangeas and roses we have good news: There are plants where they endlessly enjoy - and without great care effort!

There is hardly a garden or balcony that does not decorate with hydrangeas. They are timeless and modern, elegant and at the same time romantic. Whether in pots or directly in the earth - the charming woods are always admiring looks. The fascinating of hydrangea: Like hardly any other ornamental bush, they develop bright, lush flowers, which even blame even while blowing. Because demand rises steadily, new breeds are constantly on the market.

But who loves his hydrangea, not only wants to enjoy her for a season. However, there are only a few varieties that are guaranteed to bloom every year or restore new flowers throughout the summer. A fascinating exception are the Endless Summer® Hortensia. It was the world's first varieties that bloom at the new and old wood. This revolutionary breeding gives you almost a flowering guarantee - not only the whole summer, as the name implies, but for the infinite hydrangea life! And that's hard to believe, but true: Unlike ordinary farmerships, the Endless Summer® varieties bloom even after particularly hard winters, as they are not dependent on the shooting of the previous year. Through their enormous frost hardness, they thrive themselves in Scandinavia or other cold regions.

in 2022, travelers dream of paradisiac beaches

 in 2022, travelers dream of paradisiac beaches © Jotapg / iStock.com At the 6th place of the ranking, Ibiza is part of the trends destinations for 2022. So far, the destinations pleasant by travelers oscillated between paradisiac beaches And large capitals, leaving new places to slip into rankings, especially with the emergence of the "Work". TripAdvisor travel trends for 2022 are a sign of a return to normal: beach, sun and turquoise water. TripAdvisor TripAdvisor reviews and tourist advice has published travel trends for the year 2022.

The assortment includes the pink or blue-flowering farmhosty "The Original®", the white farmhosty "The Bride®", the pink or blue-flowering plate hortic "twist-n-shout®" and the "Bloomstar®", which in the colors Blue purple and pink is available. This year, the Endless Summer® family got offspring: "Summer Love®" radiates seductively raspberrot or magical neonlila - depending on the pH of the soil. The indestructible hydrangeas you recognize on the original blue pot. Dealers near you and more information can be found on www.hortensie-endless-summer.de .

Hortensien pflanzen © Jeddeloh Hortensia Plant Care Tips for Hortensia: It is best to plant hydrangea in the spring after the frost. The perfect location is a half-shaded - best morning sun and afternoon shade. The earth should be humusreich, loose, slightly sour and Kalkarm. For KübelPupportung take special Hortensiene. The plant hole has the double diameter of the root bales. For container plants, the pot should have a correspondingly large diameter. A 25 to 30 cm plant (five-liter sales pot) requires about ten liters of natural volume. Do not put hydrangea too deep: root bales and earth form a line. Pour hydrangea thoroughly and water for the plants. On sunny days they pour in the evening. But avoid bursts in the bucket.

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Paukung at RTL: Off for "Good morning Germany"! The magazine is discontinued - the plans of the transmitter with the morning show

 Paukung at RTL: Off for What is going on in the morning on TV? Many switch to the first cup of coffee a morning magazine - next to the popular "breakfast television" of Sat.1 also includes the show "Good Morning Germany" to the classics. For nine years, there is the broadcast in its present form - but according to a report of the media service "DWDL", the end is close: because the quotas sank in the basement, the morning format is completely revised.

pink times

Another garden highlight that wants to give you endless joy, is the new Rosensorte Zepeti®. Her beauty lets her look almost fascinated. But the dark green, shiny leaves and the many red flowers are absolutely natural - and not bad parents: the Zepeti® Rose saw the light of the world in the successful breeders made by Meilland in France. The mother is an endless flowering dwarry, the father a core-friendly knock out® Rose. The intersection is a robust plant whose flowers even look great even in flowering. They will only be a bit brighter and act as preserved.

If you have no desire or time after the season, removing the roses, you can just leave it. In general, the Zepeti® does not pay as much attention as your attractiveness suggests. Voices care and location, it is also very resistant to fungal diseases such as star root and rose grate without a chemical lobe. She tolerously tolerates great heat or frost. Therefore, the round and compact growing plant is a popular shareholder in the garden bed and bucket inhabitants on the terrace or the balcony. More information and a list of dealers are available on www.zepeti.de .

Rosensorte Zepeti® © Jeddeloh Rosensorte Zepeti® Care Tips for Roses: The Zepeti® Rose requires only a proper cut in spring. Fertilize with crap or commercially available rosend fertilizer when the first buds are visible. Basically, roses should be watered as in the morning. Avoid bursts in the bucket! In very cold winters, the accumulation of pine curtoy is recommended around the root bales.

Bavaria's worry children .
just before the second leg against Villarreal hooked in Bavaria's offensive. For Serge Gnabry and Leroy Sané, the consequences could have. © Provided by sport1.de Bavaria's worry children neither at 0: 1 in the quarter-final first leg at Villarreal still on Saturday against FC Augsburg (1: 0) a shot on the opposing box, only a gate in the Last two mandatory matches - the productivity of the offensive of Bayern left much to be desired.

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