Enthusiasts No Label Swing: Electronic Nose Recognizes Whiskey Brands

14:50  10 april  2022
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 Corona self-test: These seven errors should be avoided The reliability of self-tests is always doubted again. And in fact, some pitfalls lurk during testing at home, which one can handle. Seven aspects to which you should pay attention to: © Provided by Berliner Zeitung Even if it is uncomfortable and then you have to sneeze so violently that it is still noticeable in the small toe: the chopstick must be deep into the nose. Can not overcome yourself, ask your partner, your roommates or parents, whether they can perform the smear on them.

Eight sensors work quickly and error free. They could also identify fake perfumes or diseases.

  Kein Etikettenschwindel: Elektronische Nase erkennt Whisky-Marken © APA / AFP / Peter Dibdin Photography / Peter Dibdin

Whiskey is not the same whiskey. The knowledge gourmets. That's the case. So there are regionally different regulations for what conditions a brand whiskey or whiskey may be called. Now, Australian researchers have developed an electronic nose that can notify brand names, origin and style of alcoholic beverage. The verification of real whiskey varieties should help not fall into illegal reset labels.

"E-NOSE" for wholesalers and buyers

"So far, the detection of the differences between whiskeys either required a trained whiskey connoisseur, which can also make mistakes, or a complex and time-consuming chemical analysis by scientists in a laboratory," says E -Nose co-developer Steven Su from the University of Technology Sydney. The new technology is a fast, easy-to-use analysis of whiskey to assess the quality and detection of counterfeiting or fraud and could be beneficial for wholesalers and buyers.

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six varieties identified in four minutes

The team has used the e-nose to identify the brand names, the origin and the style of first six whiskey varieties. That succeeded in four minutes each. It was about three blended Malts and three single malt whiskeys. The origin sniffed the electronic nose in 100 percent of all tests, the brand names were correct in 96.15 percent of all cases and in the detection of the stuil, the hit rate was 92.31 percent.

eight sensors could also recognize other odors

The e-nose has eight gas sensors. These are exposed to a touch of whiskey. This creates a signal matrix unique for the respective whiskey variety, which is evaluated by a software. These have previously trained the experts based on numerous whiskey scents. The procedure also helps to recognize fake perfume or parts of protected animals sold on the black market. Even the diagnosis of diseases the e-nose can be used, it says.

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