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18:10  27 july  2022
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REWE will dispense with printed advertising brochures from July 1, 2023. This was announced by the Cologne food group this Wednesday. Rewe still distributes 25 million of the so -called handouts in Germany every week, but four million less should be printed from August.

Weniger Werbung im Briefkasten © dpa Less advertising in mailbox

The decision was made in the sense of the sustainability and digitization strategy, explains Rewe. In this way, the second largest German food dealer claims to save more than 73,000 tons of paper, 70,000 tons of CO₂, 1.1 million tons of water and 380 million kilowatt hours of energy every year.

OBI, Ikea and Otto do without

pioneers are Germany's largest hardware store chain Obi. The company's last advertising brochure appeared at the end of June - apparently a little earlier than planned because of the shortage of paper and the increased paper prices. Instead, Obi focuses on other classic advertising media, but also looks around for new possibilities and relies on its own app. So also Rewe: "Because we want to achieve the customers of all ages of more modern and targeted through those media that they actually use," explains Lionel Souque, CEO of REWE Group.

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According to industry estimates, more than 28 billion brochures and handouts end up in Germany's mailboxes every year - this means that they are among the most common advertising materials in this country. However, according to a representative survey by IFH Media Analytics, they are also read by around 90 percent of people in Germany at least occasionally - from a good three quarters of all respondents every week.

criticism about increasing prices

“Many families read on Saturdays at the breakfast table. They are actively consumed - and that makes them so valuable for trade. This is something completely different from being sprinkled with television advertising, radio spots or online banners and that makes it more or less unwillingly endured, ”reports Jens-Peter Gödde from the Cologne Institute for Commercial Research (IFH).

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Gödde also reports that in view of the rising food prices, many people plan their weekly purchases with the help of the brochures and decided where they bought this time. He therefore calculates that the brochures are currently gaining in importance.

Aldi and Lidl reserved

This is how the discounter Aldi Süd also sees it: "In the current time, many customers expect the brochure delivery to find out where they can buy the cheapest food in the best quality." Lidl is also positioned SO: "The budgetary handbook is a central medium of our marketing activities, with which we inform customers in defined areas about upcoming offers and new products." It is predominantly preferred by the customers. Both discounters also expand their digital handouts.

is very different with other retailer heavyweights: The Swedish furniture group Ikea announced the end for the printed IKEA catalog at the end of 2020. The mail order company Otto already ceased the production of the Otto catalog in 2018. “We didn't suffer at all. There were no drops in sales, ”a company spokesman took stock this week.

For the waiver, Rewe received encouragement from the Nature Conservation Association of Germany (NABU), which also advises the food dealer with environmental issues: “Paper production is accompanied by considerable environmental impacts: Industrial forestry and massive wood struggle destroy natural ecosystems and CO₂ sinks, and environmental harmful Chemicals and large amounts of water and gas need. It is therefore completely clear that we have to change something if we want to protect our livelihoods, ”explains NABU federal manager Leif Miller. He hopes that further food retailers will follow the step. (with dpa)

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