Enthusiasts recipe for sausage salad with cheese: hearty, spicy, not too heavy! This delicatessen salad is just right for hot days

11:10  01 august  2022
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Welcome to another heat week! After the temperatures in Germany were difficult for people in Germany in June and July, August also starts with up to 40 degrees, say weather experts. You hardly feel like it on hearty food - but there are also dishes that simply taste good even in high heat.

  Rezept für Wurstsalat mit Käse: Deftig, würzig, nicht zu schwer! Dieser Feinkost-Salat ist genau richtig für heiße Tage © provided by Berliner Kurier

do without warm dinner and treat yourself to a hearty snack. For example with this delicious sausage salad with cheese! Here comes a recipe that you are guaranteed to fall in love with.

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because: The sausage salad is really well-cooled an absolute pleasure-and it cannot be made up to be elaborate. With a beautiful slice of bread with butter and some fresh vegetables, it is the perfect dinner ... and not too heavy, which is particularly great on the hot days.

In addition, you can of course prepare it as a side dish for the barbecue evening - and the salad can also be packed up for the next picnic in the park. This is where the delicious recipe comes.

You need: 400 grams of Lyoner, 150 grams of Emmentaler, 1 red onion, 5 large spice cucumbers, 30 milliliters vinegar, 50 milliliters of sunflower oil, 1 teaspoon of mustard, salt, pepper, paprika powder, a little nutmeg, 1 bunch of chives

and so: the sausage and cheese are cut into fine strips. Tip: You can buy both in a row, for example in the fresh counter in the supermarket. However, it is advisable to use the sausage and disc cheese sliced ​​in slices, because you only need to cut both of them to get the perfect stripes. In addition, cut the spice cucumbers into legs. Peel the onion and chop finely.

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sausage and cheese in a sufficiently large bowl. Add cucumber. Whisk vinegar, oil, mustard, salt, pepper, paprika powder and a pinch of nutmeg in a separate shots. Stir in the chopped onions and give the dressing over the sausage salad. Mix everything well. Wash the chives, shake dry and cut into fine rolls, add them to the salad.

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: The salad should now pull in the fridge for at least two to three hours. So the flavors can develop properly - and it becomes fresh pleasure. By the way: The sausage salad can also be a great recipe for the remaining recycling. If you still have the sausage and cheese in the fridge, you can conjure up the salad from it. Enjoy your meal!

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