Enthusiasts Lambrecht wants to deliver further German weapons to Ukraine - but no tank

19:50  15 september  2022
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Ukraine celebrates its tank tug farmers with a stamp

 Ukraine celebrates its tank tug farmers with a stamp © Genya Savilov A trailer farmer A armored armored vehicle abandoned near the village of Mala Rogan, in the region of Kharkiv, July 28, 2022 towed quietly By a tractor as if it were illegally stationed, the armored armored vehicle troops no longer air so intimidating, and is even paraded in front of delighted Ukrainians, gathered to celebrate this socket.

Federal Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht (SPD) has announced the delivery of further German weapons to Ukraine - however, the fighting and shelter tanks desired by Ukraine are not among them. Ukraine receives two other rocket launchers including ammunition and 50 protected troop transporters from Germany, said Lambrecht on Thursday at the start of the Bundeswehr conference in Berlin. Through a ring exchange business with Greece, Ukraine will soon receive 40 Soviet design with German support.

Verteidigungsministerin Christine Lambrecht will weitere Rüstungsgüter an die Ukraine abgeben. © Andre Pain Minister of Defense Christine Lambrecht wants to hand over further armaments to Ukraine.

"It encourages what successes the Ukraine have achieved in the past few days with the help of German weapons," said Lambrecht. "We are clearly at your side in the courageous struggle of Ukraine."

A tourist company offers a tour of Ukraine to discover in real time the impacts of war

 A tourist company offers a tour of Ukraine to discover in real time the impacts of war A travel agency offers stays in Ukraine to show the damage caused by the conflict between Russia, six months after the trigger of hostilities. Surprising information is revealed by CNN . A travel agency offers tourists to discover the Ukraine . The Eastern European country is still in the midst of war against Russia. It is the Internet platform Visit Ukrain which offers the possibility of spending a vacation on the Ukrainian territory. The company has already sold 150 tickets.

The Ukraine should now get two other multiple rocket launchers of the type Mars II including 200 rockets from Germany, said Lambrecht. In addition, the country receives 50 all-protection transport vehicles of the type Dingo. The training of Ukrainian soldiers on the devices should begin in Germany this month.

The Federal Government wants to indirectly strengthen the Ukrainian tank stocks through a ring exchange business with Greece, the conclusion of which is imminent, according to Lambrecht. The Greek army should then receive 40 marten shooter tanks from German industrial stalls. For this purpose, the Greeks should hand over 40 BMP-1 Soviet design from the type of Soviet design to the Ukraine from their own stocks.

Russia-Ukraine-News on Saturday: Ukraine wants to deliver nuclear power to Germany

 Russia-Ukraine-News on Saturday: Ukraine wants to deliver nuclear power to Germany Despite the Russian war of aggression, Ukraine produces enough electricity, according to Prime Minister Schmyhal, in order to be able to supply Germany with energy. And: The USA apparently delays the visa exhibition for the Russian delegation before the UN General Assembly. The news. © AFP/ Presidential Press-Service Pool This article is continuously updated. Ukraine wants to deliver nuclear power to Germany 6.38 p.m.: Ukraine wants to support Germany with the delivery of nuclear power on the w

"The first tanks can then be delivered very quickly from Greece to Ukraine," said Lambrecht. The new German deliveries to Ukraine "will not weaken the Bundeswehr," she added. "We are still able to ensure the alliance and state defense."

The government in Kyiv had emphasized Germany in the past few days with the delivery of marten tanks and the Leopard II combat tanks. Chancellor Olaf Scholz (SPD) and Lambrecht so far rejected this - unlike representatives of the coalition partners Greens and FDP.

Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) called for a quick decision on armor deliveries in coordination with the allies. In view of the "decisive phase", in which the war is currently, it does not consider this "to be a decision that should be delayed for a long time," she told the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung". A "human right -wing foreign policy" must constantly ask "how we can help with further deliveries to free even more villages and thus save life".

Delivery of heavy weapons?: Traffic light wants to support Ukrainian advance

 Delivery of heavy weapons?: Traffic light wants to support Ukrainian advance leading politicians of the traffic light parties in the Bundestag have demanded more support for the Ukrainian military offensive against the Russian attackers. "Germany must immediately contribute its part to the successes of Ukraine and provide protected vehicles that the rifle armor Marder and the battle tank Leopard 2," said the chairman of the Defense Committee, Marie-Egnes Strack-Zimmermann, on Sunday of the German Press Agency.

Lambrecht commented at the beginning of the Bundeswehr conference. According to its ministry, the focus of this year's event is "profound change processes in the Bundeswehr". A speech by Chancellor Scholz is planned for Friday.

Lambrecht made it clear that they see a great need for reform in the Bundeswehr. "We have to question our own very complex procedures and processes without reservation," she said. The goal is a "fully operational Bundeswehr," emphasized the minister. "We need military strength so that our peace is preserved and with it our freedom and our way of life."

The Bundeswehr General Inspector, Eberhard Zorn, warned in view of the recent Ukrainian successes on the front of underlying the military "overall potential" of Russia. "For the time being, Russia has lost the initiative, but sticks to its strategic goals with reference to Ukraine," said Zorn at the conference. "The determination, the imperialist will of Putin are available."

The "first priority" of the Bundeswehr is therefore the state and alliance defense, said Zorn. "We have to be prepared for the worst case and not for the cheapest," he warned. The Bundeswehr must therefore "improve its material and personnel capacity" with extreme urgency ".


The CIA and Russian SVR directors meet in Turkey .
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