Enthusiasts Fire in Gironde: The Tour de France of the firefighters called in reinforcement

15:00  17 september  2022
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Pascal Obispo saddened by fires: his tender photo with Renaud to support firefighters

 Pascal Obispo saddened by fires: his tender photo with Renaud to support firefighters © Andbz/Abaca Pascal Obispo saddened by fires: his tender photo with Renaud to support the firefighters this Friday, August 12, 2022, Pascal Obispo Loose nothing and gives everything to support people affected by fires in Gironde. On his Instagram account, he shared a moment alongside singer Renaud, where he indicates that he supports the soldiers of fire at all costs.

Un pompier venu en renfort du Loiret se dirige vers un camion, le 14 septembre 2022, près de Saumos, en Gironde © Thibaud Moritz A firefighter who came in reinforcement of the Loiret went to a truck, on September 14, 2022, near Baumos, in Gironde

a parade, almost usual , red trucks from all over France. In Gironde, more than 600 firefighters were still called in reinforcement this week to fight against the flames, after an eventful summer.

They were up to a thousand to fight against the fire fixed Thursday after having ravaged more than 3,400 hectares of vegetation and pines around the villages of Saumos and Sainte-Hélène, in southern Médoc.

Firefighters of the department but also from Ille-et-Vilaine, Charente, Lot-et-Garonne, Hérault, Bouches-du-Rhône, etc. The list is long to list but the essential reinforcement, as it has been all season.

Feuerdrama in Greece: Great fire in National Park out of control

 Feuerdrama in Greece: Great fire in National Park out of control Greece experienced the hottest day of this year on Sunday. While many people were looking for refuge on the beaches, the fire brigades fought dozens of forest fires. The biggest raged in the Dadia National Park. Another fire raged on the island of Lesbos. Hotels and apartments had to be evacuated there. © dpa The firefighters also fight with the flames on lesbos.

Des pompiers d'Ile-de-France venus en renfort pour combattre l'incendie de Landiras, en Gironde, le 21 juillet 2022 près de Louchats © Thibaud Moritz of the firefighters of Ile-de-France who came in reinforcement to fight the fire in Landiras, in Gironde, on July 21, 2022 near Lowouts

in mid-August, 1,100 firefighters had already been called to do Faced with the second fire in Landiras (7,400 hectares). An "unparalleled mobilization" since 1949 and the historic fire which had burned 50,000 hectares and killed 82 people in Saucats, in Gironde, according to Jean-Luc Gleyze, boss of the department and local firefighters.

Un Canadair italien déployé en renfort pour combattre les incendies dans le sud-ouest de la France, le 12 août 2022 sur le tarmac de la base militaire de Mérignac, en Gironde © Philippe Lopez An Italian Canadair deployed in reinforcement to fight fires in the southwest of France, August 12, 2022 on the Tarmac of the Mérignac military base, in Gironde

more than 350 had even come from Europe , especially Germany, Italy and Romania.

Cycling: Juliette Labous changes gear before the Tour de France female

 Cycling: Juliette Labous changes gear before the Tour de France female © Panoramic Juliette Labous will aim for the general classification on the occasion of the return from France. Juliette Labous is surely the best French chance on this female Tour de France (July 24 to 31). For the return of the event, the bisontine will aim "the best possible place" in the general classification and try to make itself known to the general public.

"We have rarely seen reinforcements descend so often" in the south, observes Captain Christophe Lucas, from Sdis du Puy-de-Dôme, who came this week with the South-East Auvergne column which brings together reinforcements from Allier, Du Cantal, Puy-de-Dôme and Haute-Loire.

Des pompiers polonais arrivent en renfort le 13 août 2022 à Hostens, en Gironde © Thibaud Moritz Polish firefighters arrived in reinforcement on August 13, 2022 in Hostens, in Gironde

Wednesday, in the heart of the fire, AFP met with some of these reinforcements near a pond used as a refueling point in water. Charente-Maritime firefighters recharged their tank there. "Fortunately, it's not every day like that," said one of them.

Next to it, a Allier truck, with Lieutenant Tierno on board. He and his colleagues left for the evening on Monday, when the Baundice fire became a magnitude, and rolled overnight to reach the places of the disaster. Drivers have taken turns but the journey was already tiring.

Tour de France: beautiful audiences for France Télévisions, with unheard of since 2011

 Tour de France: beautiful audiences for France Télévisions, with unheard of since 2011 © icon Sport Le Tour de France 2022 in Paris audience card for the large buckle 2022. This year, France was followed by 4 million people on average in the afternoon on France 2, a record since 2011 despite an overall number of viewers in slight decline, according to the figures unveiled Monday by France Télévisions. In total, 41.5 million French people watched the big loop for at least one minute on the public group's branches (France 2 and France 3), against 42.4 million last year, according t

Now, "when you arrive, we consider that you are brand new", notes this voluntary firefighter. "It is our role to say that we have rolled up and that we have to plan rest time so that the firefighters are in the best conditions," said Captain Lucas.

- "slaps" -

because the days to fight the fire are long. Many were also asked during the summer for fires in Ardèche, Aveyron, even in Brittany.

For Éric Brocardi, spokesperson for the National Federation of French firefighters (FNSPF), the campaign to fight forest fires is now "annual".

"There is no longer a season, as for stormy risk and floods. When a territory is affected by forest fires, others are affected by storms," ​​he said on Franceinfo on Wednesday .

Faced with the increase in risks, in addition to daily rescue interventions, the profession requires more material means, aerial in particular, and a better geographical distribution of equipment.

But also to amplify training, recruitment and to make the population more and more aware. Claims that will be brought during the 128th National Congress of Firefighters in France, from September 21 to 24 in Nancy.

"This summer, we got a slap: we will have to react," warns the president of the FNSPF, Grégory Allione. He asked for the recruitment of "almost 1,000" winners of professional firefighters who are still not hired, and 50,000 additional volunteers "by 2027".

In Nîmes, the Gard firefighters went down to the street this week to claim an increase in their workforce. They should go from 700 to 750 by 2028.


Météo: 2022 is the hottest year ever measured in France .
© Frederic Scheiber / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Météo France announces Wednesday that the year 2022 is already "the hottest" ever Measured in France since the start of the statements in 1900. Whatever the temperatures recorded in December, over the whole year, the thermometer will reach at least 14.2 degrees on average.

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