Enthusiasts Charles III: The surprising daily requests of the King Revealed

17:50  17 september  2022
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The other names of reign that King Charles III could have chosen

 The other names of reign that King Charles III could have chosen After the death of his mother, the deceased Queen Elizabeth II , it was confirmed that the former prince of Wales had decided to call himself king Charles III . Although many had supposed that it would be the case, it was not the only choice. Many monarchs have chosen to reign under a name they did not have at birth, from the Queen Victoria (born Princess Alexandrina) to King George VI (born Prince Albert).

  Charles III : les surprenantes demandes quotidiennes du roi révélées © PA Photos/Abaca

If he is King of England only for a few days , Charles III has lived in luxury all his life. A life made of privileges which the new king does not intend to do without now that he succeeded the Queen Elisabeth. Nicknamed the "pampered prince" by his staff at Clarence House, where he lived with his wife Queen Consort Camilla from 2003 until he became king, Charles III has very surprising daily requirements, as explained by the New York Post.

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A strict king with sometimes shocking habits

The details of the requirements of the former prince of Wales were revealed in the documentary of Amazon Prime " Serving the Royals: Inside The Firm ", which dates from 2015. Paul Burrell, former butler of the British royal family, revealed the precise instructions that the king's staff receives to take care of him, the ironing of his laces when putting In place of toothpaste on her toothbrush.

proclamation of the new king: Charles III. wants to follow the model of his mother

 proclamation of the new king: Charles III. wants to follow the model of his mother "God Save the King": Charles III. is now officially the new British head of state. The selfless service of his mother is an example, he says. © Photo: Photo: AFP/Jonathan Brady King Charles III. and his wife Camilla Charles III. has officially been appointed King . The proclamation on Saturday in London was a formal act. For this, an approval Council was called, a "throne clipping council". Accession Council includes members of the crown council, i.e.

"Its pajamas are ironed every morning, its laces are pressed flat with an iron, the bucket of the bathtub must be in a certain position and the temperature of the water must be just lukewarm, in a bathtub filled to Half full, ”says Burrell. Surprising requests that obviously do not stop at that. King Charles III wants breakfast to accompany him during his trips so that he can be to his taste: fresh fruit, fruit juice and homemade bread. Its cookies and cheese should also be slightly warmed.

Even more surprising, when the King Charles III is invited by friends for a weekend, he takes with him some furniture, his bed and photos to feel good. He also travels with his toilet glasses wherever he goes.

King Charles III.: After Clarence House: Windsor employees also worry about jobs .
shortly after the death of Queen Elizabeth II. († 96) King Charles III. quickly nails with heads - and moved his government business from Clarence House to the Buckingham Palace. Many of his employees of the old offices in the Clarence House were therefore going on their jobs. At least that reported "Theguardian.com" in September this year - specifically, there were a hundred employees who worked in the financial office, the private secretariat, the communication team and in the household.

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