Enthusiasts Alita by Robert Rodriguez: Is the suite definitively buried?

12:20  25 september  2022
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released in February 2019, Alita: Battle Angel left the door wide open to a second episode. If he has still not seen the light of day, fans do not despair of seeing the project are reborn from the ashes, just like its director, Robert Rodriguez.

Alita de Robert Rodriguez : la suite est-elle définitivement enterrée ? © Allociné Alita by Robert Rodriguez: Is the suite definitively buried?

Alita: Battle Angel of Robert Rodriguez , broadcast this evening on TFX, is a post-apocalyptic film produced by James Cameron and carried by Rosa Salazar , Christoph Waltz and Mahershala Ali .

Adapted from the manga Gunnm , the work quickly won an important group of aficionados, nicknamed the Alita Army, which continues to request that a sequence be set up with great reinforcement of petitions .

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It must be admitted that the end of the blockbuster presage that the adventures of her heroine with big eyes were far from over. Robert Rodriguez had even made the choice to furtively introduce characters embodied by stars ( Edward Norton , Michelle Rodriguez and Jai Courtney ) before giving them more substantial roles in a sequel, for which He has always been very enthusiastic.

The main actors have never hidden that they wanted to resume their roles in a second part. In this case, why has this one has never seen the light of day?

from Fox to Disney

if Alita did not appear pale at the box office, collecting $ 404 million internationally, it had cost 170. It was therefore not so profitable. In addition, its results on American soil (85.8 million) were rather disappointing.

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The other problem of the film is that it was produced by the Fox and that it was released at the time of the buyout of the studio by Disney. A hand change that has not helped the following project.

In April 2020, Christoph Waltz had for example declared to Collider to be “ a little disappointed and surprised not to have new ” and to add: " it was Fox and it does not now exist Plus. It's Disney now. Maybe it doesn't fit into disneyification, but I have no idea. "

Hope is allowed?

But if no Alita: Battle Angel 2 has been officially started, this does not mean that Robert Rodriguez dropped the case. In December 2020, he notably mentioned Disney+ as a possible way to find the character.

In September 2021, at the microphone of The Nerdy Basement, The filmmaker, who works with Disney on the Star Wars series The book by Bobba Fett , was once again enthusiastic about a return of the Motorball champion at the cinema.

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" I hope I earn points with Disney by doing the same for them, because they are now owners, they bought the Fox, and that is why we could not get started immediately in The continuation, because of all this story , "he said before sharing his battle plan:

I try to see what is going on with Boba Fett, I think it will impress people, so When it happens, I will go and I will say, ok, I have been there for a while, let's find how we can do Alita, whether for streaming or theaters, because it is such a great property, people l 'Like, I love him and James Cameron loves him.

" we have talked about it recently with Cameron, to know how to do, what is the best way to approach it. I think it's me who will accompany him to talk about it, because I do a lot for Disney now , "he concluded.

There is only to hope that the big ears firm is sensitive to the requests of the two directors! In the meantime, Rodriguez works on the reboot of its saga Spy Kids .

The director has also found his new spy family for the new version of his famous family adventure franchise.

Gina Rodriguez and Zachary Levi will be the parents, supported by Everly Carganilla and Connor Esterson side children. The film will be released on Netflix.

When Robert Rodriguez realizes the dream of James Cameron

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