Enthusiasts Olivia Palermo wears the most beautiful upgrade to the classic ponytail

15:20  25 september  2022
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Cavani has chosen his club! He will find an old acquaintance ...

 Cavani has chosen his club! He will find an old acquaintance ... Unless there is a turnaround, Edinson Cavani should engage with Villarreal in the coming hours. © supplied by Football 365 Edinson Cavani After a fairly contrasting experience in the Premier League, Edinson Cavani should bounce back into the liga. According to information from daily Marca, the Matador opted for Villarreal . The two parties would even have reached an agreement on the basis of a short collaboration, although the terms of the contract have not yet filtered.

Olivia Palermo, the most beautiful upgrade to the classic ponytail

  Olivia Palermo trägt das schönste Upgrade zum klassischen Pferdeschwanz © Getty Images

is just taking place in Milan, and of course fashion icons Olivia Palermo Italian roots have no missing. As always, the entrepreneur, who now also runs several of her own model lines, delivers new street styling inspiration every day. But not only fashion technology, but also hairstyle technology. At Alberta Ferretti's show, the 36-year-old wore an ponytail , which she missed a small but fine upgrade that we would like to imitate immediately.

& Olivia Palermo: At first glance, this peculiarity has the ponytail of Olivia Palermo like a classic

Bubble-Ponytail . It was trendy two years ago and is still a very popular hairstyle. The hair is first tied together as normal into a ponytail and then hair tie is tied around the ponytail in about 5 centimeters. The games between the hair ties are then plucked somewhat apart, so that quasi “bubbles”, i.e. balls, are created. The special thing about Olivia Palermo: It also installed a small braid , which gives the whole thing a cool twist. &

Trend hairstyle 2022: Gigi Hadid gives the High Dutt a 90s upgrade

 Trend hairstyle 2022: Gigi Hadid gives the High Dutt a 90s upgrade have you already noticed that the current hairstyle trends in summer 2022 all all around open hair ? Celebritys and influencers prefer to wear their mane in natural waves , with Curtain or Chin Bangs , at most fixed for the half-up with the bracket . The strands of the ponytail or even bun are rarely bound. And even with the current heat wave, where at least we prefer to loved the hair to have the neck as freely as possible.

22092022-olivia-palermo-ponytail-bic © Getty Images 22092022-Olivia-Palermo-Ponytail-Bic So you stylish the ponytail from Olivia Palermo to . First, the hair on the top of the head is taken together very strictly. Either with a middle parting (like with Olivia Palermo) or simply without parting. Then you bind them to a normal ponytail that sits deep in the neck. Now you share the ponytail into three parts and briefly put the two outer strands aside. The medium strand is now braided into a thin braid and finally fixed with a very thin, best transparent hair tie. Now take all three strands (as a reminder: left and right are normal, the middle is braided) and braid a braid from it again, but only two or three rounds. Then you fix the whole braid again with a hair tie - this is how the “first stop” is created. And then it continues like the classic bubble ponytail. Place the next hair tie at a distance of five centimeters and so on. Depending on the length of the hair, more or less hair ties are used. In the end, you can loosen up the hair of hair between the hair ties. The ponytail à la Olivia Palermo is ready!


shoe trend in the summer of 2022: Espadrilles Ballerinas ensure vacation mood to-go

 shoe trend in the summer of 2022: Espadrilles Ballerinas ensure vacation mood to-go remixes from two well-known songs that are made for a new hit are currently a big trend on social networks such as Tikok and Instagram. But the remix principle not only works with music, but also with the fashion favorites in the wardrobe. The best example is currently Espadrilles Ballerinas, which combine the best of two fashion classics into a new shoe trend and promise in the summer of 2022 to become a favorite look between everyday life and beach vacation.

12092022-gigi-hadid-zopf © Getty Images 12092022-Gigi-Hadid braid Gigi Hadid makes this simple braid the hottest ponytail alternative in autumn


at the Fashion Week in New York we discovered Gigi Hadid with a hairstyle, at first glance that looks like a braided ponytail - but it was a cord pot. See here the pictures and find out how easy the "Rope Braid" is to imitate

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21092022-kim-kardashian-half-tucked-ponytail-beauty © Getty Images 21092022-Kardashian-Half-Tucked-Ponytail-Beauty Kim Kardashian: Your "Half-Tucked-Ponytail "Is the best mix of ponytail and Dutt

simple hairstyles

Kim Kardashian's new favorite hairstyle is the simplest hairstyle that you can imagine, and you can wear it with long, short, dry or wet hair

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Kate-Middleton-Frisur © getty images ; Collage: Condé Nast Germany Kate-Middleton-Ferure Kate Middleton with ponytail: The Duchess wears the most beautiful ponytail trend for the winter

Duchess: hairstyle trend

Actually is known for her open blowout hairstyle . Now Kate showed himself with a ponytail, who has a very special twist and is therefore the perfect hairstyle for winter.

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Barbie Ponytail: So you stylish the new hairstyle trend, which gives your ponytail more volume .
at least since the first paparazzi pictures by Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling on the set of the new "Barbie" film has been shown: Barbie is ours New fashion muse! Because with the filming of the new film, which is due to be released on July 21, 2023, an new trend movement developed in parallel, which is also better known as Barbie-Core and revolves around a styling inspired by the dolls - of course preferred in bright pink! This can now be supplemented with a sweet hairstyle trend in autumn and

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