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02:30  28 september  2022
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Sean Connery rejected role in 'Lord of the Rings' and lost $ 450 million

 Sean Connery rejected role in 'Lord of the Rings' and lost $ 450 million ignition the fitness turbo with our rope jumping training plan! In just 8 weeks you become a sporty slim and fuel endurance-reduced this week! © Jacob Lund / Shutterstock jumping rope is a very effective endurance workout. A jump rope still reminds you of the time when you called funny rhymes with friends at the schoolyard to the jumps? Just like you, the training tool has developed and is a fully grown sport: Rope Skipping.

You want to cut a good figure on the pitch and really get started this season? In our training plan we will show you how you can get the best out of your body in just 8 weeks. With functional exercises, our program ensures that you benefit maximally with strength and dynamics. So you become an all -round better athlete. Are you ready?

Diese Übungen machen dich rundum athletischer © srdjan Randjelovic/Shutterstock These exercises do you all-round athletic

Here you can download our tough 8-week plan directly:

This awaits you in the training plan

in this 8-week plan A cleverly designed full body awaits you on 40 pages -Tuning. With over 30 exercises, the plan makes you a better athlete. Specifically, athletic training is divided into 2 sections. In the first 4 weeks, the physical basics work to get everything out of you in the second half. You can expect 3 units per week that you can flexibly adapt to your sports -specific training. Ideally, your athletic training always takes place on the days on which there is no training in your sport. In the course of the program, the complexity of the exercises increases continuously, so you always set new training stimuli and stay with fun and motivation.

muscle building: Are slow or quick repetitions better?

 muscle building: Are slow or quick repetitions better? is it better for muscle building to make quick repetitions or to slow down your training? © Solskin The way you train is just as important as the amount you train every day, if not even more important. They determine what kind of results they achieve and how long they need for it, and they not only have to do with the type of equipment or training units they choose, but also with things like the speed and even the combinations that they execute.

Why our training plan works

to become more athletic and fit in almost every sport, all decisive movement patterns must be covered in training. Since in most sports you act in a step more than in parallel and the muscles are strained differently, we have chosen numerous unilateral, i.e. one -sided exercises such as one -legged cross -lifting and side , . Here you can find out everything you should know about one -sided, i.e. unilateral training . Since every sport brings very own demands on physical fitness, the exercises it contains should train your body as holistically as possible. Therefore, this functional full body training is the key to versatility, strength and dynamics.

Due to the holistic approach and rather low repetitions, athletic training can be wonderfully combined with your sports -specific units. Since it is dispensed with separate leg or upper body days, there can be a light sore muscles here and there, but you will never be muscularly thrown out of the track. Whether for preparation for the season or in the middle of it, you can start with our program at any time. Positive side effect: you are less susceptible to injuries. A study by the Institute for Sports and Movement Medicine Hamburg proves that accompanying athletic training can prevent sports injuries and influence the regeneration positively.

airports rely on CT scanners for faster luggage controls

 airports rely on CT scanners for faster luggage controls 100 milliliters has so far been the limit for liquids in flight hand luggage. New technology could make the restriction unnecessary and slowly arrives at German airports. © Alex Tino Friedel/ATF Pictures/Government of Upper Bavaria/dpa (symbolic photo) Passengers can hope for more convenient and faster controls of the hand luggage in the future. New control tracks and luggage scanners are to be purchased for around 45 million euros.

What you need for implementation

This functional full body training can be done in the Gym or at home. All you need is a few dumbbells , an height -adjustable training bench and an pull -up bar . This should not be missing in any well -equipped homegym anyway. Your equipment is already ready? Then nothing going!

Whether with football, tennis or handball, you want to finally prevail on the square with stronger performance? Then our 8-week athletics plan is just right for you. In it we will show you how you become faster, stronger and more agile and will prevail in every duel in the future. So, download the plan and become a super athlete, what are you waiting for?

Here you can download the complete 8-week plan directly:

a surprising winner! This remains of Bayern's US trip .
Sport1 accompanied FC Bayern on his six-day tour through the USA. What did it come up? © provided by Sport1.de A surprising winner! This remains of Bayern's US trip "Back on the Road!" With this saying, FC Bayern campaigned for his return to the United States. This time, after the record champion last spent his “Preseason” in the USA in 2018, it went to Washington D.C. and Green Bay (Wisconsin).

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