Enthusiasts newcomer to "Unter Uns": Stella Richter is guarding a dark secret

10:00  29 september  2022
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Live! Osnabrück Powerful, but luckless

 Live! Osnabrück Powerful, but luckless The 3rd league goes into its new season. The first game is the traditional teams from Osnabrück and Duisburg. VfL completed the pre -season as sixth, the zebras fought against the descent for a long time. © Imago/Osnapix intensive: Sebastian Mai puts Osnabrück's Florian Kleinhansl under pressure. starting shot in the 3rd division Osnabrück coach Daniel Schering sent his team into the race with five new additions: Giamfy, Chato, Tesche, Putaro and Engelhardt were allowed to play from the start.

Cologne -the " under us" family is growing: Stella Richter, played by Bettine Langehein (33), will mix up the Schillerallee. Because apparently she keeps a dark secret.

Stella Richter trifft das erste Mal auf den ehemaligen Kriminalkommissar Jakob Huber. © provided by Tag24 Stella Richter for the first time meets the former crime commissioner Jakob Huber.

as RTL announced, the lawyer and gifted climbing fanatic will settle in Schillerallee from October 5. She is not a stranger. Because Paco Weigel (Miloš Vuković, 41) already met the pretty blonde on a mountain tour.

The joy is accordingly great when the two will reunite after a long time.

Others, however, is a thorn in the side at the beginning. The first negative encounter is the newcomer with Jakob Huber (Alexander Milo, 42). The private detective reacts angry when he stumbles over the law student's backpack. He drops a box with receipts and cannot hide his bad mood.

"Die Puppenstars": RTL fetches popular casting show back to life

 Cologne-at RTL it is currently raining show editions. However, one of the new programs existed five and a half years ago. Now the casting show is celebrating its comeback: from autumn there should be a restart of "Die Dollstars". © provided by Tag24 Max Giermann (46) was already on the "doll stars" jury five and a half years ago. RTL is currently changing its program and announcing innovations. So there will be an betting with Guido Cantz (50) or Morning shows with new faces .

Stella has by no means fell on the mouth and cannot help but be a cheeky saying with Jakobs Macho.

Apparently her acquaintance does not seem to be a good star.

Bettine Langehein as Stella Richter at "Unter us"

What secret is Stella Richter? Zu Jakobs Überraschung hat Stella die freie Stelle als Bürokraft in der Kanzlei bekommen. © provided by Tag24 to Jakob's surprise, Stella received the vacancy as an office force in the firm.

because a little later the two run into each other again and Jakob is irritated when his business partner Tobias Lassner (Patrick Müller, 34) suddenly stands next to Stella. He quickly announces that Stella will start as an office force in the joint law firm. Will he get by with the quick-witted new colleague? And what secret does the student guard?

Bettine Langehein was born in Baden-Baden in 1989 and grew up near Strasbourg. She speaks German and French.

The acting quickly got to know and love it and completed a degree in theater studies. She graduated from her acting in 2015.

The young actress's career started at the Schauspielhaus Graz and at the Staatstheater Nuremberg. In addition, she was in series such as "A case for two" (ZDF), "The mountain rescuers" (ZDF) and "What I actually wanted to say".

The first episode with Stella Richter will be shown on October 5, 2022 at 5:30 p.m. at RTL.

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