Enthusiasts nuclear dispute: Scholz 'Power word becomes the traffic light sample

18:20  18 october  2022
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Lindner considers longer usage of nuclear power due to increasing electricity requirements for required

 Lindner considers longer usage of nuclear power due to increasing electricity requirements for required Federal Finance Minister Christian Lindner (FDP) considers a longer use of nuclear power plants in view of the expected significantly higher electricity requirement. It can be expected "that in the coming months and possibly years, electricity will also be increasingly being heated with electricity because gas is so scarce," said Lindner on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the TÜV also considered feasible to restart three nuclear power plant laid out last year.

there is still it. Chancellor Olaf Scholz made his power word listen to the nuclear dispute. The chimney between the coalition partners FDP and the Greens forced the head of government on Monday, October 17, 2022, to hit the table with their fist and end the smoldering twist by decree.

Bundeskanzler Olaf Scholz, hier am 4. Mai 2022, sprach gegenüber Wirtschaftsminister Robert Habeck (l.) und Finanzminister Christian Lindner (r.) ein Machtwort. © Picture Alliance/dpa/dpa Pool Chancellor Olaf Scholz, here on May 4, 2022, spoke to Economics Minister Robert Habeck (left) and finance minister Christian Lindner (right) a word of power.

It is a compromise that everyone can live with somehow. Some better, others a little worse. It was quite good that the SPD did not really have its own line, which you also had to consider.

Scholz tries to smooth Wagen in Israel: "The Chancellor failed miserably in his test"

 Scholz tries to smooth Wagen in Israel: The Chancellor calls Israel Premier and regrets the Abbas appearance in the Chancellery. In Israel you are still stunned and express doubts. © Photo: Imago/Metodi Popow Handschlag, despite the Holocaust slat: Palestinian President Mahmud Abbas and Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Olaf Scholz should not read Israeli newspapers these days. "Not even the Shoah can guarantee Germany's commitment to Israel today", an analysis of the influential newspaper "Haaretz" is titled in the Chancellery .

Olaf Scholz ordered the continued operation of three nuclear power plants to

. On the one hand, Scholz ordered on the one hand that all three Meiler will remain in the company over the winter - but at the same time it now set the nuclear energy in Germany a final durability date: on April 15, 2023 Forever, be the end of the high-risk technology, for which the repository question is still not solved and which in the neighboring country of France is exploding electricity prices.

For the Greens it is time to swallow the next toad, as they had laboriously agreed to switch off the nuclear power plant in the Emsland at the weekend at their party conference and a stretch of the two southern German Meiler. But Federal Minister of Economics Robert Habeck and Environment Minister Steffi Lemke also want to follow the Chancellor. “It remains with the nuclear phase -out. Germany will finally get out of nuclear energy on April 15, 2023. There will be no run -time extension and no new fuel rods, ”Lemke tweeted and Habeck campaigned for the compromise in the daily issues.

Scholz talks to Saudi crown prince about "All questions"

 Scholz talks to Saudi crown prince about The Chancellor needs energy, the Saudi Crown Prince Reputation - Mohammed bin Salman is finally back on the world stage after a terrible crime. © Picture Alliance / Associated Press Strong handshake: Guest and host rehearse the new normality meetings with the Saudi heir to the throne Mohammed bin Salman in Dschidda, Chancellor Olaf Scholz also has the murder of the journalist Jamal Khashoggi mentioned.

FDP does not come through

. The FDP had called for six nuclear power plants with a term by 2024 and must now also sell the power word as a success, even if as of three of six months each instead of six power plants over 26 months. But finance minister Christian Lindner and Justice Minister Marco Buschmann are already open to the back door to make new demands in the spring.

Scholz solves a process of a process with his power word, but seems a lot to everyone involved. Habeck in particular should have problems getting this proposal in his green faction. And that has to agree to the law in the Bundestag.

The resistance of Jürgen Trittin is already public, especially the continued operation of the power plant in the Emsland, the Green Evils, they had advertised and won with the shutdown in the Lower Saxony election. The continued operation is already questionable in terms of energy, after all, too much in northern Germany is more than too little electricity on the net and wind farms have to be switched off because of the nuclear power plant.

The Chancellor's word of power becomes a tear test for the traffic light, after all, the approval for this compromise now also depends on his chancellorship. If Scholz fails in the Bundestag, the coalition would be at the end. No wonder that Habeck is already reminding his party friends of their state policy responsibility.

There is a lot at stake. But there is a great probability that neither FDP nor the Greens will burst the government on this issue. Only: muscle games of this kind must not become the rule. Because several big crises continue to roll on Germany. The country cannot afford that the traffic light loses valuable time through the clinch of its partners. And the policy competence may be a sharp sword - but it is quickly used.

Günther for longer operation of nuclear power plants .
Schleswig-Holstein's Prime Minister Daniel Günther has spoken in favor of extending the terms of the remaining nuclear power plants again. "I thought that was wrong beforehand to limit that to April," said the CDU politician at RTL/NTV early start on Wednesday. It shouldn't be about ideology at the moment. "So I think it is right to further extend the extension in order not to rule out anything and to survive the winter 2023/24 really well." © Marcus Brandt/dpa Daniel Günther (CDU), Prime Minis

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