Enthusiasts Report: CIA boss During Russian attacks in Kyiv

03:00  17 november  2022
03:00  17 november  2022 Source:   pressfrom.com

of children injured in a strike towards Mykolaïv, the staff of the Russian fleet targeted in Crimea ... The point on the situation in Ukraine this Saturday August 20

 of children injured in a strike towards Mykolaïv, the staff of the Russian fleet targeted in Crimea ... The point on the situation in Ukraine this Saturday August 20 © Bulent Cilic The building of the Governor of Mykolaïv in ruin After a Russian bombing on August 17. Four children and five injured killed near Mykolaïv. Aged 3 to 17 years old, "Children are all in serious condition" , wrote Vitaly Kim on Telegram, according to which a girl has notably lost an eye in this attack.

The head of the U.S. secret service CIA, William Burns, the Washington Post has been on Ukraine in Kyiv during the recent Russian rocket attacks. There he met the Ukrainian President Wolodymyr Selenskyj, the newspaper reported. During the rocket fire on Tuesday, Burns was in the US message and was not injured.

CIA-Chef William Burns hielt sich während des Raketenbeschusses in der US-Botschaft in Kiew auf. © Jacquelyn Martin/AP/DPA CIA boss William Burns was in Kiev during the rocket fire in Kyiv. Straßenverkehr während eines Stromausfalls in Kiew. © Andrew Kravchenko/AP/dpa Road traffic during a power failure in Kyiv.

later, Selenskyj Burns' visit to Kyiv. "Yesterday he sat in the bomb protection cellar and then we sat together and talked," said the 44-year-old in a television interview in front of journalists.

Video. kyiv mocks Russia with a "parade" of armored vehicles destroyed to celebrate his feast of independence

 Video. kyiv mocks Russia with a © Reuters Ukraine organized a somewhat special parade in the heart of his capital. About twenty destroyed Russian military vehicles paraded in kyiv, a few days before the Ukrainian feast of independence. With this parade, Ukraine wanted to make fun of Russia who imagined in the first days of war, parade in kyiv. Twenty tanks and other Russian armored vehicles destroyed by the Ukrainian army "parade" in kyiv .

Russia had shot at Ukraine after Kiev's counting with more than 90 rockets and marching aircraft. According to the newspaper, Burns confirmed the support of the United States for Ukraine. There should be no connection between Burn's stay in the Ukrainian capital and the Russian attacks.

Burns had previously met his Russian counterpart Sergei Naryschkin in Turkey. According to US media, Burns warned Russia of the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine. He is also said to have addressed cases of wrongly imprisoned US citizens. Ukraine was informed in advance about this trip.

Bei einem russischen Raketenangriff auf Kiew wurden am Dienstag auch zwei Wohnhäuser beschädigt. © Andrew Kravchenko/AP/dpa In a Russian rocket attack on Kyiv, two houses were also damaged on Tuesday. ten million people temporarily without electricity

after the massive Russian rocket attack on the Ukraine energy system, according to President Wolodymyr Selenskyj, about ten million people were temporarily without electricity. This mainly affects the regions of Kharkiw, Schytomyr, Kyiv and Lwiw, said Selenskyj in his evening video address.

A Koupiansk, the Ukrainian counter-offensive as a challenge to the annexing plans of Moscow

 A Koupiansk, the Ukrainian counter-offensive as a challenge to the annexing plans of Moscow © AFP L A Russia is preparing to annex sides of the East and South of the Ukraine , but In Koupiansk in the northeast, kyiv's troops always repel their opponent, threatening to its supply lines. If Moscow intends to incorporate four regions of Ukraine on Friday, that of Kharkiv, an early target of the invasion, resisted the ambitions of the Kremlin, forcing his troops to withdraw thanks to a counter-offensive in early September.

in LWIW and other cities, district heating was switched off. "There are problems with communication and the Internet throughout the country." The president later added that around eight million people were now supplied with electricity again.

As a result of the attacks on the power grid, reactor blocks were automatically switched off on two Ukrainian nuclear power plants, Selenskyj said without further details.

He interpreted the difficult attack as Russia's answer to the fact that countries such as Indonesia, China and India had spoken out against the war at the G20 summit. "Russia tells the world that it wants to continue," said Selenskyj. The world must react to this, he said.

London: No floods due to damage to Staudamm

Despite Russian destruction on the Kachowka dam in Ukraine, according to the British assessment, there is no flood disaster. Three spans of the bridge on the dam were destroyed, which means that the transitions are impassable, the Ministry of Defense in London announced on Wednesday, citing secret service skills. However, the weirs below this section are largely intact. "The current amount of damage will probably not lead to larger floods downstream," it said.

Ukrainian forces had attacked the bridge since August with precision strikes and thus successfully disrupted Russian supplies. On November 11th, the Russian troops had caused further damage to further damage when withdrawing with controlled explosions. "This probably happened to prevent other Ukrainian advances," said London.

The British Ministry of Defense has published daily information on the course of the war since the beginning of the Russian war of aggression against Ukraine, citing secret service information. In doing so, the British government wants to counter the Russian representation and keep allies on the shelf. Moscow accuses London of a targeted disinformation campaign.

money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could Putin push to Heikler 2000 measure .
money shortage in the Kremlin? Proposal from Wagner-Boss could push Putin to Heikler 2000 measure War is not only cruel, but also expensive. Russia now also notices that. Wagner boss Prigoschin therefore now increases the pressure on Putin. Moscow-The Ukraine War has been raging for ten months now. The losses are high. Not only do thousands of people die, material and equipment are also destroyed. The media project Kyiv Independent publishes a list of Russian war losses every day.

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