Enthusiasts freight accident: Until the salvage, it can “take days”

16:30  22 november  2022
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Netherlands: a truck rushes in a group, at least six dead

 Netherlands: a truck rushes in a group, at least six dead © Str / AFP Action in action in the accident area on August 27, 2022. in the evening of August 27, 2022, a truck would have made a road trip and struck a group of people who dined outside during an evening between neighbors in a town near Rotterdam. Six people were killed according to the latest assessment of the Dutch police.

after the serious accident of two freight trains in the Gifhorn district, the cold makes the work of the emergency services. In the late Monday evening, the flaring of the explosive propane fiser from a fallen Kesselwaggon was stopped, a fire brigade spokesman said on Tuesday. Finally, the gas has been torched on a wagon since the morning, initially pumped out as far as possible on another. In order to be able to flare up the propaneas, according to the speaker, it must be transferred from the liquid to a gaseous state, but the wagons must be heated.

Ein entgleister Triebwagen vom aufgefahrenen Güterzug liegt beschädigt auf Schienen und Bahndamm. © Michael Matthey/dpa/Archive picture A fleece railcar from the freight train that has been driven is damaged on rails and railway embankment.

because then the torch could burn significantly more gas than at the moment because the pressure is increasing, the spokesman said. During the day, a second torch should be used on another wagon. For this, however, gas had to be pumped out, but this is only half possible because of the trouble of the fallen cars. The railway has an interest in the fact that the salvage begins "as quickly as possible", but the schedule was unclear until then. "It will take days," said the spokesman.

This video does not show a Russian helicopter that would have crashed in Mali

 This video does not show a Russian helicopter that would have crashed in Mali © Observers This video shared on Facebook on August 30, 2022 does not show the crash of a Russian helicopter in Mali. Since August 30, 2022, Facebook accounts have shared a video showing the crash of a military helicopter. For some accounts, it would be a Russian apparatus delivered recently to the Malian army, while other users claim that it would be a French helicopter who would have crushed in Mali.

On Thursday morning, the accident had occurred on the route between Hanover and Berlin. First, a freight train held a signal. According to the investigators, an employee of Deutsche Bahn incorrectly released the route for another freight train with 25 tank trolleys filled with propangas. The latter collided with the standing train, four wagons tipped on the side, at least one was damaged so much that gas flowed out. The train driver suffered minor injuries, the overhead line was massively damaged. Against the railway employee is investigated for dangerous intervention in rail traffic and negligent assault.

According to the Deutsche Bahn, the route will remain closed until at least November 27 due to the cleanup. Trains are widely redirected. Train travelers must continue to set themselves up for failures and delays of at least 90 minutes.

Industry penetrates rapid capacity expansion on Bahn

 Industry penetrates rapid capacity expansion on Bahn The German industry puts pressure on politics and trains for a rapid expansion of the rail. "More and more companies are relying on increasingly sustainable logistics," said the Vice General Manager of the Federal Association of German Industry (BDI), Holger Lösch, the German Press Agency. "In view of the currently rapidly increasing energy prices and the long -term growing traffic volume, the development of additional capacities in the rail network is of immense importance for industry." © Ste

Two of the overturned tank wagons have not yet been dealt with, as the fire brigade spokesman said. The connections to the car were destroyed in the collision. However, this is fixed. According to the fire brigade, in addition to local forces, work fire brigades were used by chemical parks, according to the fire brigade.

A possible way to heat the wagons is the sprinkling with warm water, said the fire brigade spokesman. However, the Deutsche Bahn expressed concerns because the water softened the ground and the salvage difficult with great cranes. However, a salvage is only possible if the inflammatory gas is flabby. Another option is to build a kind of tent over the wagon. This is "included in the considerations".

The Pro Bahn passenger association criticized the passenger information from Deutsche Bahn. For many trains, the replacement contents in Uelzen, Salzwedel and Stendal are specified, but the expected delays are not found everywhere or are “clearly too optimistic”, the association said. Passengers therefore often only find out of delays on the train - which leads to uncertainty whether the connections are achieved.

Nantes: their car strikes a wall, two young people in serious condition .
The accident occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the city center of Nantes © B. Colin / 20 minutes Four young people were Victims of a serious road accident on December 21, 2022 in Nantes. accident - The accident occurred in the night from Tuesday to Wednesday in the city center of Nantes The firefighters were called a little before 2 am this Wednesday, alerted to a violent road accident which occurred on rue des Hauts-Pavés, in the city center of Nantes (Loire-Atlantique).

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