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17:40  25 november  2022
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hip-hop band Fettes Bread terminates separation after 30 years to

 hip-hop band Fettes Bread terminates separation after 30 years to Hamburg. The musicians Doctor Renz, King Boris and Björn concrete have been forming the band Fettes Bread for 30 years. Now the creators of hits like "Nordic near Nature" and "Jein" are announced.

because of the dispute over the deepening of the Elbe, Hamburg calls for the convening of a national port fuck. The other North German federal states should be discussed about the future of the seaports, according to a letter from Mayor Peter Tschenscher and Chamber of Commerce President Norbert Aust to Chancellor's head Wolfgang Schmidt, Minister of Economics Robert Habeck and Transport Minister Volker Wissing. The German press agency has the letter. At the same time, the federal government is criticized in the Elbe because of the major silt problems.

Containerschiffe liegen im Hamburger Hafen am Terminal Tollerort. © Markus Scholz/dpa container ships are located in the port of Hamburg at the Terminal Tollerort.

"Unfortunately, we have to point out that the functionality of the port or its sowing accessibility is currently not acutely impaired by geopolitical systemic rivals, but by insufficient sediment management," says the letter. The background is "the decision of the federal waterway management to reduce the nautical depth of the Elbe's fairway in their responsibility and a limitation of the city of Hamburg in the sediment support capacities".

«Biest» on a good mission: Thousands of celebrating boat baptism

 «Biest» on a good mission: Thousands of celebrating boat baptism Boris calls, cheers and water fountains: Thousands of fans celebrated the arrival of Vendée-Globe-Held Boris Herrmann and his team Malizia on Tuesday with their new racing yacht in Hamburg. The colorful, 18 meter long boat drove the Elbe up the Elbe up to 70 boats on course Elbphilharmonie. Schiffhörner kept causing a goosebumps. Under a thunderous applause, the colorful yacht turned into the Sandtorhafen after four and a half hour.

The General Directorate Water Streets and Shipping of the Confederation had decided at the beginning of the month because of the large silk quantities to restrict the navigable water depth of the Elbe from December 1st until November 30, 2023. This means that there are less scope for large ships on the way to Hamburg.

Political Wide Stalls also suspects that the restriction causes an inadequate personnel and technical equipment of the waterway management as well as political resistances against Hamburg plans to deposit the dragged slick near the bird protection island of Scharhörn, argued Csterscher and Aust. Scharhörn belongs to Hamburg, but is over 100 kilometers from the Hanseatic city in the North Sea.

On Friday, the Central Association of the German Seeborne companies also criticized the federal government sharply. Entertainment and maintenance of the waterways are the high -speed tasks of the federal government, said general manager Daniel Hosseus. "In reality, this does not succeed in any way." It was not the deepening of the Elbe failed, but the sustainable and reliable maintenance of the waterway infrastructure.

far from target state

Archaeological Museum Hamburg shows Playmobil collection

 Archaeological Museum Hamburg shows Playmobil collection Germany's largest Playmobil collection can be seen for the first time from October 5 to April 2nd in the Archaeological Museum Hamburg. The Museum has transformed the Hamburg artist Oliver Schaffer into an imaginative toy landscape, which enables a detailed look into the past, the museum said.

«that Hamburg has to help the federal government to maintain the Elbe, the years of neglect in the construction of personnel capacities,» complained Hosseus. The Elbe is only the most prominent example. The North Ostsee Canal or Strelasund in Western Pomerania are also far from its target state. The consequences for ports and shipping are enormous. "It is roughly the same as if the A1, the A2 and the A7, are all only accessible - and for years."

The federal government must advance national management of the sediments with the integration of the coastal countries, Hosseus demanded. "The ports are simply too important for the entire economic nation to look passively on how the dispute escalates over the years."

The port of Hamburg also called for a rapid intervention by the federal government. “Now the federal government is a duty to finally react to restore the low -plan -resistant deep diets. He urgently has to provide further capacities, »said the board of the port of Hamburg Marketing, Axel Mattern. With a view to the restricted depth of driving on the Elbe, he said that the safety of shipping traffic had priority over economic interests. "But even with the temporarily lower depths, the port of Hamburg is still better than before the fairway is adjusted."

In the national port summit, the use of country power in the ports and the expansion of the rail connection must also be spoken of, Tschenscher and Aust wrote in the letter that also went to the heads of government of Lower Saxony, Bremen, Schleswig-Holstein and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. The federal and state governments should work together to strengthen the power and competitiveness of the ports.

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