Enthusiasts heavenly delicious: recipe for hot Bailey chocolate

23:20  30 november  2022
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hearty kitchen classic: This is how you succeed in the delicious cabbage roulades like Grandma

 hearty kitchen classic: This is how you succeed in the delicious cabbage roulades like Grandma You can get on the table like a small gift. And there are always good for cabbage roulades, in some places, also called herb wraps or herbroulads, always good for a surprise: the most delicious, of course, in Grandma's rustic version with lots of meat and substantial sauce. And cabbage roulades are not only delicious, but also healthy-after all, Kohl's vitamin C content increases even if it is not cooked too long.

A hot chocolate is always a pleasure. With Baileys, the recipe receives additional sophistication and is becoming a seductive winter variant

Himmlischer Wintercocktail: Rezept für heiße Baileys-Schokolade ISTOCKPHOTO © istockphoto heavenly winter cocktail: recipe for hot bailys-chocolate iStockphoto

to warm up from the inside and at the same time to sweeten the cold days with a delicacy Evening like to be a cup of hot chocolate with a shot! The addition of Baileys is perfect for this. This harmonizes well with milk and cocoa powder and ensures a special taste experience. Try it out and convince yourself - this is how the recipe is made:

ingredients for 1 glass: 45 ml Baileys 90 ml milk 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder 1 noise whipped cream

optionally as topping:

chocolate sockets, speculoos, etc.

preparation: Warm the milk in a small saucepan (don't cook!). Add the cocoa powder and mix everything into a hot chocolate. Add the Baileys. Then pour into a glass and put a noise cream on top. Now refine the drink with chocolate sockets, boulders or the like. Serve warm then.

Hot apple roll: The winter drink .
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