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07:20  01 december  2022
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unit cloud for VW software should stand by 2025.

 unit cloud for VW software should stand by 2025. The Volkswagen Group wants to finish a uniform, internet-based software platform for the equipment of almost all group cars with newly developed apps and thus also anchor more wireless updates in the upcoming autogenerations . © Hendrik Schmidt/DPA central picture/dpa VW is working on a uniform, internet-based software platform: "From the middle of the decade we want to connect all group cars." The target time for the then as fully mature “Automotive Cloud” (V.AC) is about to start the future c

Google is much more than just a search engine. In addition to the known search function, the tool can replace a calculator, search for the best flights, throw a coin and convert currencies. Users can play small games, search for Eastereggs or discover the universe.

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The search engine Google not only offers its users endless content from the World Wide Web, but also a few secret functions. Ten such features are presented in this article.

Google Sky

This feature is a separate website through which users can look into space, Mars and the moon. This is made possible by tested space recordings by the SDSS, NASA and the ESA. Similar to Google Maps, you can scroll through all and even small explanatory texts on the website. The feature can be reached via the URL Google.com/sky.

Fuel: How Google Maps allows motorists to save

 Fuel: How Google Maps allows motorists to save © Pixabay Fuel: How Google Maps has allowed motorists to save since Wednesday, the American giant offers a new functionality to the French with a substitution route to " faster ", in order to consume less fuel. For two weeks, The prices of gasoline and diesel have descended to France (the latter remaining still high) thanks to the government's boost which set up a meal of 30 cents on the liter or Still to the 20 additional cents applied by Totalenergies.

Google Arts & Culture

users can not only scroll through all. Especially during the Corona Lockdowns, some are likely to have enjoyed the Google Arts & Culture function: Here you can digitally browse through the exhibits of the various museums and look at famous works of art in the highest resolution or discover art and culture through small online games. The feature can be reached via the url artsand culture.google.com.

Google Assistant

Most of this feature are probably familiar with this feature: At the Google Assistant, users can speak to the microphone of their end device and give Google commands. This can be helpful, for example, to call up the navigation system in the car or to play music.

Google Flights

via Google Flights can be facilitated to the travel planning. If you choose flying, you can compare the cheapest flight connections from different airlines via the feature. When it comes to a complex travel route, the "Google Flight Matrix" app can be helpful - more individual filters can be set here.

Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Studio 2+, Audio Dock and Presenter: This is Microsoft's autumn lineup

 Surface Pro 9, Surface Laptop 5, Surface Studio 2+, Audio Dock and Presenter: This is Microsoft's autumn lineup © provided by Dr. Windows Surface Lineup 2022 has presented various new devices on its autumn event today and also presented a suite of design tools for end customers. We have written detailed articles on all innovations. We present a quick run for everyone who is in a hurry and want to get an overview quickly. Surface Pro 9 © provided by Dr. Windows Microsoft Surface Pro 9 The Surface Pro 9 is unchanged on the outside, optionally comes with an Intel or ARM CPU.

Google Timer and Google Stopwatch

Most smartphones have a timer app. But Google also offers a timer and a stopwatch. If you enter the search term "5 minutes of timer" in the Google search mask, a timer appears above the search results that can be individually placed. A stopwatch can also be started right next to it.

Google calculator

The Google search bar is not only the gateway for endless information from the World Wide Web, but also a calculator. If you enter "6*10", the search engine spits out the corresponding result and forwards directly to a calculator with even more functions. This also appears in the search for "calculator" or after "The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything".


In addition to "The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything" there are other Easterggs with which useful and useless secret functions can be accessed via the search bar. The search commands are in English and sound:

This is how Americans do their banking transactions to find out

 This is how Americans do their banking transactions to find out in what way the Americans prefer to do their banking transactions and what is most important to them, the US Magazin Forbes has a survey again this year Banking carried out. Unsurprisingly: the Corona pandemic has drastically accelerated the advance of online banking. © provided by Finanzen.net Hannelore Foerster/Getty Images Digital Banking is increasingly popular with the majority of Digital Banking in the United States from year to year.

flip a coin (throw coin)

roll A The (dice)

breathing exercise (breathing exercise)

fun facts (fun facts)

animal noises (animal noises)

tic tac toe (tic tac toe )

Askew (Tip Google View)

Do A Barrel Roll (Turn Google View)

Metronome (Metronom)

This list does not claim to be complete.

reverse picture search

In fact, on Google there is not only the opportunity to search for new pictures with search terms: you can also pull a picture from the desktop into the search bar and thus search for similar images. Not only are other images displayed, but - if available - the same image in a different size.

Experiments with Google

Here is the name program: "Experiments with Google" has a number of digital experiments for users. For example, you can compose a song by performing certain movements in front of the webcam or blowing digital soap bubbles. Since everyone can program and submit their own Google experiment themselves, there are a variety of experiments from a wide variety of subject areas. The feature can be reached via the URL experiment.withgoogle.com/collection/chrome.

offline? "Start game"

also offline also has a surprise ready: You can't search anything without internet, but an integrated offline game automatically appears in Google's browser Chrome. This is usually also identified as such on the smartphone, and this is not necessarily the case on the computer. Then you can activate it by pressing the space bar. Redaktion finanzen.net

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